Lil Bibby On Music: ‘I Don’t Make Songs Unless They Mean Something To Me’

It’s no longer a secret to how Bibby draws fans into his music. The “Kill Shit” rapper pours his soul into his music as explained to online music publication Vice.

“The concept is the most important thing in a song to me, so it’s got to mean something to me. I don’t make songs unless they mean something to me,” Bibby told Vice. “…I like to make shit about shit I’m going through. That’s how I make songs. If I ain’t feeling no type of way, I can’t make a song.”

Bibby’s music has earned him praised many in the Hip Hop industry, including Shyne and Drake.

Shyne posted Lil Bibby and Lil Herb’s viral hit song “Kill Shit” on Twitter Tuesday, writing, “Bang bang.”

The King of NYS” rapper later tweeted Bibby, writing, “@LilBibby_ keep spitting that raw shit!”

Bibby replied, “You already know.”

Bibby previously received the honor of being the called the “future” by Hip Hop’s very own Drake.

According to a DM message, Drake wrote, “Streets need that TAPE! I’m waiting on it, You and Herb the future.”

Bibby posted a screenshot of the message, writing, “#FreeCrack If Drake said it then it must be true. #TheFuture”

Bibby revealed to Vice his Drake co-sign scared him.

“…Drake hit me up. I got scared. He’s like, ‘I’m waiting on the tape.’ And I’m looking like, “Damn, I’m scared to listen to it,” Bibby said.”…Cause he’s like at the top right now so I was like, ‘I’ve got to do something. I’ve got to fix this shit.’ And then I just kept making better songs.”

Bibby recently declared himself the hardest in the rap game after quoting a line from Kendrick Lamar’s “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe.”

“Name 1 nigga out there harder than him. I’ll wait…” Bibby wrote.

Download/stream Lil Bibby’s “Free Crack”

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