MBAM Flip Drops No Holds Bars In ‘Bang: F*ck Yo Gang’ Mixtape

Flip had been prepping his solo debut mixtape “Bang: F*ck Yo Gang” for a year. Now, the project, hosted by DJ Speechless, DJ Louie V and DJ Cortez, is hot enough to come out of the oven. But the thing is, it can’t be cooled due to Flip’s fiery bars.

Lil Flip can’t be f****d with in the rap game. Flip immediately lets it be known in the opening seconds of his instrumental. Losses appears to fuel Flip’s energy in this track as he raps, “Looked in the mirror and saw my pops, n***a rest in peace/Grinded for 30 weeks and lost my n****a KD/Free Lil E, Lil Shawn and Ron/Floss and nem doing a bid/Free Flip and Devaughn/Big bros, lil Larry and Dayvaughn, n****a…” And this list goes on for Flip. This gives the listeners a sense of the trap set in place in Chiraq.

Flip is in don mode on “Born 2 Be A Boss.” My only critique about this track is it ended it too short. Nevertheless, Flip commandeers this track, rapping, “Born to be a boss, when I walk n****s follow/Money by any means, the way to the Impala/And I took my last breath, that be my motherf*****g motto/Plan to keep a 30 and the b***h woke up with hollows/Plan to be a boss, when I walk these n****s follow/Money by any means, so any day a dollar/When I took my last breath, that be my motherf*****g motto.”

Flip lets the listener into his persona in “How I Am.” To put it simply, Flip’s mind is set on the paper chase as he raps, “I feel like Future, all I want some bands/CPDK to the cops, n****a free my fam/I feel like Baby, all want is cash money/Kill yourself, then dog, you a past dummy/Yo conversation ain’t bout money, you ain’t got nothing for me/So cut the chatting n***a, yall snitch n****s ratting n****a.”

Flip got a bit creative on single “True Colors.” Flip put together impressive wordplay as he incorporate colors in his flow, rapping, “I play hard and I work hard/If I don’t get what I want then these guns a glow/White coke and my money green/MBAM be the money team/Black glock with a red beam/blue gleam on that blue steel.

Flip continues, “…And to that n****a that sneak dissing me, man that s**t so f*****g weak/Educated my damn self, so you should practice what I preach/Same n****a from down the hill, we still pushing them rocks n****a/Never had a lot of friends cause my family all I got n****a.”

Flip already established he was a boss. Bosses are leaders and Flip is head in charge. Flip beckons others to follow his lead in “Follow Me,” rapping, “They all on me, they all on me, my 30 on nem my brothers with me/If a n***a talk s**t, it’s a robbery then/And if he keep flexing it’s a robbery again/Big 40 cal will leave him gone with the wind/Boy had to go, amen, amen/Shorty, she a thot for me and my friend.”

Flip’s “China Town” made the tape. This single has Flip going crazy with familiar bars as he raps, “Me and you are not the same/You smoke on that plain Jane/I smoke on that dopey dope, I pour a pint and overdose/I say my name and smoke them dope/That right there will make her go/Plus, I’m made for shoot and kill, they not for f*cking show/Bring my gun with me through any hood, n---- and every show.”

Flip spits “Real Sh*t” in this tape. He goes no holds barred on this single, rapping, “My brother need to get bonded out, my mama need to get rich/I fell in love with this cash money, so it’s no love for a b***h/I been A-1 since day 1, they wanna see me dead and that day to come/House of eight kids, my mama she did damn good/educated by the streets, addicted to the damn hood.”

The biggest surprise in this tape was a posthumous feature from slain Bricksquad affiliate Joshua “Jay Loud” Davis.

Davis was tragically killed Dec. 25, 2012 following an argument with several men on a CTA bus.

The single is a definite ode to Davis’ legacy. A verse from Jay Loud has him rapping, “These hollows hurt, you better duck when I up that b***h/My n****s team no lackin, be on that other s**t/All these h*es going, so I don’t trust no b----/And I’m all about m bread, tryna get rich.”

Flip finished this track off for Loud, rapping, “First off, f**k yo hood, f**k yo set/MBAM and Molly Grove, we in this b***h/Dum Dum get in tune it’s Lil Flip/Wugga World, Bricksquad/I f**k with FBG, yeah they with the s**t/These n****s getting mad cause I f**k they b***h.”

MBAM Flip brings to Chicago’s underground Hip Hop arena a brand of tenacious lyricism. Flip is like the Energizer bunny when it comes to spitting. He just keeps going and going. Hooks are rarely needed for his tracks and this is a definite plus for fans that love tough, straight bars. More Hip Hop heads definitely to need learn about Flip of Chicago. Flip’s decision to drop a mixtape does well for his growing rap career. It’d be interesting to see how Flip’s career blossoms from this point on and how he intends to market himself to a broader audience. Flip’s lyrical ability shows the versatility of Chicago’s Hip Hop movement and the young spitter meshes in well.

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