MIAKA Threatens to File Lawsuit Against Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. for Discrimination?

There may be a big lawsuit in preparation against the oldest and most renowned sorority founded for African American women.

Men interested in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, also known as MIAKAs, are threatening to file a lawsuit against Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., a sorority founded at Howard University on Jan. 15, 1908. The group of men, whom all are homosexual, are alleging homophobia and gender discrimination by the sorority.

News of MIAKAs first surfaced a couple years ago when men founded an unofficial chapter of AKA at Texas Southern University and Prairie view A&M.

Members of the Greek community were shocked when the Tri Alpha Chapter of MIAKI presented photos of men adorned in pink and green and pearls, while throwing up their “pinkies.” People were even more shocked to learn the chapter had even filmed a probate show with sounds of the sorority’s famous call “skee wee” being heard in the background.

As the world is becoming more accepting of the LGBT community, MIAKAs may have a legitimate case. On Wed. May 9, Barack Obama made history by becoming the first president to officially endorse same-sex marriage.

We’re not too sure how we feel about this one. Is it homophobic and discriminatory for Alpha Kappa Alpha to deny homosexual men from joining? Sound off below.

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Watch a miAKA Probate Below

Watch miAKAs Stroll

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492 thoughts on “MIAKA Threatens to File Lawsuit Against Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. for Discrimination?”

  1. Quita says:

    I don’t see the big problem. Why won’t they let them join??

    1. Anonymous says:

      Its a sorority which is a sisterhood.

    2. Ashley says:

      Because it’s an all female group.

      1. Starships were meant to fly says:

        I agree that they should let them join their organization. Times are changing. Hell there was a time when the AKAS didnt allow certain ”type” of women in their sorority. Have you all heard of the brown paper bag test. If they were able to move past that ignorant way of thinking then they will be able to move past this current situation. 100 years from now, people will look back and laugh to think that they wouldnt allow gay men in sororities.

        1. S. says:

          It is a sorority, which is for women. They should join a fraternity if they want to experience Greek life or start their own organization ( Preferable without my sororities colors)

          1. Rob E. says:

            Without your sorority colors??? Chile bye… You dont own a patent on the colors. Let these men join if they are that pressed to be AKAs. Theyll probably be more financial and active than you ever have been or will ever be.

          2. Charisse A Hill says:


          3. John boi says:

            are you smoking crack? do you really think those guys can join a fraternity?

        2. Anonymous says:

          Okay, “Starships”, you’re missing the point. It is a SORORITY. The weather changes. The temperature changes. But some things DON’T change SUCH AS what defines a “sorority” and what defines a “fraternity” (Webster def. : “a local or national organization of MALE students..”) Using the old “times are a’changin'” cliche or solely talking about the whole brown paper bag test if a weak and pointless argument. And for the sake of humanity, please refrain from the phrase “gay men.” This has nothing to do with them being gay. This has everything to do with them being trying to join a SISTERhood. I personally would not want any men joining organization, straight, gay, or bi. There are hundreds on gay men in D9 fraternities and gay women in D9 sororities. For those who find it difficult to join such organizations for fear of harassment, they’ve created their own sisterhoods and brotherhoods, many of which uphold some of the same morals and beliefs that we (D9 members) do. Since they “respect” the AKAs history so much, they would not be bringing such a lawsuit against the organization. I don’t condone such behavior.

          – From a Illustrious Lady of ZPhiB and LGBT Ally

          1. TA says:

            How would you feel if they wanted to join your sorority? Sororities were established for WOMEN. They are not women and should consider a fraternity for men. Even though they are homosexuals (as they call themselves), they still remain males and should join organizations that were created for men or should do what they did (create their own organization). They have it and they should enjoy it. If they want to be women and be a part of activities set aside for women, then, they should convert to being women. There is alway that choice.

            I am an illustrious woman of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.

          2. ROSIE says:

            I totally Agree with you Soror!

          3. Freeman says:

            I have to say that as apart of the “WE”. I believe in the traditional way of thinking. I believe Marriage should be between a man and a woman, and that the sorority should be for the the women etc. Yet, at the same time when we talk about these MEN; it’s not about what they look like, it’s about what and who they FEEL like. They’re not identifying with their outside it’s all an inner emotion. I love my life! Others should enjoy theirs, but it’s this separation in life that has things so messed up. Be comfortable with so so you don’t have join anything.

          4. Clinton says:

            Exactly my point I agree with you wholeheartedly. There’s no way they should be able to make such accusations considering the fact that regardless of their sexual orientation they are men trying to join an organization that was created by women specifically and strictly for woman. And that ratchet idiot starships and her friend Quita need to kick themselves talking about they dont see why they can’t going and times are changing. Yes times are changing and society but that doesn’t mean frats and sororities

          5. Kathleen says:

            Very well stated. The optimal word in this scenario is “men” interested in AKA. A sorority is for women. This issue of discrimination is not about homosexual women, it’s about homosexual MEN. Hello!

        3. ROSIE says:

          Sororities are to women as Fraternities are to men…. I dont care if they think they are women, they were born as men. What is discriminating about that? I have nothing against gays, homos, lesbian, bisexual, but the fact still remain, GOD CREATED Adam (MAN) and Eve (WOMAN), two totally opposite sex, whose fault is it if they consider themselves as a man when they a woman or a woman when they a man. Again i say Sorority=Women and Fraternity=Men….JOIN A FRATERNITY if so be the case then.

          1. Wowed by idiots says:

            That reply was mean for starship

          2. Starships were meant to fly says:

            I believe we as african americans discriminate the most against every group of people including ourselves. When white people want to protect their organizations and businesses, we go outside hooting and hollering with picket signs but when others try to be included in our organizations you quickly deny them and talk about history and all that BS. We all need to love each other and be more accepting of other individuals. these men are not comfortable in their bodies as men. they identify with being women so why not let them join your sorority. There were times where we couldn’t drink at certain water fountains or “SIT IN THE FRONT OF THE BUS” because of who we were but times have changed. You all need to calm down and just think a little bit. Throw out the 100 year history and start new and see what happens. I’m pretty sure we would be light years ahead in our country if we would just be a little bit more accepting.

        4. ROSIE says:

          Soror I totally agree with you! Illustrious Lady of ZPhiB and LGBT Ally

        5. Bizzness says:

          Times are not changing Satan is just more obvious and being ignored! Wow ignorant is the word u used to describe other ppls thinking! U the ingorant person is you, because u obviously dont believe in Gods word to be supporting such a blesphamous group of individuals that will stir the minds of our children in the next generation. They are not women so y do they act like they are! Please dont tell cause they were born this way Because God doesnt make mistakes. He made a man to be a Man NOT a Woman. Now what ppl will do 100 years from now is be ashamed of letting such stupid behavior continue! The brown paper bag test still included women not men! All this gay is ok is going to come back around and bite everybody that pushes it to the side especially when it hits there own house!Ppl say its fine gay is okay till they son or daughter likes the same sex.There is something mentally wrong for a man to Trully TRUST AND BELIEVE HE IS A WOMAN! This is disguisting and a disgrace to this orginization! All gays need to learn About Jesus and what he has to say about this perverted mess!U sick minded for supporting this crap! Ugh Wake up! Come down from your Starship! U R IGNORANT!

        6. Baffled says:

          I disagree with that specifically because it is a SORORITY. The reasoning behind not allowing in a certain type of woman is not the same as not welcoming men. I do not think it is a homophobic issue or gender discrimination at all. Men are not allowed period. Sexual preference is irrelavant. I could understand there being an issue if a lesbian was rejected but not gay men. If they want to be greek they need to join a fraternity. Sororities like Alpha Kappa Alpha were made for the progression of black women. What sense does it make to include men especially when there are black fraternities made for the exact same purpose? I find it absolutely insulting.

          1. Anonymous says:

            Not just black women, all races actually.

          2. Right says:

            Right, everybody has a point. But the heart of the matter is sometime in our life, there are points in time that people just want to go against something working fine. Nothing wrong with Fraternities for men or Sororities for woman. Everything does not fall wrong all of a sudden because we decided as a human race to declare more fareness in these terms & times. We always should have been fare to each other. And their is nothing wrong with preserving the sanctity of Sororities & Fraternities & the difference they bring, the forms they take in between if you decide your group wants a to be a group that encorporates sexual preferance instead of gender prefrance. It’s not all wrong just like it’s not all right. Just because society has gotton enlightened on a matter in society does not mean that everything in the world has to change. There are still groups for whites. There are groups for rich whites. But do we have to always challenge them when the group is for them. There are groups of all kinds of peoples: groups for Blacks/Colors, groups for all our races, right & many preferences. If these groups are established to enhance that group of peoples lives is’nt that an O’ kay group for our society. If that groups mission is to put down or take away from another group of people, that is where our courts may need to put a stop to it. The meaning of Sorority, Fraternity has their meaning. They can start a group that accomodates their meaning of a union or so: are they interested in starting a Sorority that are really men joining it, with interests that may be mostly weoman views. Or Weoman starting a Fraternity that carry the views of men. What’s their purpose-in the heart. We say people can do what they want. But if that’s not the charter of the Sorority they are trying to join, should they really be able to come & cause havic in those Weoman’s Sororiy. Are they allowed to cause havic in a mens Fraternity that does not vote a majority on their views. Should man-kind really bring law suits on everything that is reserved for one sex or the other. Or to just go join the one that’s open to your interests. Or as many say, start one of interest to you: To carry that group of peoples interest forth. Would that be more fare. Is it really wrong to have groups, or clubs that don’t agree with us all: Clubs or unions to better that group of peoples interests. It’s not like you are forbidden to start the club of choice,. Are your interest just to go after people that disagree with your interests? Sometime the Courts should uphold the sanctity of some forms of interests groups like a Sorority or Fratertity. How would a group, like the type that these man are interested in like it if straight weoman or straight man-whatever that means, were with Bible in hand and joined their group at a time they were not willing or wanting this type of Bible person in their circle. To come in trying to share there Bible ways of interests with them or there friends, taking their numbers away. Should’nt that that person interested in the Bible more-so go find a union that accomodates their interest, or start one too. I know myself, I don’t have all the answers to these statements-I actually learn mostly from other people sharing. And yes it would be nice to respect different peoples views. This new found way of life for our society was founded to give open expression to all groups that you may want to start, not the right to disrespect the other groups interests. I think I understand the desire to want respect from other groups out there. And I pray that they get treated right by society just like I hope to treat people right & to be treated right by others as well.

