MBAM Mazzi Paid The Cost To Have ‘Boss Status’

It pays the cost to be the boss. MBAM Mazzi paid dividends. Mazzi is the king of his throne and the empire he built and is continuing to build for himself and his family. He runs his block under a hawk’s eye. This is what you call “Boss Status.” Mazzi is a newcomer to the rap scene with his debut DJ Cortez and DJ Suspence-hosted mixtape project, but a veteran in the streets. Hip Hop is the streets so let’s just say he’s a seasoned game spitter. Mazzi opens himself up on this project. He informs listeners of the path he walked to become a boss. And that path wasn’t paved with gold. Mazzi had to evade a street riddled with potholes, broken bottles and crooks. Mazzi revealed in his tape his life wasn’t all glitter and gold. But he was able to turn tragedy to into promise by telling his story.

Mazzi defines “Boss Status” in his opening track. Mazzi had to get it how he lived and took to grinding on the streets.

He raps, “N-gga I been hustling, calling shots, I got ‘Boss Status/Cooking crack in your b-tch crib, money in the mattress/Moved momma out the hood now she living lavish.”

Mazzi has ambitions of a drug kingpin. He is whippin and flippin the work.

He raps, “I got Boss Status, I’m a street celebrity/Serving all the fiends and junkies, I can’t go to sleep/I been dreaming, I been wishing for a hundred keys/Flip a 8-ball stretch it into a 100 Gs.”

Mazzi and brother Flip were raised in their “Momma House.” Home is supposed to be a place of safety and solace. But for Mazzi and Flip, it was a place where they lost their innocence. Mazzi, the oldest, saw a lot at a young age. It was at his momma house where he first sold drugs. His momma house doubled as both a crack house and trap spot. He even dabbled in prostitution. Mazzi and Flip talk the disdain they have for their father who they say was hooked on crack-c------ and barely in their lives. Their mother had to do what she had to do to take care of her children, so she started hustling. Mazzi and Flip started to learn the tricks of the trade from then on.

Flip again lends his older bro assistance on song “No Sympathy.” It’s a dog eat dog world. The weak are often preyed upon in Mazzi’s community. Mazzi says there are people out there that want his life.This means he’s going to get them before they get him.

“Kill or be killed, that’s how it go, that’s how we gotta be,” Mazzi raps.

You can’t tell Mazzi sh-t cause he know’s he’s the sh-t. In other words, he’s “Too Legit.”

Mazzi is official in the streets and rap game and cannot be told anything different. This is why he can’t quit on his ambitions.

Mazzi raps, “Put my money in my pocket, yeah I got these hammer pants/Hundred shots, I get to shooting, yeah I watch her mama dance/Knock your b***h from section eight, now I’m seeing all the bands.”

Mazzi and Flip are arrogant in their Lil Mike production. They don’t mean to brag, they’re just stating the obvious.

Mazzi hit this record, rapping, “It’s money by any means, I’m just saying though/Mazerati gon kill this beat, I’m just saying though/Foreign riding high as s---, looking like a lick/Lurking for a opp, stain him like a dirty fit.”

Flip follows his bro, rapping, “B-tch, I’m Lil Flip, you know I’m the man, h--/Trap house doing digits, this the bando/You can’t get no love from me, you a fan, h--/N-ggas hating on me, I don’t understand, h--.”

The street sh-t comes natual to Mazzi and his Flip. Mazzi runs his block and calls all the shots.

Mazzi is turnt in this record, rapping, “I’m a street n-gga, b-tch! Don’t lose your life over a b-tch! Especially me, when you know I own that b-tch!/What’s a mouse to a God, b-tch!”

Flip is cutthroat on his verse, rapping, “It’s that street n-gga sh-t, b-tch I’m Lil Flip/You wanna f-ck me, you gotta f-ck streets b-tch/He a street n-gga, b-tch!/MBAM, I can’t switch.”

Rico Recklezz’s single “Nosey” was a hot record for the streets. But the temperature of the track was upped a notch with the addition of Mazzi on the remix.

Rico and Mazzi called for those with prying eyes to stay out of their business.

Rico raps, “Come to your door like your a-- just ordered like Dominoes/Been chasing cheddar since a shorty with a snotty nose/Snitch ni**as, no I don’t f*ck with those/Selling brown boy, call it Theo Huxtable/If you ain’t getting money, no I don’t f*ck with you/And my flow sick like a ni**a finna puke.”

Mazzi follows, rapping, “119th is money by any means/Don’t trust a n***a or a b***h, they so nosey/Smoking dope to the face, 40s stay on me/Thotiana, give her d**k, she love to eat/Swerving off the loud, yeah I’m about to go to sleep/Screaming free Rico Recklezz, now they mad at me.”

Mazzi tapped Chiraq femcee Tay Rico for “What You Call It.”

Mazzi begind this track, rapping, “I’m the sh-t I need a toilet/Where my opp,I need a target/Getting money, need a profit/Call me sire, I’m a prophet.”

Tay follows, rapping, “All my n-ggas here, we balling/Rico caught em frauding/B-tch, I ain’t no fraud/Love no h--, b-tch I’m not cuffin/I don’t even know your name, what you calling.”

Mazzi delivered and showcased his versatility on all 18 tracks in this project. My personal favorite record was “Momma House.” This song stayed on repeat on my end. A lot of people in this world don’t choose the deck of cards they were dealt in life. Mazzi may have been dealt a bad hand, but he’s still in the game and choosing which cards to put down. The things he’s witnessed at such a young age is fuel for his fire to win. But that’s a given because Mazzi has “Boss Status.” Another plus of this project was Mazzi was able to put his team on and showcase their talents. I can’t wait to hear more music from not only Mazzi and his younger bro Flip, but the whole MBAM camp. The MBAM crew are definitely presenting another dynamic to the Chicago Hip Hop scene and beyond. Mazzi’ s Hip Hop career is full of promise at this point.

Stream/download Mazzi’s “Boss Status” mixtape below.

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