Lil Reese Plays the Villain In ‘Supa Savage’ Mixtape

Lil Reese dropped his first solo mixtape as a Def Jam artist Sept. 2.

With the hosting assistance of DJ Scream, Reese is wagering “Supa Savage” to get his rap career on the right track.

Much of Lil Reese’s career has been marred with controversy. The nation learned about Lil Reese due to his online spat with slain rapper Lil JoJo.

Since then, Lil Reese has had several run-ins with law this past year.

Reese, born Tavares Taylor, was arrested on a warrant in April while asleep in his vehicle stemming from charges of trespassing, mob action and battery. These charges were the result of a video that appeared online showing the “Traffic” rapper beating upon a woman.

Lil Reese’s later arrests included a June misdemeanor vehicular theft arrest after he provided false documentation to obtain a 2006 BMW 750 Li, and a July arrest for possession of marijuana.

Reese is hoping to put his past legal woes behind as he forges ahead in his rap career.

Fans know the Lamron rapper by his trademark stutter rap.

Reese’s tape is filled with solid tracks that compliment Chicago’s new era drill sound.

Songs that stand out on Lil Reese’s “Supa Savage” EP are “Irrelevant,” “Team,” “Wassup,” “I Need That” “What It Look Like” and “I Need That.”

Reese secured the production assistance of Chi Town’s own premier beat maker Young Chop for song “Irrelevant.” Young Chop was at the production helm of Chief Keef’s hit track “I Don’t Like.”

“Irrelevant” features Johnny May, who provides his vocals for the track’s hook, singing, “All my ni**as gone, they be off it/You talk s---, I’ll put your a-- in the coffin/That loud got me gone/Yo b*tch all in my zone, she on it.”

Reese hits the track, rapping, “I’m getting money and you not, so that mean you irrelevant/223 we shoot, that s--- knock down an elephant/All my ni**as with the s----, yo ni**as on that telling s---/I get money, so I bail out quick/Yo b*tch on me and I’ma nail that b*tch/And now yo a-- irrelevant.

Rising producer Natural Disaster lent his production talents to two tracks, “Relate” and “Wassup.”

Reese’s scored a hit with the haunting song “Wassup,” which features Fredo Santana and Lil Durk.

Lil’ Reese sets the tone for the track, rapping, “I’ll grab my 30 if you a little bigger/He pillow talking, that’s for b------ n----/Yo b---- want me, I pass her to my n-----/Got so much swag, these h--- they feel a n----/We bought more choppers cus the streets got realer.”

Mr. Fredo Kruger makes an appropriate guest feature in this eerie production, rapping, “Trap house, stirring crack, them pillow cases stuffed ni **a/I don’t f*ck with f*ck ni**as/Step up in the club, bet non of us get touched ni**a/All us got 30s/ We let them b------ bust ni**a/Got a young ni**a that’s 15 and all he do is slump ni**as.”

Durk spits that gun talk, rapping, “I’m totin/Folk nem my pill they rolling/We lurking, see em on em/Head shot tell lil’ Bo we doin em/Cuz lil’ Bo keep it on em/He shoot, he shoot, he blowing/Face shots, aint no viewing.”

Reese obtains the production assistance of another Chicago producer Leek E Leek for song “Team.”

Reese raps, “Who got that drank, who got that drank/That s--- you stir up and it turn pink/I’m in my bunk and b*tch I do my thing/Catch a opp in traffic and we gon do our thang/Catch me off in traffic, b---- I got that thing/Pull up on your block, f*cking leave the scene.”

“I Need That” is an ad-lib Lil Reese commonly uses in his music. Reese turned this ad-lib into a track on the tape.

Reese collaborated with Trap Blanco Beatz to turn “I Need That” into a hot track, rapping, “I’m doing me that’s where it’s at/At the top, that’s where it’s at/Old ni**as talking about that old racks, but where they at/And if he holding old racks, we running in like where they at.”

Chief Keef has been pretty much distant from his GBE counterpart and right hand man Reese this past year. Chief Keef’s appearance on this tape slammed any indication the two are feuding.

Chief Keef links with Reese for two tracks on the tape, including, “What It Look” and “We Won’t Stop.”

Sosa lends his talents to “What It Looks Like” hook and his very own verse, rapping, “I got on my little white gold/The ice on my wrist feel a little like snow/I pull up in my Audi on them little white fours/Look like yes, ni**as look like no.”

Reese raps, “Can’t trust a f*cking ni**a, it’s looking like he wanna snitch/Take a ni**a down, after that, get off the s----/Got four Gs on my wrist, that’s why yo b*tch is on my d*ck/What it look like b*tch/30 in the clip, I swear my clip is on the s---.”

“No Lacking” was the first single Reese promoted from the tape. Reese’s guest features included Waka Flocka and Wale.

Lil Reese’s “Supa Savage” could potentially be the saving grace in his career. The 20-year-old rapper’s career nearly ended before it started. If Lil Reese can stay out of trouble and focus on the music, he will experience longevity in the rap game.

Listen/stream to Lil Reese’s “Supa Savage.”

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