        7. Renita says:

          These are just DUMB questions!!!!!!! Do you not know the meaning of sorority? a club of WOMEN; specifically : a WOMEN’s student organization formed chiefly for social purposes and having a name consisting of Greek letters. You all need to quit with this dumbness!!!! SERIOUS!!!! These are MEN!!!! Why don’t they go found their own fraternity for homosexual males!!!!

        8. Wowed by idiots says:

          Your obviously one of those miaka’s. Dude, this organization is for woman. Humans that can produce children.

          That is the definition of the organization for over 100 yrs. no matter how much you try, if the good lord make you a man you will not be apart of a sorority.

          If the courts rule that it is recrimination then my vote is to end the organization or stop intake until society becomes rational.

        9. John says:

          You’re freaking stupid! A sorority is for females.. not males.. it doesn’t take a genius to understand that.. thee end!

        10. K. Will says:

          yea well if they decide to chop off their penis and really become women why not. It is time out for allowing those abominations a right to anything!

        11. Upset Member. says:

          All of you keep saying “they” which means you are in fact NOT a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha . So what gives you the clout to make your opinions. This is a organization founded with the purpose (which has never been changed since 1908) to bring together college trained WOMEN. It brings great disrespect to our organization to have ANY perpetrators, male or female alike. One, this is a private organization with no government funding which means, their case wont stand. Should Spelman be sued for discrimination? Also, what could these MEN bring to the organization to support its purpose of helping the problems concerning GIRLS AND WOMEN. This is all just buffoonery.

        12. MAD SOROR says:

          Why would a MAN be in a SORORITY? idgaf what his sexual preference is… ITS WRONG.. MEN ARE APART OF FRATERNITIES. PERIOD. If gays want to be in an organization, they should have to plege FRATS. FRATS arent about sexualiy so they should stop bringing being gay to the forefront.. No one gives a hoot who your screwn… Oh and ps THE FOUNDERS OF AKA WERE DARK..MOM, GMA, GREAT GMA, AMD GREAT GREAT GMA WERE ALL MEMEBERS OF AKA SORORITY INC.. ALLL VERY DARK SO SAVE THE COMPLEXION BS FOR SOMEONE ELSE… GAYS DONT DESERVE SPECIAL TREATMENT FUCK GAY PEOPLE FUCK STRAIGHT PEOPLE… WE JUST WANT GREAT PEOPLE… KEEP YOUR SEXUALITY TO YOURSELF…WE ARENT A BROTHEL WE AINT SELLN SEX.

    3. Nelly says:

      You’re an IDIOT

    4. T. Tyler says:

      Quita, I’m going to discuss this tonight on my show. I would appreciate it if you could call in 9pm (est) 347-989-8305.

    5. RICK says:


    6. anon says:

      I wonder if the real issue is that they are being discriminated against, not for trying to join, but for existing in the first place as MIAKA. That would be an even greater problem for the sorority. Sure, it’s a sorority, but if you’re not accepting of the group, then it’s an even greater problem than just saying no. Then AKA will be showing their true colors, and they won’t be the cute pink and green.

      1. Anonymous says:


      2. MAD SOROR says:


    7. Anonymous says:

      What kind of dumb ass question is that smh they are men not women. Sororities are WOMEN EXCLUSIVE ORGANIZATIONS.

      1. Jess says:

        Thank you for clarifying that important point!!!

    8. Jess says:

      Because we are an all female Sorority (Key word is Sorority–a sisterhood) Not a brother hood. We are the WOMEN of AKA!! not Men. It has nothing to do with being gay!!! Women can’t join the Qs, Kappas or Alphas and Men can’t join AKA, Deltas, or the Zetas. Get a clue. Start your own organization and call it something else. Do not tarnish, ridicule and make fun of an awesome organization!!

    9. De says:

      I think its fine to strive for excellence. Obviously these young gay men are trying to strive for greatness HOWEVER, it’s not ok to ride the coattail (Dress) <–more appropriate.. of an organization that has withstood the test of time and has built their own prestige thru years of giving back. If these "guys" want to be apart of something like that then THEY need to be original and start out like the rest of the divine nine did. ALL they are doing right now is robbing one of the Sorority's of something they worked hard for. It's pretty selfish and half ass backwards if you ask me.. They get no respect from me -if it mattered.. #team FORGE YOUR OWN

    10. Nisha says:

      It is a FEMALE sorority. They can’t join because they are MEN. Not because they are homosexual. There are many all may orginzations and all female orginzation. Not everything has to be done together. If they want a gay greek orgization then they can start their own. Without STEALING the AKAs trademark and traditions. They need to be orignial. The AKAs should be sueing them for stealing their trademark.

    11. MsO says:

      The president has allowed CIVIL UNIONS, not homosexual marriage.

      As for MIAKAs I feel like this is when “immitation is the best form of flattery” goes wrong. The purpose of my organization is for WOMEN, a person BORN a female. I have nothing against LGBTQ, I’m an advocate for them but, I just don’t understand why they can not create their own organization that can probably serve thier needs and community better than an organization that was founded for BLACK WOMEN in college. Its stated in our purpose and if the MIAKAs love AKA like they say they do then they should want to respect our purpose and founders. We all have LGBTQ members in our orgs, why not join one of the frats or just start a new one? Its been done before.

  2. Anonymous says:

    No No Hell NO!!!!!! That’s why they made fraternities!!! How about they join them!!!

    1. Anonymous says:

      unfortunately, frats are highly against homosexual men being in there orgs 🙁

      1. Anonymous says:

        then that’s exactly who they SHOULD be suing!

        1. Me phi Me says:

          exactly. If its that serious, change history and incorporate your OWN FRATERNITY (your not women) that is exclusive to homosexual men. Then petition the national panhellenic counsel. Soror means sister. You cant be someones sister if you are a man.

        2. Anonymous says:

          The problem would be that they won’t reject them. They’d probably just beat them up :/

      2. Anonymous says:

        ummm, you might want to look closer. plenty of gay dudes in frats nowadays…

        1. Anonymous says:


        2. ThatGirl says:


      3. Anonymous says:

        fraternities discrimination against homosexuals? there are plenty of openly gay men in every fraternity

        1. mad@that says:

          I agree, not to name any, but I go to an HBCU where there are too many openly guy, bi, whatever guys in the divine 9 frats. So to say they can’t get in is a lie, because they are very in! Please stop the foolishness! There is no reason these men should be thinking of pink and green… AKA is incorporated and pink/green are the colors. Stop using the colors and the pearls. Be original…. Make your own frat… Colors…and jewels if you want. Just make it your OWN!

      4. Anonymous says:

        As should sororities be against MEN joining their congregation of WOMEN.

      5. Anonymous says:

        That is not true I know a lot of homosexuals that are in a fraternity within the Divine Nine.

        1. Chris Smith says:

          I think the point that is trying to be made is that a lot of these guys are not openly gay before they decide on the intake process. Now whether they decide to come out afterwards is their own decision. I went to NC A&T SU and I was in a four year relationship with a kappa and his frat brothers simply thought we were cousins. I also know a guy that pledged with him was openly gay but they could not reject him because he could have made a case that they were discriminating against him because he was gay; they beat the living shit out of him in hopes that he would drop from the line but it did not work. I guess my point is that you don’t see a lot of openly homosexuals before intake but lord knows they graduate from college and flock to Atlanta. I run into so many people in Greek organizations out here but they said they were never “out” while in school.

      6. Anonymous says:

        Why is that “unfortunate”? They should start their own fraternity.

        1. the 1st says:

          They should start their own frat. It is insulting in its own to try to duplicate what has already been done. Be original,a sorority is just that a congregation for sister hood! Alpha Kappa Alpha holds trademarks, and those are legally done and held by the sorority, if anything AKA’s can sue these men who are a disgrace not only to MIAKA but to homosexuals, you want to be an individual do so in creating your own.

