Lil Durk Reacts To Boosie’s Brother Stealing $361K From Rapper

Boosie is experiencing turmoil within his own family after learning his own brother, Taquari Hatch, stole $361,000 from him. The scandal has sparked much discussion throughout the world of Hip Hop.

Lil Durk can’t comprehend the act of stealing from family.

Durk shared the news with his brother DThang in a text message.

DThang wrote, “Blood I don’t see how other ppl was raised up damn family would hurt you first.”

Durk replied, “We different and we really raised ourself in the streets no make figure far as a daddy.”

Taquari allegedly made more than a dozen wire transfers to different people who then turned the money over to him. Police say he even sent as much as $80,000 in one transfer.

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Taquari even posed as Boosie during a call with Capital One customer service. Customer service knew something was up when the Taquari mentioned he had a wife, which Boosie doesn’t have.

Taquari was arrested last week and booked for identity theft and fraud charges.

He spoke on the incident, and proclaimed his innocence.

“We see how social media trials play out all the time. But all trolls, that don’t bother me. See it all the time. There’s no peace of mind like knowing that you innocent,” he said. “You can’t buy that. Can’t nobody hook you up with that. Your influence can’t get that. Knowing that you innocent is peace of mind that’s priceless. And that’s what I got in this situation. F**k the trolls and all that s**t. For the people that matter to me, all its gon take is a little time for me to clear my name. I’m just getting the allegations, exactly what they said I did to be able to just prove I didn’t do it. Stuff like IP addresses don’t lie.”

Last July, Boosie expressed his frustrations with Capital One Bank for not handling the matter in a profession manner.

“Capital has let someone commit fraud on my account of 469k,” Boosie wrote in an IG post. “When this first happen I went to the banks months str8 asking questions, filing reports, meeting with officers etc. n every time I was givin a bunch of lies n bullsh*t. They They was very unprofessional n ignorant towards me when I was just tryin to get my legally earned money back.i waited on calls from investigators n got not one dam call.This is the worst bank in the world do not bank with these people. A year passed n I was told I was denied on getting my money back. Then when my attorneys tried to get this matter in court they said it was to late to have a civil case n get my money back. basically they r saying (In street terms) f**k u we jacked u out a half -a million dollars n that is total disrespect. I’m not going to shut up about this matter. I don’t get disrespected r jacked by NOBODY and it won’t start with u mfs.”

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