Lil Kemo Bops To Lil Durk & Sicko Mobb’s ‘Maserati’

You knew it was coming. Lil Kemo, the self-professed “King Of Bop,” took off on Lil Durk and Sicko Mobb’s new bop anthem “Maserati,” a Cicero On The Beat production.

Lil Kemo has grown in popularity over the past year for his smooth bop moves and his signature dance “Kemo Walk.”

Bop has origins in Chicago.

The “Bop” has undergone many transformations throughout several generations. Originally performed in the late 50s and early 60s, the “Bop” was a smooth, calm dance of striding, gliding, dipping and dabbing, according to

In today’s generation amongst a younger, hip demographic, the “Bop” now is performed to Hip Hop music. It incorporates a “bounce” with slick footwork and various body movements.
Lil’ Kemo describes “Boppin” as a unique culture for Chicago.

“It’s really a culture and many don’t know that. It’s a thing that can keep going,” he said.

Lil Kemo really went off on this one. He even threw in his version of the “Money Dance.”

Check out Lil Kemo do his thing below

Listen to Lil Durk and Sicko Mobb’s Bop Anthem “Maserati”

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