Lil Jay Calls For End To BDK Movement

Lil Jay, one of the hottest rappers in underground Chicago scene, is calling for an end to the BDK movement.

Lil Jay went on a passionate rant telling his squad and others to see the bigger picture- money.

“The Bdk Movement Is Over It’s All About [Money] Nd Plus I Rock Wit Sum Bd’s

“I Kno The real Bd’s Them Niggas All About Money,” he wrote.

“ThinkAboutIt,” he added.

Jay’s call to end the BDK movement was met with some opposition, but the “Turn Up” rapper quickly shot them down.

“Mf Say What They Wanna Say Imma Be Rich At The End Of The Day Nd U Goofies Still gne be Gossiping Bums

“Nobody Put Fear In My Heart Niggas Kno Wat I Do,” he wrote.

But Jay did clarify he is not changing his position on his direct enemies.

“I’m Only 600k 300k tymbk Oblockk Anybody Rockin Wit Them U A Opp Other Than That Stay in yo lane Nd Get U Sum Fuckin Money

“I’m Still Bdk To The Opps Doe But Every Bd Is Not A Opp

“I’m Still Bdk To The Opps On Tooka That Will Neva Stop,” he wrote.

Bricksquad rapper and producer Smylez echoed similar sentiment months ago in a Facebook post.

The “No Snitching” rapper wrote he is separating music business from street business. His focus, too, is making money to get out of the hood.

“im startin not to give a f*ck no more cuz at the end my homies not gone feed me and my family I am, so ima rockn with what ever’s gonna benefit me from now on!

“…im rockin with who ever rockin with me! #069 #jojoworld #leagueboii,” he wrote.

“music business is music business and street business is street business! Im rapping to get out the hood, im not rapping to kill all oppz!” he wrote.

P. Rico never said he was no longer BDK, but his focus is making money and “building” for his family.

“STOP KILLING &START BUILDING PIDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #JOJOGANG,” he wrote.

Swagg Dinero has long seen the bigger picture in branding himself and starting his business OsoArrogant clothing.

He mused on the idea of dropping his BDK stance. But like Jay, his hatred toward his direct enemies will never change. He said he would always be “300K.”

“I Might not always Be #BDK forever, But on JoJo, On everything i love, Imma ALWAYS BE 300k Take it how u want to, Ion give no Fuck

“If you a real nigga you’ll understand dat. I been locked up for da last 80 Hours yall. All nigga do is think up in there. I jst got out 6AM,” he wrote.

Lil Mister agreed with Swagg, saying life was too short.

“‪@SwaggDinero ‪#STR8UP Too Short,” he wrote.

It was Swagg’s brother Lil JoJo who popularized the phrase “BDK,” an acronym for Black Disciple Killer. The phrase took on a life of its own following the release of the viral street anthem ‘3HunnaK,” where JoJo raps, “These ni**as claim 300, but we BDK.”

Lil JoJo, born Joseph Coleman, met his demise Sept. 4, 2012 after he was gunned down in a drive-by shooting while riding on the back pegs of a friend’s bike.

The BDK movement grew to astronomical levels following JoJo’s death. Many souls have been lost on the streets since.

Lil Jay’s post shows significant growth in his grind as a businessman. Jay previously commented his much anticipated mixtape “Clout Lord” would lower the crime and encourage everyone to get money.

Jay is planning to issue a full public service on his BDK stance upon reaching 10,000 subscribers on his King Lil Jay YouTube channel.

“Everybody Subcribe MyChannel Now Wen I Reach 10,000 Subscribers Imma Drop Inerview Concerning Ending To Bdk Movement,” he wrote.

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