        2. Anonymous says:

          The thing is that there IS a gay fraternity established..why not join that? A sorority is a sorority and only WOMAN are to join as it goes the same for Fraternities and MEN..there are MANY AND I MEAN MANY GAY men in the Diving 9…As a member of a D9 group AND GAY i DO NOT Support this nonsense this is ridiculous

          1. Rob E. says:

            As a queer man myself, I suuport my brother’s statement. Bottom line… this is foolishness.

          2. NUNYADAMN says:

            Actually there ARE not is Fraternities (PLURAL) that are accepting of gay men bi men etc. as well as sororities. and THE MAIN reason they started them was because of the discrimination they face trying to joing D9 orgs. Cover it up all you want but I know for a FACT that gays are discriminated against in D9 orgs. Those same openly gay men you claim to know in frats were damn near killed for membership. Dont lie and say it isnt true because that would make you a liar and Im not here to call anyone out their name. These men are wrong for duplicating AKA but that is what ALL fraternities and sororites are; DUPLICATIONS of the MASONs and EASTERN STARs. Even more notable is the fact that each org looks to or “worships” a certain greek or egyptian diety so in a way it goes against some principles when you worship or give homage to a God other than the one some people grant the creator of life. Honestly, I know a ton of D9 men that are DL to save face and being that I went to one of the TOP HBCU’s in the nation, I know plenty of C phi C Alphas, Kappas, Ques, Sigmas, Iotas and dont get me sarted on the non D9 PHC greeks. That is all!

          3. Anonymous says:

            This is ridiculous. It is a sorority because it is a sisterhood. There are organizations that are for males and females= fraternities. What is there purpoes for being MIAKAs? Why not be an organization to represent themselves as THEY ARE and not as men trying to become AKAs because that is impossible. It goes against what the organization was founded on. To be a SISTERHOOD. That is the reason there are fraternities for males. No organization “legally” discriminates against your orientation, but when you bring bad attention and negative attention to the organization, then you face scrutiny. People are always trying to get attention. If you want acceptance, do it like an adult. The D9 was created as male and female only organizations. Research what values you posses and values of the organization you FEEL you NEED to be apart of, then talk and do something. Until then have a seat. There is no basis for discrimination because they DON’T meet the requirements because they are not females. None have had sex changes or area females legally, so it’s INVALID. they aren’t the only people that want to join organizations for the outward view, but fail to posses the organizations values set by the founders.
            I’m a college graduate that did just fine without joining an organization. I found myself and it did not involve having to join a sorority to fit in my campus. People are doing it for all the wrong reasons: popularity, fame, spotlight, just something to do, or ridiculous lawsuits as such. Sit down.

          4. Jess says:

            Thank you!!

      7. Anonymous says:

        no they’re not

      8. Rob E. says:

        Lies…. Im gay. I’ve slept with and have dated a member from every black fraternity, including my own. There are plenty of gay men in the frats. You just dont know they’re gay… Or better yet, they may be married to the women in the sororities… #POW

        1. Lenox says:

          there’s gay men in the frats?! that aint cool at all. i don’t believe it

      9. DM says:

        So now the sororities HAVE to let them in because frats are so bigoted? Yeah, it doesn’t work that way.

      10. gomab says:

        Then why arent they suing the fraternities for not letting them in??? Why would you sue a female org that has nothing to do with a fraternity? If they want to join a frat but are discriminated against by the frat, it would make sense that they sue the frat, not a completely different org for women.

        1. gomab says:

          No shit. I recently found out that both of my line brothers are gay. Were celebrating 25 years in the bond and Im just now finding out that they are both gay. This whole argument is retarded. You cannot sue an org because of an individuals personal preference on who makes line or not. First you would have to prove discrimination vs personal choice. Its just a mess. They need to start their own org and go skipping on about their merry way.

      11. Anonymous says:

        All the Alpha I know are gay so MIAKA’s are really ALPHA (the frat) coming out……..

      12. Baffled says:

        And that’s unfortunate, it truly is. But that doesn’t mean the sororities should be forced to accept them as ‘sisters’. How could you even call a sorority a sisterhood if you include men. Just because they behave like women and attracted to men does not make them women (which btw is a criterion for joining a sorority). And furthermore, to have created a chapter without going the proper channels and behaving in ways that are clearly AKA’s trademarks is really disrespectful of the sorority they claim to love.

      13. Anonymous says:

        but there are a lot of gays in many frats

      14. jaki says:

        really? i recently went to a KAP probate where THREE OPENLY GAY MEN went over. so, really?!

        1. Kevin says:

          so is kappa the fraternity where all gay men pledge? i wanted to b a kappa but if its a gay frat, i don’t want to do it anymore. ill look at at alpha

          1. Donta J says:

            They are about the same. It’s been said (not proven) that there are way more gay Alphas then there are Kappas. Some Kappas just catch a bad wrap for having the “Pretty boy” image.

    2. Y.O. NUPE says:

      How much yal wanna bet that the ones who are on this post PROMOTING this foolery isn’t even in an organization?

      1. Soul Anchor says:

        Real Talk, have no idea about the legacy and what each sorority/fraternity was founded on.

    3. T. Tyler says:

      I’m going to discuss this tonight on my show. I would appreciate it if you could call in 9pm (est) 347-989-8305.

    4. Anonymous says:

      thats somewhat ignorant as well because im in a frat and i have a homosexual line brother and we accept him for who he is because just like everyone else he is a human being but no i do not think they should joing “AKA’s” but not because they are gay but becaue “AKA’s” are a sorority not fraternity. there are gay frats out there just find one they are out there.

    5. Anonymous says:


    6. John boi says:

      Again, I ask you all. How in the hell are those men going to be accepted into masculine brotherhood fraternity? how can they talk about the chicks they had sex with the night before or the chicks they plan on having sex with. it would be hella awkward an weird. they don’t belong in a fraternity. It would be more appropriate for them to join a sorority where they would feel comfortable.

  3. Veronica says:

    @ Quita This is a huge problem. The sorority was founded by women for women during an era when discrimination was rampant. Women of AKA have knocked down many barriers for the advance of many women of color. It’s a tradition issue. Although I respect LGBT rights, this isn’t one of them. There are many LGBT groups for them to join. Why AKA??


      They HATE women and want to take WOMEN down! while wanting to be WOMEN!! ANGER!!!

      1. T. Tyler says:

        I would like to go into detail about this tonight on my show and would LOVE IT if you guys could call in as you all bring up VERY VALID points. PLEASE Call in 9pm (est) 347-989-8305.

      2. fancy says:

        lol so true

    2. Anonymous says:

      I have to agree with your comment and being an active member of AKA, this action is ridiculous. I respect the LGBT as well, but this is taking it a step way too far. Why not just start your own organization founded and based on your own principles, valuse, and beliefs? So, yess why AKA?

  4. Anonymous says:

    OMG This can’t be real

  5. KC says:

    Grown Ass Men are fighting to get into a all girls sorority? Really? Come On!!!!! This is a joke right?

  6. jackie says:

    On what grounds are they suing?? So, if they can sue AKA, then that means they can sue an all girls school or how about the WNBA. This is so dumb. They would never win…

    1. CAnon says:

      Exactly! Fraternity means Brotherhood. The definition of brotherhood is “the feeling of kinship with and closeness to a group of people or all people.”

      The definition of sisterhood is “the feeling of kinship with and closeness to a group of women or all women.”

      1. Red says:

        Ok…so, i may not b a member of the D9..but i wuz raised with the traditions. My mom is a Delta and my dad is an Ice Cold Alpha. I decided to join a more diverse group, given that in my city, frats and sororities are city-wide instead of being campus-based. With that bein said, im gay as the day is long and my frat bros didnt give a f**k. From the seniors tht hazed us down to my line bros, no 1 cared. Maybe thts a product of having gone to a school in the top ten, but i doubt it. Frats r for boys, sororities r for women. They were founded as such and as such shld remain. Tht is all.

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. KC says:

    I guess people want to belong to something so bad that they would do ANYTHING to get it. Sad really? To bring a lawsuit against the AKAs because you want to do WHAT AGAIN? This is ridiculous! To showcase this mess and be proud of it…. forget what the AKAs foundation were built on. Men, do you not have enough that you want more? To frolic and pretend like you are a true female is one thing, but to rock the foundation of a SISTERHOOD for women is beyond words!

    1. Jamie says:

      One doesn’t have to be physically a woman to to be a part of a sisterhood. We don’t need you hate poisoning the minds of the world and youth. I’ll pray for you

      1. Guest says:

        Jamie pray for your own damn self b/c you are going straight to hell with your damn dumb gay ass. Effing fag! Get the hell on with that bullshit!

      2. Anonymous says:

        Jamie, how can u not be physically a woman to be a woman? Really? There is a bIG difference in a man physically and a woman physically. If you dont; know the difference, you need to back to the basics and lern the birds and bees, honey. They will never win!

      3. Randle says:

        You need to be a woman to be a sister. I could see the issue if they had sex changes, but men cannot be in sororities. If they want to be Greek and be gay, they should be kappas! Lmao. Just kidding.

      4. RICK says:


      5. S. says:

        When your praying , pray for yourself. You clearly don’t understand the definition of sisterhood. You need to be a woman.

      6. gomab says:

        Uhhhhhh, what other kind of woman is there? Mentally a woman? That still doesnt make you a woman by any definition. If I think like a bird, it still doesnt mean I can fly. I wont be having my azz in a birds nest either, regardless of how much I want to be a bird. Because PHYSICALLY, Im not a bird, regardless of what Id love to think.

