Lil Bibby Hooks Listeners In ‘Free Crack’

Bibby is one of the more lyrical rappers representing the young Chiraq Hip Hop movement. The East Side native is known by his trademark deep voice reminiscent of former Bad Boy rapper Shyne. He is a storyteller known for his gritty tales of street life.

Bibby has been teasing his debut project for the past year. Bibby titled this project “Free Crack.” Some of the more finesse drug dealers are known to offer their work for free in order to hook their customers. This is exactly what Bibby did to listeners in this project.

Bibby is proclaimed the “Rap God” in his intro. This is a big title to live up to and Bibby aims to convince his listeners why he deserves that designation.

Bibby provides his narrative in song “Bibby Story.” Bibby started from nothing and is steadily climbing to success, rapping, “I remember back when I ain’t used to have a quarter/I started posting on blocks like place your order/Now, I’m riding in coupes and I’m flipping porsches all from spitting these bars through a couple courses/I’ve been locked up, shot at and damn near died back when I was 16 little n---- big dreams.”

Bibby turns up his gangsta in the single “Change.” Bibby is masked up in this track going after what he wants, rapping, “Pull up and my shooters in the back seat/Black gloves, black skully and a black tee/All my young n----- strapped and they clap heat/Real talk we feeling that rap beef.”

Bibby didn’t choose his lifestyle. It was just the way he was “Raised Up.” Bibby, hailing from the city’s notorious East Side, was bred to be a savage. One would go crazy if they’ve witnessed what Bibby has, according to the young spitter.

Bibby tells listeners, “S--- ain’t been the same since I came up/We some savages, that’s what the hood made us/Bodies dropping everyday, they tryna blame us/That’s just how I was raised up.”

They say gangsters move in silence. Bibby moves with the trappers.

Bibby linked up with fellow East Side native King Louie in “How We Move.”

Bibby talks the company he keeps, rapping, “Young n----- we savage, catch a n---- in traffic/N----- dying in my city, they like please stop the madness.”

Bibby’s track “If You Knew” is reminiscent of a 90s era New York sound. Bibby boasts a confident swagger on this joint, rapping, “We the hottest out, yall blind to the facts/Real n---- s---, I ain’t lying in my raps/Bibby spit raw, have yo mind full of crack/N----- gon hate, never mind if for that.”

Bibby spits that hot s--- in “Whole Crew.”

Bibby gets to work, rapping, “Lil Bibby, all I do is spit hot s---/When you hit the mall, you don’t ever cop s---/Tell em n----- top this/Yeaaah, them n----- can’t stop this/Naaaah, I don’t do that bop s---/And they know I had dimes like Stockton.”

Lil Bibby’s flow is “Water” in his Black Metaphor production.

Lil Bibby is keeping his head above water in this single, rapping, “Real hustler, I’ma get that s--- regardless/I will not starve, b----/ Work hard, my palms itch/I see some garbage that f- – – – -d up my conscience/N-----, they talk s---, but these n----- harmless/Fresh up off that field/I swear this s--- is real.”

It was an all East Side affair in “Shout Out” featuring King L and Lil Herb. The best was saved for last as Bibby unquestionably holds his own in this track, rapping, “Underdog like Rocky/Go hard til they drop me, they know they can’t stop me/Sprite dirty as the opps be/Operation looking sloppy, the feds tryna watch me/And they say they got me/Serving on camera, I told em that it’s not me.”

Bibby can’t cook up crack without adding the special Young Chop ingredient. The two linked up for “Tired Of Talkin.”

Bibby may be tired of talking because he is “Stressin.”

In this Don Robb-produced single, Bibby raps, “I don’t want to live a life with no meaning/I don’t want a nine to five, I just want a late call and maid cause a ni**a hate cleaning.”

Despite his young age of 17, Bibby is wise beyond his years. The No Limit MB rapper’s eyes have witnessed a lot and “Free Crack” serves as his testimony. Even scarier about Bibby’s talents is he is still learning and growing.

Bibby whipped up a good batch of music in this project. Listeners must now hit the play button and get hooked.

Download/stream Lil Bibby’s “Free Crack”

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