Fat Joe Says He’ll Lose All Respect For Anyone That Works With 6ix9ine

Fat Joe say down with Speedy on Complex to discuss Tekashi69 snitching. Here’s waht Joe had to say:

“I would definitely lose respect. I don’t care who’s your favorite rapper. They’re not as real as Fat Joe. They didn’t put in work like me. They ain’t do what I all. This sh*t is a zero tolerance level. Play with me, we’re dealing with it right on the spot. This sh*t is going down. They church..wherever, it’s going down. Don’t do the crime. Don’t portray something you’re not. You’ll find yourself in a compromising position and I don’t wish a million years on anybody. Now you put yourself here. What are you going to do? You gonna tell and f*ck up your family’s name or you gonna keep it 100. I’m sorry. I’ll pray for you. I literally pray for those guys. It’s gotta be a life of misery unless I’ve been taught wrong morally. I’ve been watching all the young cats on the blogs say, “So what, they were f*cking his girl.” So you’re in the movie theater with your friend and unfortunately a fight breaks out and the cops come and your friend goes, “Oh, it was Johnny!” And you’re like, “Yo, wtf!” It’s a horrible thing man.”

Check out the interview below:

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