Lil Mister Takes Off In ‘War Zone’ Mixtape

Lil’ Mister has officially graced fans with his long-awaiting sophomore mixtape “War Zone.”

Hosted by DJ Shon and DJ Amaris, “War Zone” is how Lil’ Mister, who also goes under the rap moniker “Montana,” describes his hometown of Chi Raq.

“I was born in the world alone/Chi Raq ain’t a city, it’s a war zone,” Lil’ Mister raps in the opening Smylez-produced track.

Mister gets more personal detailing the issues plaguing his city, rapping, “Let me tell the world, what’s going on/Damn near everyday, it’s a soul gone/Can’t be out here lackin’ when a war’s on/This s--- is crazy, but you gotta stay strong.”

Mister goes deeper when describing the lack of assistance for Chicago’s impoverished community as he raps, “The white guys talking about ‘stamps gone.’ The people gon spaz when they see what’s going on. “

Many residents of the urban environment regard music as a gateway out of the perils of the ghetto.

Lil’ Mister wonders aloud when his time will come, rapping, “I just roll a pack to get in my zone/And think to myself is I’m getting on.

“…I’ma have to blow big for my holmes/And get ma cita in another home,” he adds.

Mister amps up the momentum in the Smylez and 12 Hunna-produced track “6775.”

In a two minute assault, Lil’ Mister is not playing around as he turns up, rapping, “I don’t give a f--- cause I’m insane/Driving real reckless switching through them lanes.”

Lil’ Mister is usually cruising through the underground rap circuit in his own lane. But this time around, the Wugga World rapper is soaring.

Montana pilots the Smylez-produced “Flying In My Lane,” track, rapping, “Cruising in the whip, flying in my lane/With a bad b----, she a foreign thang/The dope in this pole, I’m flyer than a plane/Drinking, driving recklezz, young in that thang/Banging insane, let my threads hang.”

Not only is Mister in his own lane, he is not of the same element as his rap counterparts in “Blow Yo Engine.”

In this Tim Thadius-produced track, Mister raps, “Cut from a different cloth/I come from nothing, but bosses/You ain’t s--- you can’t amount/So you should just get lost/I’m bout them bands, I can amount.”

Lil’ Mister is known to tout his marijuana use and dropped a stoner’s anthem on his project.

Mister linked with Shorty K for the Rio Mac-produced track “Rasta” where he raps, “Space juice get me with the stars/If I’m planting s---, then I’m up in Mars.”

Mister is gone off the “Rasta and lit off the “Space Juice.”

Smylez again makes production magic for Mister, who raps, “Me and shorty wine collin like some stars/Off the loud high a-- hell, h-- I am a star/ I like to ride and show out in the foreign car/hit the mall and cash out like f*cking star.”

The best way to describe Lil’ Mister at this point in the project is his elevation. The teenage MC truly took off in the project.

Mister linked with Diesel in the appropriately titled Smylez-produced track “Take Off.”

Mister cannot be held back and has too much ambition to not take off, rapping, “…When we make it to the top guarantee we gon ball/I’ma giant to you n-----, man you n----- too small.

“I’m on my money s---, they think I’m a boss,” he adds.

Mister is engulfed in a battle on the streets of Chicago. With it being a war zone on the gritty streets of Chi Raq, Mister must be “Bout Dat Action.”

Mister goes in on the 12 Hunna-produced track, rapping, “No sneak dissing on my name or that 40 will get to clappin/I’m bout that action, bird s---, it’s a tragic/Montana, I’m gone, next up, I’m blasting/ I’m smoking loud, sticky dope all in the air/With a bad b*tch, shaking a-- with long hair.”

Smylez lent Lil’ Mister some lyrical and production assistance in “Go Retarded.”

Mister goes dumb on the track, rapping, “Watch me go retarded, Montana I am started/I’m with a bad b---- and her body is exotic/My car is exotic, I killed the parking lobby/I’m walking through the party, and yo girl a-- I’ma target/But I just play retarded and smoke loud and tweak off Martins.”

Lil Mister linked with Fellow Chi Town artist Ebone Hoodrich in the hustlers’ anthem “Lotta Money” rapping, “I’m just in my lane, money steady coming/f--- a petty stain, I am too insane/suicide swag got h*es jumping/Money coming back like it’s bunjee jumping/I’m with you b----, flexing with a lot of money/I’m deep stroking shorty all up in her tummy.”

Lil’ Mister will forever remain in his lane. This sentiment inspired the Snapback-produced track “Keep Me In It” featuring Snapback.

In the track’s hook, Lil’ Mister, raps, “Smoke a lot of loud just to keep me in it/ That’s we drink the goose to keep me in it/ I keep a couple racks to keep me in it. I don’t just rap, boy you know I’m in it.”

Mister soon hits the track, rapping, “I be in the land with my n----- getting it/Steady counting bands and my n----- getting it/Montana, he that n----, painting a perfect picture/I’m just in my lane, and my lane is winning.”

Mister’s 21-track project is proof of the young Chicago MC’s hard work and dedication to his fans. His sophomore effort shows growth in the professionalism of his marketing approach and music production.

If Lil’ Mister continues his grind to further fuel the momentum behind his brand, it’s only a matter of time before the young MC reaches the finish line at the end of his lane.

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