JaydaYoungan Chain Snatcher’s Friend Says Rappers Didn’t Kill Him

Friend says rappers had nothing to do with the College Student’s Death. North Carolina A&T State University student Aaron Thomas was shot and killed Wednesday morning at 10:59am outside of his home. The 21-year-old was rumored to have snatched JayDaYoungan’s chain just days earlier. Footage surfaced around the net showing paramedics attempting to save his life following the deadly shooting. Thomas died shortly after reaching the Hospital

A man accused of snatching JayDaYoungan’s chain was allegedly gunned down in Greensboro Wednesday, Fox 8 reports.

Aaron Christopher Thomas, 21, was found near his white Dodge Charger suffering a gunshot wound. He was taken to a hospital where he died a short time later.

Police believe the shooters hopped out dark-colored sedan.

The fatal shootig occurred after JayDaYoungan had his chain stolen during a concert appearance in Greensboro, NClast Saturday.

Footage surfaced on the net showing the Louisiana rapper involved in an altercation while onstage. It was later revealed his chain was snatched.

Greensboro goons soon took to social media bragging they had the “23 Island” rapper’s chain/

“Tell him come get his s**t,” they said. “F*ck that n***a JayDaYoungan.”

The Louisiana rapper took to his IG Stories to react to the incident.

He wrote, “Y’all n****s so goofy. Stop capping for the net. You n****s thief’s. Ain’t take s**t but the wrong choice.”

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