Lil Bibby Talks Violence, Drug Dealing & Education In Chicago: ‘Ain’t No Money In The Streets’

Lil Bibby sat down with Sway In The Morning Show to express his thoughts on the violence afflicting Chicago’s urban community.

Bibby attributed this problem to a lack of resources, but an abundance of guns.

“Ain’t no money in the streets, just a whole lot of guns… ain’t no money,” he said.

But Bibby wavered on the idea of more employment opportunities being a viable solution to Chicago’s woes.

“I don’t know. Maybe some people, I never had a job, I never really wanted a job,” he said. “I don’t know none of my homies that a work no job. Maybe some a start working…”

Bibby regarded rapping, sports and school as successful avenues for people.

“I hope a lot of people could find a way to do something, but not everyone can rap. It’s either rapping or playing basketball or that school s---. None of my homies don’t go to school,” he said.

School also wasn’t an option for Bibby.

Bibby is placing all of his marbles in his rap career and hope it takes off so he won’t have to go back to drug dealing.

“If this rap stuff work good enough, hopefully I don’t have to do that [street stuff],” he said.

“But if it don’t, what other s**t could I do?” he added.

Lil Bibby revealed during an interview with Ace Almighty he attended King College Prep High School for two years where he earned bad grades.

“I went to King for two years, like my first two years I kinda got like all Fs,” he said. “It was kinda like a crazy environment for me cause it was a mixed environment like white people, Chinese people. I really didn’t fit in. I didn’t know how to associate with different type of people. I didn’t know how to associate.”

King College Prep is a public 4-year selective enrollment magnet high school located in South Chicago. The school is ranked 58th best school in Illinois in U.S. News and World Report and was awarded a silver medal. Minority students largely attend the school.

Slain Chicago teen Hadiyah Pendleton attended King before her untimely demise. Pendleton, 15, was murdered Jan. 29, 2013 in the midst of crossfire. Her death occurred a week following her performance as a majorette in King’s marching band at Obama’s second inauguration.

Bibby, who dropped out of school his senior year with only a credit left, regarded school as a waste of time compared to the money he could be making in the streets.

“…I’m from the streets, so it be a whole lot going on, then when you start making that little drug money, you just look at school like ‘I’m wasting my time here,’” he said.

“That school is a waste of time to most young dudes from the streets, you know?”

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