K.O The God Is Up Next In ‘Drill’n Aint Easy’ Mixtape

Chicago is the leading city currently with burgeoning musical talent.

One of the more unique talents that flew under the radar this past year was a young musician by the name of K.O the God.

It was the East Side Chicago native’s cover of R&B singer Lloyd’s “Player’s Prayer” that caught our undivided attention.

K.O is one of the few artists whom we have come to discover from the Chi to possess soulful vocals as well as lyricism.

K.O has been hard at work this past year perfecting his craft and teasing fans with music for his solo debut mixtape “Drill’n Aint Easy.”

Hosted by DJ Shon and DJ Amaris, K.O’s project streamed the ears of fans officially on Aug. 31.

Ramsay Tha Great served as the Executive Producer behind the project.

Hungry is the best way to describe K.O’s mindset in this mixtape.

Money is all the young dread head needs. But the Thot Boy details his struggles earning money in a legit manner in a city where the unemployment rate hovers around 10 percent. The rate is even higher for African Americans at 19 percent, the third highest rate for this group in the nation.

“I’ve been searching hard, looking everyday/Tryna find an occupation, tryna get paid/I’ve been pushing hard, this shit is getting crazy/Tryna make a power move, I never miss my plays,” K.O croons in the song’s intro.

K.O turns up his lyrical prowess in track two.

All of K.O’s competitors are merely goons. But K.O is a “Goblin.”

“See I’m the youngest out the squad, I go hard/No fear in my heart/You can ask my bro Gars/I used to sell hard through other niggas back yards/Windows with no bars/Underage with foreign cars,” he raps.

K.O “Got That Bag” and can afford to pop tags. K.O makes sure to treat his women in this Ramsay Tha Great production.

“Shorty know I got that bag, she see me popping tags/Anything she want, she have/She know I got them bands/She can get em if she dance/no sex, I want your neck/If you ain’t know, we up next,” K.O. sings
For K.O, it ain’t tricking if he got it.

“So much money, catch a paper cut/Young ni**a, don’t give a f*ck/I keep two bangers, so what’s up/30 in the clip, so you know I bust,” he raps.

K.O’s ode to his women doesn’t end there. The young MC expresses confidence with ladies because he knows he is “Up Next.”

K.O channels his inner player in this Ramsay Tha Great-produced track, crooning, “You know this is my song/Girl, I can put you on/Girl, let’s gon and diddy bop, so I can take you home.”

“See I pulled up on her/Shawty said her name, and she said what is yours/I said K.O beat it out the frame/See I want to take you down/Let me come and blow some loud/So I can take you down, then we can go down south,” he adds.

Rapper Chris Carter provides K.O assistance in track, confidently rapping, “Man of the house, that’s a hell of a job/Cut the sista up, she screaming no Car/Anything she want, she can get no prob/Bonnie and Clyde with matching Louie/Shorty been with me since matching hooptie/Now I made her life into a movie.”

“Shots Fired” is a battle cry from the up and coming artist. This track is a shot against the opposition, including the Chicago Police Department.

K.O explains the reasoning behind his anti-police mindset, rapping, “Better let me out the cage/Heart filled with rage, body scarred up from pain/I done lost so many homies from cops and gang ways/Why you a mess when I gotta face it/Hide out here, we out here, we so CPDK.”

One can attribute K.O’s hard work on his music career to his desire to put himself on as well as his day one crew.

In “Trying To Put My Team On,” K.O. raps, “And I’m tryna put on for the bros/Some of my guys been gone so long/Seem like they ain’t coming home/All I know is blow and go if a nigga try to take my soul/I spent so many days and nights posted up at Citgo/Don’t hang with niggas you don’t know, if you toting, know what you knowIf you gon shoot, then go for the go.”

K.O.’s vocals and bars mesh well in the production on “In A Daze.”

K.O is not one for play in the music game because he is out to fuck the game up. Competitors must stray clear of K.O because he is not trying to catch a case.

K.O hits the track, rapping, “K.O the God, I beat it out the frame/I got guns like Osama, don’t get you ass changed/And it goes where I claim/Where do I hang/That East Side where all my niggas drill and gang bang.”

K.O wants his dreams to come to fruition and will accomplish his goals by any means.

K.O and Tone T.A.L.B.A.N.D. talk streets dreams of making it out of their impoverished community in the Ramsay The Great-produced track “Want It All.”

K.O opens up in the song’s hook, saying he has never had it before and being broke is not a joke.

K.O then unleashes some bars in the track, rapping, “All my ni**as hungry, they eating through the grissle/I got a couple savages walking around with some missles/Yeah, I got a rocket launcher, AK and some pistols/All my bullets breaking through your bones, ripping your tissue.”

Tone follows K.O’s verses, “My demeanor is brighter than Sarafine with a mixture of kerosene that is lit with a cherry beam/Then I vacate from the scene and I meditate on my green to a better space so serene on a money chaser’s dream.”

K.O gravitates the listener to his music in his solo debut. But it is his vocals that seal the deal on the ears. There was a story behind K.O’s vocals each time he sang.

K.O’s singing can be regarded as a window into his soul. One can feel the pain in the musician’s vocals.

“Drill’n Aint Easy” is a solid tape. We look forward to monitoring K.O’s music career and hearing more of his story.

Stream/dowload K.O The God’s “Drill’n Aint Easy”

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