Guy Catches Beat Down For Calling Black Man The ‘N Word’

It’s never okay to refer to another person as a racial slur. But when a racially insensitive term is used, it can make for a seriously awkward moment.

Awkward was definitely an understatement after party guest Fazil referred to Brandon, an African American man, as a “N----” several times in footage that surfaced online earlier this week.

“Who gave you the pass? Khaled,” Brandon retorted.

Brandon warned Fazil to not use the term in his presence.

“You can’t say it around me no more,” he said. “It’s your last time saying ni**a in here…I’m telling you, I will mop your a--… that’s disrespect.”

Fazil challenged Brandon to a fight, asking, “You want to take it outside?”

What happened next can be viewed in the video below

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