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    @ Quita some of these orgs are founded upon traditions and principles. Im sure their founders didn’t expect men to join when they founded their org. There are plenty of alternate routes they can go if they are that thirsty to be Greek

  11. OWTestMuthaFugga says:

    Y that nigga n da pic got gunk of lip gloss on lol??

  12. OWTestMuthaFugga says:

    Im literrally cryin after seein that vid LMBAO. AKAs yall got some explaining 2 do haha

    1. Liya says:

      Smh…leave it to a Que to say something petty against the AKA’s even if it means siding with men who are trying to chip away at the foundation of not only the AKA’s but the entire D9. Trust me this is not just and AKA issue in the long run, if they win, this subjects all D9 to the same.

  13. Anonymous says:

    wait what???!?!?

  14. daBruhz says:

    they should just join kappa or alpha. its close to being alpha kappa alpha

    1. Anonymous says:

      I’m a alpha extremely disrespectful

      1. Anonymous says:

        Affiliation is irrelevant and this is rooted in ignorance of oneself.

    2. Anonymous says:

      you are a goofy! I believe you are upset because your organization has no RELEVANCE!!!!

      1. Anonymous says:

        I would lower my intelligence to your level, but doing that would satisfy your ratchetness…

    3. Y.O. NUPE says:

      For a person who’s rekommending who should join what, you’re sure is check’n your puppies out very hard…there’s no “M” in NUPE, but there is in O’M’EGA…that is…if you actually in an organization…

    4. nupesolo says:

      I’m a Nupe. Sorry but these fun boys need to create there own org. These Lil bitches wine and complain and threaten with lawsuits. Stand up for your values. Kappa – true manliness- sick of these guys ruining everything for everybody. Ill even say.this if you are gay fine, still be a man. Stop putting on makeup and lip stick

    5. Anonymous says:

      I was thinking the same thang lol

    6. OMAK says:

      Or maybe Q? Or Sigma… truth is… there are bruh’s in every frat who act like soror’s… and some don’t think before they speak… don’t hate cause you kame so klose right year, wrong frat#imjustsayin

  15. Anonymous says:

    If only they actually knew the history the claim, by being members of a governing council such as NPHC, IFC, PHA, affords fraternities and sororities are legal right to discriminate members on the basis of sex. It has nothing to do with being “homophobicity” as evidenced by openly gay WOMEN in AKA.

    1. Randle says:

      Well said! The purpose of this announcement is to seek attention, and provide an opportunity for this entertaining and sometimes ignorant discussion.

  16. joy says:

    society is changing. barack obama has endorsed same sex marriage. they should allow men to join if they exemplify the creeds of the sorority. everyone needs to get with the times

    1. Allison says:

      I agree. These men may consider themselves transgendered meaning they feel they are women trapped inside a man’s body. Yes, are country is evolving and LGBT rights can no longer be pushed aside any longer. If they are living up to the standards of the sorority they wish to join then why can’t they join?? This is 2012 for Christ’s sake. Leave the hate in the past sheesh

      1. Anonymous says:

        This isn’t about hate. It’s about men wanting to join a SORORITY. An organization that was created for women and not MEN. Regardless how they may reflect the ideas and beliefs of AKA, at the end of the day they are men. If they chose to loose their extra bits to officially be labeled as women, then go for it. If not they don’t belong in a sorority. They should instead attempt to create their own fraternity.

        1. Anonymous says:

          the issue with your standpoint is that they named their OWN org- MEN interested in AKA…

          they classify themselves as MEN. Not transgender.

      2. Anonymous says:

        There’s nothing transgendered about them. They are GAY MEN. Alpha Kappa Alpha is a sorority which means women only. They could started their own organization. This organization isn’t for them.

      3. OPP98 says:

        Where’s the hate??……o-o?? The hate would be if by them being gay they weren’t not accepted into a fraternity based on being gay. If they want to be women so badly and do what women do; have the sex change! Don’t leave the option open to going back and living like a man.


        1. Paul says:

          Do you actually believe that having a sex change operation makes you a full fledged woman?

      4. Chellie says:

        well… I’m hesitant because I’m both a feminist and a gay rights advocate. I love my LGBTs. I do. I love the underground community so much! But if it is unregulated and hidden, it may be unsafe, demeaning, and seen as a source of shame… I would propose that Miaka become legit on campuses, rather than breaking into something made for women– HOWEVER if it was a male org like a football team or social club and a woman (perhaps a sexy masculine lesbian) wanted to join, I would be all for her shattering patriarchy. My ethics dictate that no one should be barred on account of gender. Trust me, these dudes are dedicated. They wouldn’t put themselves out there as an interested party if they weren’t. Class, grace, and dedication is what you want? Give them a chance to PROVE IT TO YOU FAIR & SQUARE <3

        1. Katie says:

          OMG I agree 100%. let them prove themselves. we didn’t get this far in our country without proving ourselves. go for it!

        2. Anonymous says:

          There is a little thing (law) called title IX that keeps sports equal among all genders so that is not the best of examples to use. Even on a professional level if women want to play football they create their own leagues they do not join a mens team. You do not join a womens sorority you create your own league based off of what you believe. Imitation is the highest form of flattery but this is disrespectful

      5. Randle says:

        It is not hate. It is an organization for women, period. There are gay women in aka.

      6. Anonymous says:

        The sorority was founded by women for women period. It is not discriminatory. They don’t meet the credentials based on that one statement. If they didn’t allow lesbians in the organization that would be discrimination. Please do research and know of what you speak before making comments on topics you obviously know nothing about.

      7. Stone says:

        All of this is truly ridiculous. The gay statements that have been posted have no clarity to them. Everyone continues to state this is 2012, but fail to realize that because of our evolvement we truly understand the different chemistry (DNA) between a woman and a man. If filing a lawsuit was that easy, how many men would be gay just to run the 100mm in the Olympics! There is a huge difference between a man and a woman. All these gays continue to claim they can be in a sisterhood, but if my brother was gay he would still be my brother. I would never say here is my sister Michael. This is truly defamation against the AKA organization claiming that they are being homophobic. As a NUPE, I have no problem with gays, and as a biologist I want them to understand who they were born as a quit pretending to be something else inspite of who they are attracted to.

      8. Truth says:

        If you were born a man you are a man whether you are gay or not. You should not be trying to join a sorority. I hate to see this happening in the black community. They need to grow up and be who they are whether gay or straight and join a fraternity.

      9. gomab says:

        Wrong! You cannot “consider” yourself transgendered. I live in the US capitol of transgenderism. To be transgendered, you must have “parts” of the opposite sex by either being born with then, or by having them placed as a part of your body. Trans=across, transgender means “acros sgenders” or haaing portions of both genders. These guys arent transgendered, they are gay males who seek to be in a female organization. They may feel effeminate, but if they do not have female body parts, they are not transgendered. Theres a huge difference in being transgendered and being gay.

    2. me says:

      Getting with the times is one thing…but hell the TIME definitely is not this waste of life and energy. These guys need to find something else better to do with their life other than pretend to be women and get mad because they can’t join a woman’s sorority!!!!!!! If it’s that serious, go through with the surgery and hormone meds to legally be a woman. SMH!!!!!! Disgrace!

    3. Anonymous says:

      Fraternity = man
      Sorority = woman

      what’s so hard to grasp about that concept>

    4. Anoymous says:


    5. u better get RIGHT says:

      Really!!! Get wit the time!!!??? Go and read the Bible!!! Go get wit that!!!!

    6. u better get RIGHT says:

      Really!!!! Get wit the TIMES,,,Go get the BIBLE,,,and Get wit THAT!!!! Why cant they just start there own,,, and be done!!!
      No matter how you feel,remember that when boys go to the bathroom and pee,ya look down and see a DEE-DEE,and girls sit down to pee,and wipe there VEE-VEE”!

      1. theREDZ says:


    7. gomab says:

      Sooo, you think because Obama endorsed same sex marriage, I should too? Sorry honeybear, I think for myself. Even still, endorsing same sex marraige has nothing to do with forcing a sorority to accept men. Fraternity comes from the latin word “fraternitas” which has a literal translation of “a state of being brothers” If you are born a guy and you have a male or female sibling, you are their brother whether you want to be a “sister” or not. The whole lot of this is crap. Clearly you cannot be someones sister if you are a guy. Theres nothing left to add to to this.

  17. Anonymous says:


  18. liz says:

    Oh please like those guys can really join a fraternity. They’re flaming lol. Let em join the damn sorority. What’s the big deal!

    1. Chellie says:

      Love it. Some do though, much love & respect to all

    2. Anonymous says:

      No respect

  19. Anonymous says:

    Is this for real??

  20. Deborah says:

    This would be groundbreaking as it celebrates true diversity. No one should be frowned upon because of the race, religion or gender. I wish them the best of luck

    1. uspet says:

      Shut up. please you sound like a freaking idiot!!

      1. OPP98 says:

        @Upset…..lmao! I agree 100%!!

        Start their own transgender organization! Blaze that trail. This is such BS!!!

        1. Anoymous says:

          @OPP98 I agree.

