Lil Durk and Doodie Lo Drop ‘James Bond’

Lil Durk and Doodie Lo are going crazy for OTF. Durk and Doodie pull up like “James Bond” in their LeekeLeek-produced track.

Doodie Lo raps, “Riding with my killers for real, and they gon whack something/High as hell, sitting in the back with the mack on em/Last n***a try the s**t, we got to shoot something/Another n***a sitting down, he ain’t gon do nothing.”

Durk raps, “Shoot a n***a right in his face, but I can’t lose nothing/Big faces all on my diamonds, I call it cool money/Talking bout your trap doing five, p***y that’s shoe money/Flip the crib I got in city, p***y that’s new money.”

Listen above.

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