Meek Mill Says He Loves Nicki Minaj, Calls Breakup An ‘L’

Meek Mill appeared on Cosmic Kev’s Power 99 radio show to promote his new album “Wins and Losses.” In honor of the project, Cosmic Kev named topics Meek Mill feels were wins or losses. When Kev brought up Nicki, the Philly emcee referred their relationship as a “W.”

“It was a win. I came up, I always wanted Nicki. I bagged that.”

Meek says he’s not too prideful to admit their break up was a loss for him.

“Of course, breaking up with anybody you love is a loss, period,” he said.

Meek Mill recently revealed he had no parts of providing Remy Ma information about Nicki in “Shether” during a Power 105 interview with Angie Martinez at 23:30-minute mark.

In “Shether,” Remy notably raps, “And I saw Meek at All-Star, he told me you’re a** dropped/He couldn’t f*ck you for three months because you’re a** dropped/Now I don’t think y’all understand how bad her a** got/The implants that she had put in her a** popped/I was like, ‘D*mn, 90 days and you couldn’t have box?’”

Meek Mill suggested Angie get Remy to come clean on her show.

“I think y’all should get Remy up here and ask her y’all own self, she’ll tell you,” Meek Mill said. “You know how rap be sometimes. Sometimes, I might say I dropped 500 on a chain when the chain might be 350. It ain’t nothing deep because it’s the music business. Ain’t nothing serious to me. It’s all fun, it’s competitive. After them basketball players foul each other, talk crazy to each other, they gotta dap it up. Even if they don’t bang with each other.”

Meek says he holds no bad feelings about Nicki.

“It is what it is,” he said. “It was blessing. No bad feelings. Wish everybody well, and just live, and do it how you do it.”

Meek said he doesn’t regret the relationship.

“Things go wrong,” he said. “I ain’t perfect. We all like chemically unbalanced people in the world. I take ownership for me being unbalanced.”

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