Lil Bibby Reacts To Meaning Of Chief Keef’s ‘Macaroni Time’

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Lil Bibby is shocked after learning the meaning Chief Keef’s popular phrase “Macaroni Time.”

Sosa released his A Zae-directed “Macaroni Time” music video in May 2013.

“Why today I just found out what macaroni time is,” Bibby said. “Keef what the f**k type of s**t you on? What you on, brother?”

Bibby didn’t exactly reveal what Macaroni Time means.

Chicago rapper Swagg Dinero clowned Chief Keef for his use of the phrase “Macaroni Time” in June 2013.

Swagg posted an image via Instagram defining the phrase.

According to Urban Dictionary, “macaroni time” is defined as “Prison style sex between two African American males. Most often nonconsensual.”

“Awwww s--- SMMFH,” the caption of the photo read.

One user on Kollege Kidd IG suggests macaroni time is an analogy for shells aka bullets.

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