    2. gomab says:

      Noones frowning on them because they are gay. They are being frowned upon because they are trying to steal a legacy that doesnt belong to them. I dont have a problem with them joining an org, but to try and change the very principles the org was founded on so that they can find acceptance in their lives is selfish, derogatory and demeaning. I think that its a consensus here. Be as gay as you want to be, but be original. Start your own gay network-be it fraternity or sorority, but dont try and change what we have built for a hundred years on average, just so you can finally find some acceptance in your life. Our orgs dont need to be the stepping stones of validation for their sexuality and causes. Start a cause, champion it, and leave our stuff alone. Noone would care if they started their own org. Im sure we would all prefer it, rather than have them bastardize ours.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Good for them

  22. AKA DIVA says:

    REALLY!?! Alpha Kappa Alpha SORORITY, Inc. is a SORORITY founded on the principals of SISTERHOOD!!! It has nothing to do with Homophopia! If they want to join an organization, they can join FRATERNITY which were founded on the bases of BROTHERHOOD!! I’m sorry, as a member of AKA there is NO WAY we will allow such FOOLISHNESS in our organization!!!

  23. Ashley P says:

    This lawsuit is so Ridiculous. By definition, men cannot join a sorority. AKA was founded by women for WOMEN. It’s a requirement of the sorority in our constitutution and bylaws. MIAKA is the epitome of an imitation that could never be a duplication. You can imitate our hand signs but you will never be an Alpha Kappa Alpha woman.

  24. Ashley P says:

    And anyone who thinks that these Men should be able to become members of AKA obviously need to do some research and realize thAT historically that would be an abomination that would make my Founders turn over in their graves. The above men do not coincide with the image or purpose of AKA. Those men should charter their own organization and leave mine alone. That’s why we were incorporated in 1913 to ensure perpetuity. Ugh! This is so ridiculous.

  25. Court says:

    First off gay or not, they are MEN not WOMEN I dont care how GAY they are. AKAs are a group of women which is why its a SORORITY. The LGBT community is going to far and DOING THE MOST. No one is being homophobic but just because your gay doesnt mean you can say ppl are being homophobic. THIS IS RIDICULOUS !!!!

  26. willie says:

    Shit is gay man

  27. Breeyon says:

    Absolutely Not!!! This is some bulls**t. This should NOT be allowed. Think about the history. This is totally disrespectful.

  28. Ashley says:

    By this logic, a mom would be able to sue an all girls school if they don’t let her son in. If a female was trying to get in and they wouldn’t let her in because she’s gay that would be grounds for a lawsuit. However, since the sorority has openly gay sorors the idea of AKA being homophobic wouldn’t even make sense. Just because you like to parade around like a girl doesn’t make you a girl. You are still a boy and they have plenty of fraternities including lgbt fraternities for them to join. How about you concentrate on actual lgbt rights like getting married instead of trying to wear pearls and pink and green.

    1. Breeyon says:

      Amen!!!! I just can’t believe this.

  29. Latena says:

    Alpha Kappa Alpha is a sorority, not a co-ed fraternity. It is for females and females only. These members of Miaka need to realize and respect the tradition of Black Sororities and Fraternities. They are not homophobic, men do not join sororities. Gay or not please do research and step down.
    There are plenty of LGBT sorority and fraternities out there, why infringe on one made strictly for women.

  30. dat girl nina says:

    Who cares. Times are changing. They are practically women trapped in a man’s body. I say let them join

    1. gomab says:

      Because they dress like women, and watch girls and imitate them, doesnt make them one. What they are doing completely lacks any kind of sense. They are eligible to pursue a fraternity, they should do that. If they are having problems getting into the fraternity, sue if you please. However, the sororities have nothing to do with the fraternities(besides Zeta) Truth be told, they dont want to join any fraternities. They see being accepted by AKA and the other D9 sororities as the ultimate level of acceptance. They are suing to be accepted by the AKA’s. I doubt this has very much to do with not being able to join a fraternity, tbh.

  31. lil craig says:

    Were they skee weein in the video lololololol

  32. Mr. Gold Boot says:

    Let dem nigguz join. The Alphas would love it lmao

    1. Rick says:


    2. Patrick says:

      Hilarious my dude!

    3. Anonymous says:

      That’s messed up, let not start throwing stones

    4. RebeccaR says:

      Why wont the Klu Klux Klan just let black men and women join…..why is the dream act JUST for hispanic illegal students to get free education in the US…..Alpha Kappa Alpha was created for black WOMEN by Black WOMEN…….the gay and lesbian communiity are not owed special favors for their choices

  33. Anonymous says:

    Stop the madness, not everyone is carring the banner for gay’s to do what ever they want. If u want to be taken seriously then stop acting like such and ass.

  34. LW says:

    AS a prominent member of both the LGBT and African-American communities and an activist at the largest LGBT civil rights organization in the country…. I have a serious problem with this lawsuit.. Having graduated from an HBCU, I love the principals of which greek life where founded upon.. Granted most of those principals no longer apply, I still believe that those principals should be up held and respected. The men of MIAKA have no ground to stand on in my opinion, sororities are for women, granted some gay men present themselves in extremely feminine ways, but that does not give them the right to challenge what has become a staple for some in Black America.
    I can understand their need to want to create what they can not have based on biology, but they still need to be respect of history.. AKA’s are always shouting respect your roots, and this my Friends is no the furthest thing from respect..

    1. Randle says:

      The LGBT movement is serious. This mess only confuses the real issues.

  35. Deb says:


  36. Anonymous says:

    It is a Sorority Plan an Simple!

    1. This is my first time go to see at here and i am genuinely happy to read all at alone place.

  37. Marcus says:

    This is no different than in 1906 when African Amercan men started Alpha Phi Alpha because they were not accepted into the whit organazations, and because they were private societies they did not have to make concessions to minorities.

    The RIGHT thing to do is for these Men to start their OWN private organization and respect the traditions of the woemen who came together to serve other women as well as society.

    This lawsuit is frivolous and should be dismissed. There is no merit to it and these Men are doing a HUGE dis-service to their own people.

    1. Anonymous says:


  38. Anonymous says:

    This is a HUGE deal and not in a positive way, either. These men do NOT deserve to join ANY sorority by ANY means. The sorority was founded in a time of discrimination against blacks and WOMEN. What part of the struggle of being a black woman can they identify with??? Being a black man has its own issues as well but do you see any woman attempting to gain entry into Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.? No? Thought not. You can’t be a SOROR by being a man. Even though it is okay to want to support Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., these men will NEVER be a part of the legacy that they have built. It’s non-discriminatory but if the courts do allow it to happen, this will become an underlying issue in the question of BGLOs still being relevant. Their philanthropies have a lot to do with their gender. I’ve seen a few Deltas help with Girls, Inc. What can a man tell me about growing up as a woman in a (mainly) misogynistic, chauvinistic society??? This case needs to 1. Not go to court. It’s not a case, this can be decided on common sense and common sense alone, 2. In setting precedence (meaning a case that establishes a ruling before other cases of its kind), need not allow the LGBT community a win for something like this. I don’t condone homosexuality but I tolerate it. If I don’t force Christianity down your throat, don’t force your lifestyle down mine. I see no problem with the MIAKAs being their own entity. Let them establish their own constitution, bylaws, and traditions, by all means. But do NOT ruin a legacy because of “rights”. LGBT have the same inalienable rights to live and let live but not to ruin everyone else’s rights because they feel their’s is supposed to be a given and it’s NOT. It gets on my nerves. Say what you want, though, they DON’T belong nor will they EVER belong in AKA, DST, ZPhiB, nor SGRho.

    1. Unknown says:

      I am a member of Z- Phi B Sorority and I agree with Anonymous. This case makes no since and to be honest with you, even if this case makes it to the supreme court (which would be a joke), They will NOT win. I am studying to become a lawyer and with the knowledge I have about the law and the principles of which Sororities where based on, they have no grounds at all. What makes a man think he is entitled to an organization that was made just for African American women. That’s like me suing 100 black men because I can’t walk with them being that I am a woman. People find all types of ways to get free money or fame. ridiculous!!!! I’m glad they didn’t try Zeta because we definitely ain’t having that shit.

    2. Stone says:

      Agree, and no matter how feminine they act… I believe they cant just walk into a crowded womans bathroom because they act feminine. If thats the case how many men will begin to use that tactic!

  39. BJaye says:


  40. APHIALPHA1906 says:

    This is the dumbest shit I ever heard of. How the hell and why the hell you want to be an AKA??? You have a dick, so you cant be apart of the sisterhood they have. First of all, you cant say they have a know how many Gay AKA’s their are??? One of my friends is a stud/lesbian and is a well known member and active in her sorority. Cmon really? AKA??? LMAO…..what the hell they have going on in TEXAS…..Try Omega or Sigma.I heard they pick them gay////lmao

    1. Rick says:

      Y’all have gay members too. So honey dont go there. And yall give good head ! #POW

      1. Unknown says:

        Wow! That was harsh Rick and for Aphialpha 1906, my frat brothers (sigma’s) do not condone entry into their fraternities by gay individuals! I am not against gays, I don’t have a problem with them marrying, but principles of a brotherhood are just that: The fucking principle.

