Lil’ Chris On The Pursuit For Power In ‘Money Talks’ Mixtape

The new school sound crafted by Chicago rappers swooped in like a thief in the night and proceeded to take hostage the ears of Hip Hop heads all over the nation.

But it wasn’t a cakewalk.

The talent the city produces can’t be denied. But it appears the mainstream music industry fears ‘ChIraq,” a city plagued with crime and violence.

But Chicago would not take no for an answer.

Chicago Hip Hop tapped on the door of opportunity demanding their shine.

Thump, thump, thump…

Rising rap group M.I.C, comprised of rappers Mikey Dollaz, I.L Will and Lil’ Chris, was on the opposite side of the door patiently, yet impatiently waiting for their hard work to pay off.

As time went on, the light taps soon progressed to loud knocks.


Still no answer.

M.I.C. devised a plan.

If the industry wasn’t going to give them their break, they were going to break in.

Mikey Dollaz stood watch, I.L Will picked the lock and Lil’ Chris kicked down the door.

Following the release of M.I.C.’s mixtape “Next 2 Blow,” the trio decided to each release their own solo debut mixtapes.

Lil’ Chris is the last of the trio to drop his solo project. And the best project may have been saved for last.

Lil’ Chris, a 22-year-old rapper who hails from the West Side of the Chi, has assisted in solidifying M.I.C as one of the top Hip Hop acts coming out of Illinois with his solo debut project “Money Talks.”

Lil’ Chris draws inspiration for his latest project from the pursuit of dead presidents and everyday life occurrences in his K-Town neighborhood.

“I talk about what I be around and everybody knows that money talks for real,” Chris explained. “That money bring you power.”

If “Money Talks” is any indication of the Windy City MC’s grind, it’s only fitting that Chris tells listeners what it provides him. The club record “I Got,” fires off the K-Town rapper’s solo debut project with the catchy hook, “Got b------ all on me/Got n----- hating on me/Got gucci all on me/Got Louie all on me/My foreign cars proof/Got packs all on me/Got the racks all on me/Got the mac all on me.”

But the most addictive line of the hook simply is “I got that, I got this/I got this, I got that.”

Fans were first introduced to track in the DGainz visual “Bop-a-Thon’ featuring dancer Lil’ Kemo.

Check out Lil’ Kemo’s “Bop-a-Thon” official music video below

Chris grew up in a family of music. At the young age of eight, Chris aspired to mimic his older brother and cousins’ rapping skills. It wasn’t until he listened to Cash Money’s Lil’ Wayne that he decided to pursue it further.

Chris continued to perfect his craft by drawing upon the influence of Roc Child, Tupac, Twista, Mush Millions, DGainz and even fellow groupmates Mikey Dollaz and I.L Will.

Chris proves to have been an apt pupil of the art as his wordplay plays out well in the Deggzy Beatz-produced track “Automatic,” rapping, “I need help, my mind gone, I lost that/I’m smoking all this dope, I got glaucoma/Lil’ n----, I gotta keep that glock on me.”

Check out Lil’ Chris “Automatic” official music video below

Chris experimented with a variety of sounds on this project.

“I mix the new school flow with the old school flow,” he said. “I make all types of music. I’m not in one lane. I make Hip Hop, Rap, RnB and Rock n Roll. Whatever the beat tells me to do.”

The most notable production is the R&B-infused track “N----- Ain’t S---” featuring Lloyd.

Chris referred to the “Lay It Down” singer as his project’s “best feature.”

“…He reached out to me and sent me two tracks,” Chris explained. “One made my mixtape, the other one made his.”

Lloyd lends his vocals to the song’s hook and his very own verse, rapping, “They say ni**as ain’t s---, but ni**as so rich/Wanna talk that sh*t, put your money up/I’ll bet a hundred bricks the cars and the whips/ Boy hide your b*tch cause I’ll love her up and down/And they done f*cked up now/We up in the building/ Came a long way from some ghetto a-- children/Swagger on a hundred, thousand, trillion.”

Chris follows, rapping, “Started in the trap, now I rap/ No matter where I’m at, I got my hood on my back/ N----- ain’t s--- but some snakes and some rats/We catch a goofy hating, we gon stomp him like a frat.”

Chris describes his mixtape as a feel-good listen for everyone to enjoy themselves to with “party songs for the ladies,” “turn up songs” and “bop songs.”

Chris’ effortless ability to make a turn up record is apparent through tracks “TTU” featuring I.L Will; “Nobody” featuring Dreezy; “That Money,” “Bop Like Me” featuring Breezy Montana; “Feel Good” featuring Cago Leek and “Damn Thang.”

Check out Lil’ Chris “Damn Thang” official music video

“Money Talks” shows growth in Lil’ Chris’ artistry. Chris proclaims he has “developed” as an artist and is “better” than he has ever been in his craft.

Chris hopes his music propels his career to greater heights, so he may make it out the “slums” and take care of his family, children and close friends.

“I’m aiming for the top,” he said.

Hosted by Chi Town’s own DJ MoonDawg, “Money Talks” features production from Deggzy Beatz, Tha Bizzness Leeke Leek, Snapback, Smitty Beats, Mistro, Cicero Beats, CashMoney AP, Smylez and Chase N Dough.

Guest features on the track include King Samson, Leeke Leek, I.L Will, Lloyd, Dreezy, Breezy Montana, Cago Leek, KC and Bricksquad Monopoly artist Bo Deal.


– Lil’ Chris

Stream/download Lil’ Chris “Money Talks” below

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