Lil Durk Says Gangster Disciple Founder Larry Hoover Could End Violence In Chiraq

Lil Durk recently sat down with Darryl Robertson of Vibe Magazine to offer his thoughts on the violence in his hometown of Chicago.

Lil Durk believes Larry Hoover could bring about a positive change in the community if freed.

“People like him can change things,” Durk said.

When asked about the age gap between Hoover and young gang members, Durk replied the GD leader would have to be strategic about his approach.

“…It depends how they come. If they come sideways then yeah, they’ll get their head knocked off,” Durk explained. “But if they be like, ‘I ain’t trying to take over but I’ve done done what y’all trying to do so I’m just trying to give y’all game.”

Durk agreed with Robertson that Hoover is more powerful in the streets than in jail.

“People will still listen to the OGs of the game,” he said.

Larry Hoover was recently removed from 23 and 1 lockdown at the ADX Florence supermax prison in Florence, CO, Don Diva Magazine reports.

Hoover, 64, is credited as the founder of the Black Gangster Disciples. Hoover is serving six life sentences while Fort is serving 80 years at the penal institution.

Chicago artist GLC confirmed news of Hoover transfer after speaking with Hoover’s wife, his son Larry Hoover Jr. and best friend Wallace Gator Bradley.

GLC wrote in his caption, “[Hoover and Fort] eat together and have symposiums to lead reform and prosperity of youth x prison reform and economic/political control of our communities and to end genocide amongst our own.”

He added, “Larry Hoover said it feels good to be shackle free for the first time since 1997.”

Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan has called for Hoover’s release.

Farrakhan said Hoover’s influence might help spark change in the urban community if he were freed, according to the Final Call. Hoover, Farrakhan said, pushed members of the GDs to place a priority on education.

Hoover has since changed “GD” to mean “Growth and Development.”

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