Tay-K’s Rap Protégé, Pimpyz, Charged With Capital Murder

Tay-K performed in a rap crew that went by the name of Daytona Boyz. The rap crew included members Santana Sage and Pimpyz. All members of the crew are facing murder charges in separate cases.

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Tay-K paid homage to Pimpyz in song “The Race” with the line, “Pimp gon be eating good noodles everyday.”

Like Tay-K, Pimpyz, 17, is also facing a capital murder charge when he was arrested on Friday, May 26. Pimp, whose real name is Jalen Bell, is being held on $500,000 bond.

He is being held at Tarrant County Jail in Fort Worth, TX.

Pimpyz and Tay-K were passengers in Santana Sage’s SUV during the fatal shooting of University of North Texas student Sara Mutschlechner on New Year’s Day 2016 in Denton, TX.

Santana, born Eric Johnson, was charged in the slaying. The 21-year-old former marine is in Denton County Jail, awaiting trial on his first-degree murder charge.

Mutschlechner – a designated driver – was with three of her friends, two men and a woman, after leaving a party, where Santana, Tay-K and Pimpyz performed.

Santana, Tay-K and Pimpyz pulled alongside Mutschlechner’s vehicle, and made sexual comments to her and other people in her car, People Magazine reports.

The young men tried talking to Mutschlechner and her friend Cori, saying they wanted to “f**k them,” Heavy reports.

Mutschlechner shot down Johnson and friends’ advances, telling the entourage their comments were rude. One of Johnson’s passengers allegedly told one of Mutschlechner’s friends he would “beat him up.”

Mutschlechner’s friends said they saw Johnson holding a gun before firing two shots at their vehicle.

Mutschlechner was shot in the head, and subsequently crashed her car into another vehicle and an electrical pole.

Mutschlechner’s friends said Tay-K was in the backseat of the vehicle, describing him as looking “very young” and having braces. They said a third group member, PimpZ, was wearing a Chicago Cubs baseball hat.

Photos and video of Johnson, Tay-K and Pimpyz performing at the party surfaced on the net.

An alleged friend of Johnson told a North Texas student and friend of Mutschlechner that the suspect wasn’t at fault for the crime.

The North Texas student posted the dm he received:

“Yo friend was at the wrong place wrong time ya boi that was driving was talking s**t to my n***a at the light my n***a already beat a n***a up that night he was already heated he wasn’t trying to hear no moe s**t so he aired that h*e out not aiming for yo gh aiming for tha driver.”

The North Texas student wrote in his caption, “I am Beyond Pissed. He said Sara was at the wrong at the wrong time I can’t f****g believe this.”

Mutschlechner was a Junior student majoring in radio, television and film. She was a sorority member of Gamma Phi Chapter of ZTA.

Tay-K’s quick rise to fame is attributed to his blatant disregard for the law.

Tay-K was placed on house arrest at age 16 for his role in a July 26, 2016 home invasion robbery in Mansfield, TX that left 21-year-old Ethan Walker dead. But Tay, now 17, couldn’t handle being confined to his own home, so he cut off his ankle monitor and made a run for it.

Tay-K announced his plans to flee on Twitter, writing, “f**k dis house arrest s**t f**k 12 they gn hav 2 catch me on hood.”

He was extradited to Fort Worth, Texas after U.S. Marshals captured him on Friday, June 30 in New Jersey.

Upon Tay-K’s arrest, he released his “The Race” music video, where he is filmed standing next to his wanted poster.

Tay-K proudly raps about being a fugitive in this record. He raps, “F**k a beat, I was tryna beat a case/But I ain’t beat that case, b***h I did the race.”

Tay-K is also a suspect in another murder case in San Antonio. He has not been charged in that crime yet.

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