Lil Mouse’s ‘Sway In The Morning’ Interview Grows Heated After Caller Condemns Lyrics

Lil Mouse has witnessed a lot during his 14 years on this earth. His experience on Chicago’s South Side in the Wild Hundreds inspired his music.

Mouse’s popularity grew after the viral success of his controversial music video “Get Smoked.”

Lil Mouse appeared as a guest on “Sway In The Morning” show to shed light on the meaning behind his lyrics.

“Basically I been rapping about what been going on in my neighborhood, where I grew up and what I been seeing,” Mouse said. “…That’s why I’m rapping about it. I’m tryna put it out there. Let em know it ain’t no joke. What I’m talking about, they really doing over there.”

Not everyone is a fan of Lil Mouse’s music, though.

A caller phoned into the radio show and slammed Sway for having Mouse on the show citing the Hella Bandz rapper’s negative lyrical content.

Mouse wasn’t upset with the caller’s critique, responding, “It don’t really be bothering me cause it’s other people opinion.”

Lil Mouse’s debut album “Michael Mouse Myers” is set to drop Tuesday, March 11 on iTunes. Fans can pre-order Lil Mouse’s “Michael Mouse Myers” album by clicking here.

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