FBG Duck Earns Spotlight In ‘Look At Me’ Mixtape

Fly Boy Gang has solidified itself as one of the premier rap cliques in the city of Chicago. Each member of the group possesses his own unique style.

The aura and swag of Fly Boy Gang, in my personal opinion, is reminiscent of The Diplomats. FBG is essentially Chicago’s modern day Dipset.

FBG Duck is the latest MC from the crew to drop a project, securing the hosting talents of DJ Shon, DJ Cortez and DJ Suspence. His music deserves all the attention and his debut solo mixtape “Look At Me” is no exception.

Duck is very much street like his FBG counterparts. But Duck’s strongest points on his solo debut mixtape is his knack for witty wordplay, superb hooks, effective ad-libs and his ability to make the most grittiest track sound like a fun, party record.

Duck’s beat selection for this project was key for he knew which production he would shine most on. Duck’s brand of “Drill-Hop” gets the gangstas and the D-boys up and dancing.

Seriously, the most hardened criminal will be diddy bopping and body rocking to “Look At Me” mixtape.

And this feel can be compared to how Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg turned Gangsta Rap music into party anthems.

One may ask how this is possible. But it is simply due to the fact that the Englewood rapper has fun in the studio and the energy he produces plays out through his music.

Duck is a hit maker. His ability to make a club record cannot be denied. But the difference with “Look At Me” is he was able to produce quality records song after song.

This is evident in songs “Right Now,” “Alot,” “Runnin’ Threw A Check,” “Drop It Low,” “Do It Like Me,” “What This,” “Feeling Myself” “F*ck These Niggas,” essentially the entire tape.

“Feeling Myself” is the shining track on “Look At Me.” I must’ve had this song on repeat for an hour. This song was composed to perfection.

Duck pays homage to FBG, rapping, “As long as I got my team, ni**a I don’t need no help/And we don’t need nobody, we can do it by ourself.”

To some listeners, this might just be a simple hook. But Duck is providing his crew’s blueprint to success.

There’s so much talent and street knowledge within the FBG camp, Duck has reason to be cocky.

This mentality is why I compare FBG to some of Hip Hop’s most renowned street Hip Hop groups. It’s so refreshing to hear this sentiment because that is exactly what’s lacking in today’s Hip Hop.

There are few crews left in the industry. Mainstream rappers are buddy, buddy with each and there is a lack of competitiveness in the art.

The catchiest line in this hit track is simply, “Aye, aye, aye, aye aye, god damn, I’m feeling myself, god damn, I’m feeling myself.”

Duck turns up, rapping, “God damn I’m feeling myself/Right now, I’m getting ready myself/I’m off molly, weed, x, codeine, god damn I’m killing myself/I don’t know what has got into myself/Ain’t need no help, I did it myself/Heard they talking down on me, but I don’t give two Fs like my belt/I spend a lot of money on my clothes/3500 for a show/If you aint tryna talk about dough/I’m hop off in the go, now it’s time to get low.”

FBG teammate Billionaire Black tackles the track, rapping, “Goddamn I’m feeling myself, can’t nobody tell me nothing/But you know I got on Fendi, bought my b*tch some Ferragamo/And I’m in love with money, bitch I’m running through them hundreds/And I’m in love with faces, them commas, commas, commas.”

Billionaire also gave FBG Duck an assist in “Fuck These Ni**as,” an ode to haters.

Duck reasons the rise of his popularity, the growth of his money and women have led to haters, rapping, “Motherf*ckers tryna snake me, I don’t know why they hating on me/But I been saw the shit coming HD/Motherf*ckers see I’m getting cash, now they mad, that shit sad/How bout yall go get some cash/Cause that b*tch ain’t nothing, but a thot/That b*tch f*ck the block, she is only good for giving top.”

Billionaire also slams his snakey foes, rapping, “Snakes in the grass, so I keep it cut/Ni**as want me dead, so I keep the mac tucked/Ni**as sneak dissing, gon get his ass touched/I’m like f*ck these ni**as/Same ni**a you see that day/Go behind your back, sneak dissing to a b*tch, when he see you in the street, won’t say it to your face.”

Duck doesn’t leave his women out as he made the perfect twerk track for them with “Drop It Low.”

Duck’s flows serenades the ears of his female listeners, rapping, “Shorty, yo ass a freak, dang yo body so petite, so you should tell me do you like it fast or slow/Baby you got ass/As long as you throw it, I’ma throw this cash to just let me see you drop it low/You know I’m the man/I got bands, I’m just saying/You say you understand, but I’m just letting you know.”

Duck linked with Duke The Beast for the bop-friendly and guap getting single “Running Threw A Check.”

Duke boasts his talents on the track’s hook and his very own verse, rapping, “I’m always got money/But I need extra cash/I should shop at a gym with my flexing ass/My hitters on dummy with their recklezz ass/I’m in that foreign going extra fast/My swag on point, is that why they’re mad?”

Duck is thumbing through his own bankroll in this single.

“I’m thumbing through a band/Selling dope by the gram/TC my fam/Money blowing like a fan/If I catch a opp, he get fanned/After I pull, he ran/Everyday a body drop, this shit never end/I got hitters on deck/And my shorty on x, my clique tote techs,” he raps.

St. Lawrence OG and FBG rapper CashOut063 makes two features on this project, including songs “Alot” and “Woo Woo.”

“Alot” is another one of my favorite tracks. CashOut063’s style represents that of a game spitter.

CashOut raps on the track, “A lot of ni**as wanna be me/I swear these ni**as can’t see me/I’m cooling on the plane with gang, I throw my shades on I’m like Stevie/That St. Lawrence what I rep/I’m St. Lawrence to the death/I got that STL on my hat and I got FBG on my neck.”

Duck reps his block and gang, rapping, “They ask me where I’m from/Bitch, I’m from St. Lawrence/Cashout got FBG on his neck, I got the shit on my arm/I’m tired of these weak rappers/They starting to make me yawn/Our name all around the world and we need to start touring.”

Professionalism and quality appeared to be of utmost priority for Duck with his latest project. But above all, his talents shone through on this project.

True talent is when one can take the little bit of resources available to him and make magic happen. Duck and his crew hail from one of the most impoverished neighborhoods in the entire country, but make good music that rivals the industry, if not better.

Numbers don’t lie, so there is no need to flex. And the crew’s most ardent fans will argue the same.

If Duck and his FBG crew stick their “blueprint,” they will be a major fixture in the Hip Hop arena.

Stream/Download FBG Duck’s “Look At Me”

Check out some of Duck’s music videos from “Look at Me” mixtape.

Duck- “Right Now”

FBG Duck- “Do It Like Me” featuring Lil Jay, Lil Mister, King Yella & Dutchie

Duck- “Look At Me”

Duck- “On Me”

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