        1. Anonymous says:

          @unknown, stop being in denial. There are homosexuals in every organizations, including Phi Beta Sigma. I know quite a few of them actually and i never heard of it being in anybody’s by laws that say no homosexuals allowed because that would be illegal. The issue with AKAs is not that they won’t allow them in because they are gay, it is because they are men and for that reason, those MIAKAs don’t have a leg to stand on.

      2. real shyt talk says:

        Nigga get your gay ass of this thread with that shit

  41. KarmaK16 says:

    Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority INCORPORATED is designed for college women to serve the community, which is stated in the purpose. Also, the sorority is incorporated meaning (like for any other inc. organization) it can never be copied. -I am surprised MiAKAs haven’t been sued for counterfeit!- AND we are also a non-profit organization making us a self-governed body.
    Copying our swag does not make one an AKA. It’s the understanding and knowledge of the sisterhood, things only true members know and hold dear.
    Even if the law suit goes though (which it won’t) you till have to be voted upon to receive memebership. I know for a fact if girls who fit the criteria aren’t guaranteed 100% membership what in the world makes you think you will get an approved vote?
    Lol. There are numerous examples of how this is NEVER going to work but I have wrote enough!
    God Bless

    1. Anonymous says:

      victoria r!

    2. Right says:

      And I am so impressed with the turn out of these weoman, Sorority ladies & non Sorority ladies: some just College Students struck a nerve. Speaking out just touches my heart with gladness. I do hope that we man do respect your wishes & that of your Charter.

  42. Anonymous says:

    People have no respect for the bond!

  43. Kay says:

    I’m noy Greek affiliated but I heard about this and had to see if it was true. This is crazy! I feel sorry for the WOMEN of AKA and the world. This is just sad! I do not blame Obama for this though. I blame society. Sororities are for WOMEN and Fraternities are for MEN for a reason.They are just trying to take over.Poor AKAs this is not the first time something like this has occurred to them, but even that is a way different topic. All you people that support these MEN should help them form they own lil fraternity. Sadly, this might lead to the destuction of Black Greek life if not handled properly!

  44. Patrick says:

    I say that women have protected real men from speaking against or saying anything against their gay friends now I say let them join you sisterhood because you have treated them as such. If a str8 man has anything to say about a gay man women step in and start defending them, or they tell us how much better having a gay friend is than being with a normal guy. So I say let them inside your sisterhood because they sure aren’t part of our brotherhood.

    1. Anonymous says:

      And they will not get in because they are men.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Can a transgendered woman join after she has had her sex change, after all she no longer is a man so she would qualify?? Could I join being a Latina or do I have to seek out Latina or Multicultural sororities?? The idea here is that these men are discriminated against my society as a whole AND possibly pledging a fraternity may not be safe because they may be subjected to unnecessarily harsh hazing because of their sexuality. If sororities were started at a time when black women felt discrimated against based on gender and race, then perhaps those same founders would think that these men should be included because they too are a group that face biases. Instead I hear people calling for their exclusion, or telling them to form their own group. They just want to feel welcome and in a group that they admire. I hope they win.

    1. Anonymous says:

      So are you saying that women would be able to join fraternities?

    2. Anonymous says:

      Latina’s can join. There are white members in the divine 9. I think the question about a transgender woman (fully) is a GREAT one! However, these men are not being discrimnated against. The sorority by definition is for FEMALES. There are other organizations for men they can join. All the predominate Divine 9 fraternities have Gay deny it is STUPID. What they are doing is disrepectful. If they feel they can’t join a Fraternity…create their own wiht their own colors, calls, stance…don’t steal it from another organization!

    3. Anonymous says:

      Actually you could join any sorority if you’re a WOMEN!!! Not a man NPHC doesnt discriminate against race

    4. Anonymous says:

      Yes being a Latina you can join…because you are a woman, and sororities are for women. No they cannot join because they are men, and fraternities are for men. It’s that simple.

    5. McMuff says:

      The Divine 9 fraternities/sororities are multicultural, majority black. This is not a race issue, this is an issue about male/female, fraternity/sorority. Male-fraternity, female-sorority. If they are that hell bent on wearing pink and green, emulating AKA, then they should start a fraternity, make it pink and green and encourage makes of like attainment. This is totally ridiculous and disrespectful. I’m a proud member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and I wild be totally against females gong my

    6. McMuff says:

      The Divine 9 fraternities/sororities are multicultural, majority black. This is not a race issue, this is an issue about male/female, fraternity/sorority. Male-fraternity, female-sorority. If they are that hell bent on wearing pink and green, emulating AKA, then they should start a fraternity, make it pink and green and encourage makes of like attainment. This is totally ridiculous and disrespectful. I’m a proud member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and I wild be totally against females gong my

    7. gomab says:

      Now lets examine how retarded you sound.If a person is transgendered and LEGALLY becomes a woman, then she can apply to a sorority as a woman. Again, theres a distinct difference in being gay and being transgendered. You can be a partial tranny, or full tranny and petition to become legally recognognized as a woman. Thats not the same as just being gay and “feeling” like a woman. They probably wouldnt be discriminated against so harshly if they stopped flaming and making their sexuality a big deal. Hell, noone needs to know your sexuality tbh. Its not even their business unless you make it so. Sororities were founded with women in mind, exclusively. That hasnt changed. If a gay male has an issue with a fraternity not letting him in based on his sexuality, why not address the problem where it lies…..with the fraternity. How does a girls org even come into play on this one? You see, they arent fighting to be let inot a fraternity, or fighting aginst any perceived injustice on the part of the fraternities towards them. They are fighting for acceptance by women to be called one of their sisters. The sisters of the org have every right to shun them. They are men, and if they are facing issue with the male orgs, then they need to address the mens orgs that they have an issue with. This wouldnt wash on so many levels. Next then you know, a dude is suring the girl scouts for not letting them in, women are suing Masons to be let in and guys are suing to play in the WNBA. Our society is already set up where the guys do their thing with guys and the gals do their thing with gals. Im sure theres a co-ed fraternity. They dont want any part of that for the same reason they dont want to take on the fraternities legally. Because its not about that. Its about finding acceptance amongst who they want to emulate. Thats what they are fighting for. Lets be real clear what the true issue is here. They dont even have a snowballs chance of changing the way our entire culture and society is set up. Their isnt a judge in the land that will rip apart the very societal fabric that has been laid for over a hundred years, just so some gay dudes can finally find acceptance by a womans group. Aint happening. Wont even make it to the Supreme Court..not even at the state level. This is so frivolous that it wouldnt even make it to traffic court. Be easy you all. Blu Phi!

    8. Right says:

      There was a time in America that the Justices in Court also looked at a persons motives at a time when America was trying to get rid of race being the prominent reason. Sometime we are so busy trying to just make everything equal at all cost. We fail to be good judges. Equal could be-you can go do the same thing. YOUR MOTIVE & PURPOSE BEHIND YOUR DRIVE TO WANT MEMBERSHIP in this or any SORORITY or any FRATERNITY. Like one person already said on this thread; that you can Support AKA’s vision as a non-member. Maybe they allow MIAKA, other Fraternities, Organizations can stand with them on certain issues, for the purpose & carrying out the sisterhoods vision for itself. In turn the AKA might support MIAKA, other Sororities, Fraternities, Organizations on issues that their view coincide with one-another. Another writer said that Fraternities do also allow other races in. The courts use-to would look into the persons motives of the heart, were they not trying to dismantle & hurt the group; but, instead to see the vision of the group. Yet, all other criteria: legal would still have to be met.

  46. Chosen says:

    When I saw this “probate,” years ago I thought this was done in jest. I was sadly mistaken. At one time, MIAKAs were one of many auxiliary groups related to the National PanHellenic Council (NPHC or otherwise known as the Divine 9). After 1990, these organizations were disbanded and abolished. With that being said, there are no current chapters of MIAKA which makes this group of men, at the very least, frauds. It is acceptable to want to have an organization for likeminded individuals. It is acceptable to create a space for new organizations to be established. However, it is not acceptable to co-opt a 104 year old organization’s likeness to suit these needs. Membership in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc is granted by its national headquarters in Chicago, IL. As a result, no individual who is not granted membership to the Sorority from the national headquarters is entitled to the rights nor privileges of such. This rogue group of men should be ashamed of themselves for placing themselves in such an unfavorable light. I sincerely hope that the Sorority does not have to expend resources dedicated to scholarship and service to deal with these individuals.

  47. Member of AKA says:

    This is disrespectful. Alpha Kappa Alpha is NOT co Ed nor was it created to be for men. It was founded by women for women. I think the file is stupid and going too far. These are men and they have fraternities. We should not have to let them in because of their sexuality because they are NOT the same gender. It’s disrespectful enough that they mock our organization.

  48. Anonymous says:

    As a women of Alpha Kappa Alpha, this is offensive. AKA was not founded on this and our founders have came along way to break barriers and create an organization for black females who could not join other organizations because of race. If only they knew the real history about AKA then they would respect the history and tradition and would not do something as crazy as suing this organization. Really???!

  49. Jennifer says:

    As a women of Alpha Kappa Alpha, this is offensive. AKA was not founded on this and our founders have came along way to break barriers and create an organization for black females who could not join other organizations because of race. If only they knew the real history about AKA then they would respect the history and tradition and would not do something as crazy as suing this organization. Really???!

