Lil Durk Gets Stamp Of Approval In ‘Signed To The Streets’

Lil Durk has been stirring buzz for his solo debut mixtape as a Def Jam artist for the past year.

Durk signed his Def Jam deal following his viral hit track “L’s Anthem.”

Durk’s first single “Dis Ain’t What You Want,” a Paris Beuller production, kick started the 300 rapper’s road to his “Signed To Streets” debut.

But Durk’s rap career hit a brief snag after he was jailed on a weapons charge in June. Durk soon reclaimed his freedom weeks later and picked up where he left off.

Durk further promoted his upcoming mixtape with the “L’s Anthem Remix” featuring French Montana though this song didn’t make it onto the tape.

Hosted by DJ Drama, Durk’s mixtape officially hit the streets Oct. 10 with limited guest features. One to be exact- Lil Reese.

The tape includes production by Paris Beuller, Nito Beats, Young Chop, Fade, Chase Davis, TGM and Dree The Drummer.

Durk eased his listeners into the project with the Chase Davis-produced “Traumatized.” This was necessary for the tape’s next track caught many fans by surprise.

Durk collaborated with Lil Reese on the tracks “Street Life” and “Competition.”

But the latter track, a Paris Beuller production, is heavy-hitting as it takes aim at his rivals.

Durk targeted Bricksquad, Wugga World and Fly Boy Gang rappers Lil Jay and Duck in this track, rapping, “Bricksquad K, I tweet the s---/Labels call, don’t leak the s---/Loyal money got the s---/I catch a opp, I beat the s---/Catch Lil Jay, I heat his face/My n---- will meet with them/Lil Duck, he can’t duck this clip/Wugga World K cause they f*ck with them.”

Durk kept the hot tracks coming. Paris Bueller deserves some of the credit because their next collaborative “Don’t Understand Me,” is another one of my favorites.

Durk expresses his loyalty to his family and close associates. Durk says he would never forget his day-one guys, even those locked behind bars, rapping, “Folk nem behind four walls, I’ll never forget about yall/I’ll always pick up them calls, scream ‘Free the guys’ on my blog/Send money off to them books/Even if I got to sell hooks or go low on my features/that 10 bands come in handy.”

Young Chop lent his production talents on several tracks on this project, including, “One Night,” “Bang Bros” and “52 Bars Pt 2.” I prefer the latter Chop production due to its rawness.

Durk went hard on this track, no hook-straight bars.

He raps, “Yeah he on his savage s---, you know that boy be wilding out/You know I bring savage out, lurking like why they hiding out/Drama loud, but my whole family told me calm it down.”

Durk took it back to his Lamron neighborhood for the filming of his single “100 Rounds,” a TGM production.

Durk linked up with a Zaytoven for the trap-anthem “Who Is This.” I’m feeling this track because flow on this joint is catchy.

Durk is on his Tony Soprano, rapping, “Got Gotti calling me about white/Got my hitters on point all night/Got the plug acting funny, it’s tight/Cause the feds on point, it’s alright (Hello?).”

I found track 12 to be appropriately titled “Introduce Me.” Durk gave listeners an introduction of himself in this Nito Beats track.

Durk raps, “I first caught my case when I was 17/Free Neo, they tryna give him 17/Money, drugs got me introduced to everything/Got me signed to the streets to with no wedding ring.

“…Never thought I make it out the hood/40, 40 on my waist, it don’t make it good.”

“Signed To The Streets” is a superb effort from Durk. He made sure to produce a quality project for his fans.

In an industry where Chicago doesn’t get the credit it’s due for its city’s burgeoning talent, Durk proved he deserves to be a fixture in the game.

Whether he is ready to release a studio album at this point is up in the air. I think Durk needs to promote his brand a bit more before he takes that momentous step.

But “Signed To The Streets” is an effective step in the right direction.

– Reviewed by Alphalpha.

Alphalpha is a self-professed Hip Hop and R&B geek and music reviewer for

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