Lil Bibby In Hot Water For Filming ‘Keep Me Going’ Music Video In High School Gymnasium

A raunchy rap music video has the officials of a Minneapolis School District fuming mad. Minneapolis rapper P Skud tapped Lil Bibby and many friends and family to appear in his A Zae Production-directed music video that was filmed in the gymnasium of his former high school Patrick Henry.

Officials claimed Skud, Bibby and A Zae were untruthful in their intentions behind the rental of the gym, according to the Star Tribune.

The visual, shot on Nov. 20, has more than 140,000 views. It features women dressed as cheerleaders wearing short skirts and derogatory lyrics embedded with profanity, violence, and misogyny.

District spokeswoman Gail Plewacki told the Tribune they were using the gym to produce a “basketball promotion.”

“Clearly, a basketball promotion was a misrepresentation,” Plewacki said. “We were tremendously misled.”

The lyrics and imagery in the video, Plewacki said, “do not align with our values. We do not endorse the content, and we do not approve of the content.”

The district is citing copyright claims in an effort to get YouTube to take down the visual. The school’s name, logo and mascot appear in the video.

Plewacki said allowing the school’s identity to be reveals in the video goes against their permit agreement.

A Zae was asked to remove the video, but has so far declined.

Skud, whose real name is Lavern Jamison, paid $300 to use the gym and doesn’t believe he misled anyone. Jamison spent $12,000 total to get project together.

“The theme of the video is to never stop, to keep going,” Jamison told the Tribune. “I was writing a story to motivate my little brother” who plays basketball at Osseo High School.

Skud also posted a video onto his Facebook, apologizing to the school’s administration.

“I’m not trying to bring any shame upon the school,” he said. “I didn’t know it would be a problem. The permit explained that it was a music video.”

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