L.E.P. Bogus Boys Want To Rebuild Chicago Community

Rising Chicago artists L.E.P. Bogus Boys discussed with Complex Magazine their plans on what they would do with $10 million.

Most entertainers would head straight to the jewelry store or clothing department. But the “Commas” rappers said they would first give back to their hometown.

Rapper Count said they want to enjoy the fruits of their labor by purchasing “Bugattis,” but home comes first.

“We’re going to rebuild the community,” he said. “That’s number one on the list…

“The whole hood, get new cribs built up. Schools, we going to do all that,” he said.

L.E.P. has always placed a high priority on education. The duo, who hail from the South Side of the Chi, had a few choice words for Mayor Rahm after the city decided to slash funding for education and close 54 schools.

“After ragman emmanuel changesthe police emergency polices hen closing schools do we really want to vote 4 him again he aint s---

“Education should never be compromised let’s get ragman emmanuel out as mayor next term he super bogus,” the “Commas” rappers wrote.

L.E.P. member Moonie hopes everyone takes education seriously and considers higher education.

“Some people don’t believe in going to college,” Moonie said. “I was unfortunately unable to go to college due to my incarceration, but when I was locked up I did pick up a trade. Having a trade can help you get some money out here, too.”

Count also discussed building an economic structure for urban communities plagued with drugs.

“We’re going to get this thing going the right way, man,” he said. “We’re going to create jobs for the communities, get the drugs out of here, and people will have a reason to wake up and live their life the legal way. Don’t nobody out here want to be selling drugs and all that. We’ll give them an opportunity to make an honest living.”

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