Lil Wayne and Birdman May Settle Million-Dollar Lawsuit

Lil Wayne and Birdman are allegedly very close to settling their legal dispute. Wayne is open to reconciliation after filing a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Birdman in 2015, TMZ reports.

YMCMB president Mack Maine reportedly served as a mediator between Weezy and Baby when arranging a phone conference between the two just hours before Drake’s New Year’s Eve party. Wayne and Bird allegedly have “strong feelings” about resolving the matter.

Mack posted two photos of Weezy and Baby cooling at Drake’s party on New Year’s Eve.

“Happy New Year ya heard me!!! Yea that’s Stunna yea that’s Tune yea that’s 2Chainz yea that Hood yea that’s T@ yea that’s Mack yea 2 da yea love 2 da love!!!! #FamilyLiveAtDrakePartyHePerformingRightNow

“United We Stand Divided We Fall!! #AubreyJustFinishedPerforming, the captions on Mack Maine’s posts read.

Weezy and Bird were engaged in a very public beef in 2015 after the YMCMB general filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against his daddy over a contract dispute.

Weezy and Birdman’s beef even got physical. In July, Birdman threw a cup of liquor at Wayne during his performance at Club LIV in Miami.

It was also speculated that Birdman put a hit on Wayne after Peewee Roscoe was accused of shooting the rapper’s tour bus in April 2015.

PeeWee Roscoe allegedly dry snitched on Hip Hop mogul Birdman by hinting his involvement in the Lil Wayne’s tour bus shooting, according to court docs obtained by TMZ.

Roscoe, whose real name is Jimmy Winfrey, allegedly stated Birdman’s financial dispute with Lil Wayne led to the attempted hit. Winfrey reportedly argued, “[Birdman] should be held liable as a party to the crime.”

According to an indictment that was filed in June, Roscoe called Birdman’s cellphone immediately after the shooting.

Roscoe, armed with a .40 caliber and a 9mm handgun, allegedly drove a white 2015 Chevy Camaro onto Interstate 285 while pursuing Weezy who left an April 26 performance at the Compound in Atlanta.

Birdman and Young Thug were named in the indictment as being involved in a RICO conspiracy to kill Lil Wayne.

Roscoe was arrested in May on multiple felony counts that include aggravated assault, terroristic threats and acts, criminal damage, possession of a firearm by a felon, criminal gang activity, reckless conduct and discharging a weapon near the street.

Roscoe pleaded guilty to firing shots at Lil Wayne’s tour busses in November, according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Roscoe reportedly pleaded guilty to five charges and was sentenced to 20 years, including 10 to serve in prison. He will be eligible for parole after serving his sentence.

Wayne and Birdman’s trouble had much of Hip Hop talking. Rick Ross told Breakfast Club he was upset with what transpired between the Cash Money founder and Weezy earlier this year.

“…I can’t respect that, and I don’t respect that,” Ross said.

“…Birdman know how I get down,” he continued. “He was in Miami a long time. He know double M act a [fool]. …He ain’t in Miami right now. It ain’t about telling nobody where they can go. That’s fake talk. Anybody can go wherever they wanna go… cause if you was looking for somebody you can go wherever you wanted to go to get em. …To see little homie bus shot up and all this other s--- transpire after homie put that on his back. That man got more CMB tattoos than Stunner do. To me, I take that personal.”

Charlemagne went on to say, “ We know who the p***y that Drake is signed to now.”

Ross replied, “It should’ve been easy.”

Pusha T would later weigh in on Ross’s comments.

“If you steal something, that’s just corny. If you steal something and you’re stealing it contractually, that’s like the lowest form of a thief,” Pusha T told Report Card Radio. “It’s a like a cat burglar. It’s not even respectable in no way, shape or form. You ain’t even thugging it. …I ain’t respected Baby for a long time no ways, so it don’t matter.”

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