  50. Gabby says:

    Fraternities and sororities are NOT just for straight people, they’re for homosexuals as well-which means that lesbians can join sororities and gay men can join fraternities! You cannot have ANY men in a sorority! This lawsuit is ridiculous! Can a white person sue for discrimination? No. Why? Because this sorority is for Black women! Does that mean that Frats will have to accept lesbians?

  51. Anonymous says:

    I’m pretty sure my Ex’s wife is apart of MIAKA or AKA I’m not sure she’s has very masculine features. Hey Nikki W!!!

    1. jus jivin' says:

      you are crazy!!! ctfu

  52. Kang1911 says:

    If that’s the case transgenders should be able to play in WNBA then? How would you feel if you see a homosexual man playing your daughter in a recreational sport? It’s not going to happen. The majority of individuals who saying let them join don’t understand the history behind the org. Just see that… an org. There’s fraternities and sororities. Male and females. If they can’t get into a fraternity I’ve witness many other organizations be created and founded under their own principles. Not under someone else’s.

  53. Eric says:

    Form your own organization

  54. Anonymous says:

    It is a sorority! MY sorority which is a sisterhood!! Join a fraternity if you want to be Greek so bad. This is how it’s always been… Why change now?? Smh… Greek life is about to be messed up. And if you are not Greek then you can not speak on this.

  55. lisa says:

    For the anonymous latina lady please do not turn this into a race issue. Women of all races are allowed to ALL african american organizations. We are in most cases more open then alot of other races when it comes to things like that. Therefore, you will NOT throw the race card out there. Also, as for a transgendered female as long is she is a WOMAN she these is a WOMAN. These MEN were born MEN and ohysically remail men. You worry about fraternities harming them through hazing but why would I want a man putting my Daughter through a pledging process. PLEASE SHUT UP BECAUSE REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU SAY THIS IS NOT RIGHT!

  56. Anonymous says:

    As a black gay D9 member this is disgusting.

  57. Dre says:

    HELL NAW!!!! JOIN A FRATERNITY AND CHARGE THEM FOR DISCRIMINATION. THAT IS A SORORITY. YOU ARE NOT A GIRL YOU ARE A MAN!!!! Get use to it. Face the facts and get use to it until you get a sex change. Not a homophobe at all and not even an Aka but simply realize who you are and embrace it.

  58. Anonymous says:

    what a disgrace!

  59. PetriPHIed says:

    SIGH… What is our world coming to?

  60. Anonymous says:

    As a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., I am completely disgusted by this. It isn’t funny or a situation to be taken lightly. I sincerely hope this “foolery” doesn’t pervert the sanctity of our sisterhood!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Soror, I couldn’t agree with you more! I know one thing, the devil is a liar and he will not prevail.

  61. M Webb says:

    They would be wasting their time. D9 orgs are protected by Title 9 law because we can have houses……therefore we are allowed selectivity and opposite sex members are a no no. If these lil sissy boys don’t leave my org alone!!!

  62. ------- says:

    First, As a lawyer your suit wouldn’t be worth the paper it is filed on. A sorority is a selective sisterhood. One by definition selective means we don’t have to accept anyone including women who believe they belong because we decide who we want. Two by definition you have to be a female by our constitution and bylaws. We’d have to vote to amend and allow you in AINT GOING TO HAPPEN. Furthermore, the Supreme Court has already ruled on this issue years ago and if there is a similar organization we will never be required to take you….there are multiple similar organizations for you to join. But they are all fraternities because if you study in form of greek or latin you would know that if men and women are in the same greek letter organization it is a fraternity it take the masculine. Therefore you would still never be a soror. Anyone believing that they should be in a sorority is sadly wrong. Wanda Sykes is an openly gay member of AKA so there goes any homophobia arguments and I would challenge you to find a chapter that does not have lesbians in it.

    1. stephanie says:

      i’m confused. if there are gays and lesbians in the fraternities and sororities then why is it called the divine nine. you can’t be gay and also divine

  63. Alpha Swag says:

    This ish aint ordinary yall

  64. Anonymous says:

    If you have dick, you have NO business into pledging a sorority. If you object to that, then go to prison and you can be in any sorority you want to be

  65. Lisa says:

    This is freakin ridiculous…Im all for equal rights…I think people with domestic partners should be entitled to benefits…Im not a big fan of changing God’s definition of marriage…but if the govt makes that decision…I still believe God! But this is too much! At some point when do we say enough is enough! Im getting sick and tired of extremist in the gay community trying to shove their agenda down our throats! You know what’s next…they will eliminate men’s and women’s seperate public bathrooms because…”they discriminate.” Im telling you…if they get a radical hot shot gay attorney looking to set a precidence…this could be a problem…I say shut them down now and sue their asses for infringement! If you don’t stop this foolishness now…first AKA, then SGRho, Then Zeta and then my illustrious organization…Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated…I don’t think so! I bet these bums don’t even pay dues!!!!! Get ouuta here punks!!!!

  66. vonne says:

    I think this world is going to hell with gay men wanting to be in a all female group. There are groups that have both men and women in them although I would not want them in that either if this goes to trial all greek letter organizations need to stand behind the ladies of AKA. Do not allow these sick individuals to make a mockery of this fine organization.

  67. Jamie says:


    1. Anonymous says:

      I gon’t care how much they FEEL like a woman. The fact of the matter is they BIOLOGICALLY are NOT women. Therefore they should not be allowed to join a WOMENS organization. Why is that so hard for you to understand?

    2. gomab says:

      You can kill the all caps. Especially since you dont even know what youre talking about. Being transgendered is about how you feel at all. Being transgendered is about you PHYSICALLY having part or parts of the opposite sex. Some women get penis’s surgically attached. Thats an example of a partial tranny. A full tranny would get the shots, have breast implanted (if male) etc etc. Let me educate you. Being transgendered has nothing to do with how you feel, but relates to the physical process. For example, that gal track runner that was killing all the girls, was found to actually be transgendered and could no longer run as a girl. Being a tranny isnt about feelings or looks, by your physical self. Understand that first before you go typing all in caps and looking and sounding retarded. Before you go raise the banner for a cause, please understand the cause first. OK kiddo?

  68. Living Purpose says:

    For those of you that are saying times are changing just let them join; I have couple questions for you, especially females that are condoning this. If this is okay does that mean that a homosexual man can walk into the ladies restroom room pull out his penis and use the restroom right next to you because he “feels like a woman” or “a woman trapped in a mans body”. Imagine having a small daughter and having a “woman trapped in a mans body” walk in the ladies room behind your daughter. You would try to kill his behind. Why? Because a man is still a man and a “ladies” room is still a ladies room. Just a thought. What is the point of having gender specific anything if anyone that “feels” they are the opposite gender can admit themselves based off their feelings. This truely saddens me.

    1. Shelly says:

      Your comment makes no sense. We use the restroom in stalls so that would in no way affect you. Take your hate bashing somewhere else

  69. Keepn it real girl says:

    I never understood those fraternity and sorority mess. We live in a free society. let those men choose what they want to join. if man and man and woman and woman are able to marry then man should be able to join whatever organization they want to join point blank period. its just a silly organization at the end of the day!

    1. Ricardo says:

      Totally agree with you!! In fact, men should be able to use the women’s bathroom, women’s dressing room, women’s locker room….you’re sooo right…

    2. Anonymous says:

      Like how u said… U never understood sororities and fraternities.. If you wee never apart of one or grasped the understanding of the principles you can never see the true disrespect associated with this case.. As a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. I feel highly disrespected by their actions! THIS IS A SERIOUS MATTER!!! But thats something you will never comprehend!

    3. Anonymous says:

      @Keepn in real girl. Your comment proves that still don’t understand Fraternities or Sororities.

  70. Living Purpose says:

    so·ror·i·ty  (s-rôr-t, -rr-)
    n. pl. so·ror·i·ties
    1. A chiefly social organization of women students at a college or university, usually designated by Greek letters.
    2. An association or a society of women.

    NUFF SAID!!!!

    1. Shelly says:

      Your so ignorant it’s ridiculous. You haven’t lived in the shoes of a man who feels she’s really a woman. A woman isn’t only defined by their biological makeup. Take a class, read, do anything to educate yourself.

      1. Jamal says:

        True. However, these men still consider themselves men, hence the name MIAKA (MEN Interested in AKA). There’s a process to legally have your sex/gender changed and these men have yet to undergo said process, if they even want to be considered women.

      2. Anonymous says:

        @Shelly you know what? Today I FEEL like a woman. So I’m just gonna roll up beside you in the locker room at the gym while you’re changing clothes. Cool?

        1. Margaret says:

          That is one of the most ignorant response i have ever heard. You don’t wake up one morning and say you are gay. Go back to school before you make such an ignorant comment. this site is called kollegekid not high school drop out kid.

      3. gomab says:

        Sometimes I feel like a bird. Should I try to fly? Seriously. Why shouldnt I try to fly? Because Im not a freakin bird no matter how much I feel like one. So should I begin some process to make other birds accept me as a bird, because I feel like one? Are the birds right to just fly right by me, like…”Look at him, he wants to be a bird so bad” OK, now actually think about what I just said. Now switch out the bird with the org.

    2. jus jivin' says:

      The Bible also said marriage was for man and woman. Obama says marriage should be for anybody. Obama is our new god. times are changing and so should your opinions NUFF SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Anonymous says:

    They most definitely will lose this case. End of story.

