Lou Love – Where The Love At (Music Video)

Lou Love is back with a thought-provoking piece in ‘Where the love at.’ Love opens up on the socio-economic conditions plaguing young men in the inner-city by rapping, ‘Last year I was in the Navy, this year I’m selling drugs.’ Lou may be opening up on the lack of opportunities that exist given his work experience. That proclamation is similar Larenz Tate’s character in ‘Dead Presients’ who had a strenuous feat supporting his family after serving his country in Vietnam. For a young black man, “It’s simply hard to make it out.”

Love also combats the lies upon lies that are spread in his hood by rapping, “90% of n*ggas talk like they got money then why we in the same hood. Shit don’t add up.”

Check out more of what Lou Love has to say in “Where The Love At” below:

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