Lupe Fiasco Pays Respects To Fallen Chicago Artists Lil JoJo, OTF NuNu, Blood Money and Lil Marc, Calls For GD/BD Peace Treaty

Lupe Fiasco found himself involved in a deeply introspective discussion during a Whoolywood Shuffle interview surrounding the violence occurring in his hometown of Chicago.

Lupe addressed some of the higher profile artists’ murder cases to affect the City’s Hip Hop scene.

“Rest in peace NuNu, rest in peace Lil Marc, Rest in peace JoJo, rest in peace Blood Money…rest in peace all the Chi Town artists that got cut short right at their prime. …for whatever reason, no affiliation, no gang sh-t involved. Rest in peace to another young black man who passed away before his time,” he said. “But it’s real out there.”

Lupe attributed the murders of the artists to various factors behind the music.

“There’s something behind this that ain’t music,” he said. “There is something behind this that is real. Kids will die behind what they say.

“…It’s not a game,” he continued. “Like I said, there’s something behind it. It’s not a conspiracy. This is something that has been in Chicago for 20, 30 years. This gang cycle. And one murder gone feed another murder and another murder gone feed another murder. And somebody gonna make a song about it and that’s gone feed another murder.”

Lupe suggested a peace treaty could be the started to ending the violence in the City.

“They have to come to the conclusion for themselves to just say ‘Listen, yall have got to put these guns down,’” he said. “There needs to be a GD/BD peace treaty. At least for the sake to figure out what you’re killing for. At least figure that out cause the rest of the world can’t figure out what this is.”

Lupe went on to say there are people in Chicago with more than enough money to help the situation occurring in the city’s poverty-stricken areas.

“It’s interesting, you go into some of the 300 sets or you go into Englewood and you’ll see that there’s a school that’s right by Normal that’s closed,” he said. “You just think like, wow, a place where you’d think would definitely need more schools.”

Mayor Emmanuel Rahm sparked controversy with his decision to close 50 Chicago Public Schools. It was the largest mass closing by a school district in U.S. history, according to Reuters.

Lupe previously commented during DJ Whoo Kid interview that Mayor Rahm is partly responsible Chicago’s violence. But he also said the youths have the power to end it.

“When these kids wanna stop, they gonna stop,” he said. “When they come to terms with it, when they come to grips with it…it ain’t got nothing to do with Lupe, nothing to do with CPD, the mayor has a role in it, but at the same time, it’s really up to them to make the decision to say “Look, we’re going to put these pistols down. We’re going to try to solve our problems in a more constructive way.”
Lupe Fiasco touched on the violence in his hometown in song “Old School Love.”

“The core of the record is addressing some of the issues that’s going on in Chicago with the violence,” Lupe told DJ Whoo Kid on the “Whoolywood Shuffle.”

“It’s me having a conversation with one of little homies that’s telling me there’s no rules out here,” he continued.

Lupe commented violence has always plagued his city, but has taken on a different form in the present.

“When I was growing up, you had the violence and then you had your fun,” he said.

The problem in present day, Lupe explained, is “people having fun with violence.”

“Chicago was super violent when I was growing up early 90s, even late 80s. It was kinda crazy,” he said. “A lot of gang wars, a lot of the chiefs was coming in an out of jail. The drug game was still crazy. You had violence everywhere.”

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