    1. mae says:

      they have a legitimate case. if someone truly believes that they are a woman then why not let them join. or what if they had the sex change, would htey then be considered eligible to join?

      1. Bradley says:

        They don’t believe they are women though…MIAKA (MEN interested in AKA). If they have a sex change & are legally considered women, then yes, they should be allowed to join…I don’t think any one of these men are attempting to get a sex change however.

        1. PacMan says:

          brah u gay for that. i don’t care if u turned ur clit into a dick, yo ass is still a man as god intended 4 u to be. this country is going to hell in a pool full of gasoline

      2. Anonymous says:

        This isn’t a transgendered case, they want to be able to be men in a women’s organization…so therefore they have no case.

  72. Marsha Brady says:

    haahahahahaha the comments on this site are hilarious. love it! lmbao rofl

  73. ------- says:

    Jamie know your lane and stay in it. A sorority again is a selective sisterhood. We decide who we want. You cannot force us to accept a member. Male or female. And the Divine Nine have decide we will maintain our gender based organizations. If these men/women what ever they prefer to be called wish to join a sorority go ahead, but you will have to find one that allows men (ie someone who still has a penis) in or make your own for you and your male and female friends. You cannot force yourself on someone who does not want you. And furthermore, there are many AKAs fighting for the rights of the LGBT community. It isn’t homophobia that stops us from wanting you in our organization, it is the fact that we don’t want men in our organization and you are a man.

  74. Cris says:

    Honestly, this has nothing to do with being gay or LGBT rights or anything related. If a heterosexual or “straight” male wanted to join a sorority he would be denied as well. Gay/homosexual women are free to join any sorority they choose, as are gay/homosexual men free to choose any fraternity. This is similar to the WNBA, LPGA, women’s volleyball, etc.; it’s not discrimination because there are equivalent organizations designed for men available.

  75. Living Purpose says:

    So it is gay bashing because I disagree. Oh I see. Anything that challenges and/or disagrees with the beliefs and/or values of another cultur or community is now considered bashing or racism or classism. Oh I get it now. My example/question makes every bit of sense because it points out that people cannot do what they want based on how they feel. This organization was founded upon the principals of a group of women that found it necessary to create a group that would meet the needs of what their culture was facing. It is not just about throwing a sign a making a sound. AKA IS NOT A SOCIAL SORORITY. These men are not trying to join the organization to hold up its principals this organization was built on. This isn’t a case of homophobia or gay bashing. It is simple a man is not a female. Point blank period. No way to get around it. The definition of the word sorority speaks for itself.

  76. Living Purpose says:

    And before you begin to bash people or throw insults know who you are speaking too. I am highly educated because I disagree with you does not make me ignorant. Actually the presence of your insults suggests that you yourself are the one that is uneducated because are not able to articulate the point you are making without insulting me.

    1. Shelly says:

      India Arie Said it Best “I am Not my Hair.” That being said, having a breast or vagina doesn’t make one a “Woman.” This is the real world with diverse people. Learn to get used to it.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Sigma gamma rho beta chapter I am openly gay and my sorority accepted me by the way I love all my pretty poodles!

  78. James J says:

    If they are permitted into the sorority, this will cause a chain reaction of people finding a way to get into certain things that is specifically for one gender, for example straight guys getting into all girls schools… Sure it’s not along the same basis as the sorority but a male will not get accepted into a all girls school simply because he is a guy, but if this goes through (which I hope it doesn’t) these things will change.

  79. Andrew says:

    They won’t actually file a lawsuit. It’d be absolutely frivolous. Any judge would throw it out the second it came in. Any private organization can exclude whoever it wants, otherwise the Klan would be obligated to accept Black people. Furthermore, AKA has serious grounds for a lawsuit on the basis of copyright infringement. I notice that there are no sources cited in the article and that the President’s recent support for LGBT marriage rights is mentioned. I fear that the whole point of the article was actually to further polarize the African-American community on LGBT issues. This claim that a clearly illegitimate group is not only gunning for one of our community’s most respected organizations, but has a chance of being successful when it clearly doesn’t, doesn’t just appear to be irresponsible journalism; it seems like intentional subterfuge against unity in the Black community.

  80. Keith Ridley IV says:

    You guys need to can this shit, you done lost your ever lasting man…. why waste the courts time and money on this…. Youare not women.. and you maybe GAY.. or HOMOSEXUAL. This suit has no merit.. Not hating.. but it’s time to start your own organization..with a legitimate charter..
    Stop getting high..and do the real right thing.and not..the wrong path.
    You may just get the respect you seek.

  81. Z says:

    This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen. This isn’t a case of discrimination, but rather a case of confusion. They are not, nor will they ever be women so, why are they fighting to join an organization that does not want them. Form a group for gay men and leave it at that.

    1. chrissy says:

      sorry to burst your bubble but some gay men really do feel they are women. thats why there are transgendered people. they can’t honestly really be gay if they feel they were born woman

    2. such a diva says:

      u are an idiot! i think people should be able to join whatever they want to join. who cares. i’m gay and i am not confused. i know who i am and know what i like

  82. Living Purpose says:

    Again has nothing to do with a lack of respect for diversity. The point is this has nothing to do with gay rights transgender rights or discrimination. It is simple MEN want to join a sorority. Them being gay is not the issue. Had these men been straight they would still have been denied. MIAKA means MEN interested in AKA. The reason for non admittance is that they are MEN not that they are gay.

  83. jrgood1906 says:

    everyone wants to be PHirst PHam smh this is real tragic

    1. gomab says:

      Whats that? AKA’s and Kappas? Thats who bonded on my yard. We all know the only true fam is Zetas and Sigmas. Stop imitating what weve got 🙂 No hate intended, but I had too 🙂

  84. Valley says:

    If they attempt to take this to court, the judge will chew them out. It’s has nothing to do with homophobic, but what gives you leverage to sue someone because you are not accepted into a sorority and you a man? That’s like me suing because I’m not accepted in a public woman’s restroom. Think about it. And you know what amazes me about people who try to impose their will, as soon as you bring the word of God in the equation, they walk away. Homosexuals know that the life the are living is wrong and it’s an abomination to Christ, but yet they have the nerve to think they have rights. So a murderer who kills someone is not subject to consequences and he have rights too huh? Wake up, Jesus will be back soon….

  85. tonly wilson says:

    Men are men, they still have male parts, and this does not exempt them from being men… AKA is a sorority only, it is not a LGBT organization and does not have to be one…It does not discriminate simply because the organization’s inception was based on woman’s suffrage… I think sometimes the LGBT community swings too far, and I think that they should not have the right to marry, the right to serve in the military or the right to join a sorority or fraternal organization because they perceive themselves to be women, they are men period and in God’s eyes that will never change…… The Bible clearly states that a man should not lay with a man… you can claim moral correctness but with who…What God is against no man can correct, to make it right……

    1. Shelly says:

      I don’t understand. Can you please explain why they shouldn’t be in the military. Did God state that in the Bible too???

    2. Anonymous says:


  86. Michelle says:

    The key word here is (founded for African American women). Why don’t they just start their own sorority and come up with their own colors and slogan. Be original, be the 1st to start an all gay sorority or fraternity. A.K.A’s were founded for African American Women, that were really born a woman?

  87. Tickled Pink says:

    I don’t think this is real because it is not on any credible news website, but if it is, stop the madness!!! No MIAKAS, men, straight or gay, can’t join SORORities. Why? Because it’s called a SORORity because SOROR means SISTER. This organization was founded for college trained WOMEN. If you’re a male, you cannot be a sister, but you can be a FRATER, and join a FRATERnity. #Duh…PureFoolishness

    1. peej says:

      The frat bros…won’t care they’re already doing each other in the butt… shade…but its truth

  88. goodi two shoes says:

    i wonder how their frat brothers would feel about that. i’m pretty sure they would be uncomfortable with calling a man their soror and taking pictures with them and the whole nine but whatever makes the world a better place, im for it 🙂

  89. B Hunt says:

    Seeing this is the BIGGEST disgrace to MY sisterhood! If you want to be a woman of AKA that bad you should charter u a similar organization with a new stance, colors, etc!! With me being in my last year in law school, I also know that this case is well far beyond LGBT Rights && it would NEVER pass..

  90. Anonymous says:

    This is a disgrace. Men wanting to be women. The world is sick and anyone who believes this to be ok is sick. Some lines you don’t cross and the meaning of sorority will never change and “men” can’t be in a “sisterhood”. End of story.

  91. cury-n-sweet says:

    this is a disgrace as a homosexual male it angers me how gay people attempt to do the most to say the least Alpha Kappa Alpha was a Sorority by women for women if it was co-ed that would be different but its for women and these men should be ashamed to even attempt this if anything AKA should sue them for wearing their letters and making their calls its disrespectful and i hope and pray the MIAKAs lose

  92. Janay says:


    1. Anonymous says:

      Girl – you loud! And how you talking about God and cussing ! Lol omg thank you lord !!! I need you in my life ……. LOL you made my day !!! 🙂

  93. Ashley says:

    omg that wold be so cool for them to join. i know a lot of gay men that would love to join fraternities but are turned away because of their sexuality. i think allowing them to join sororities would even the playing field for gay me to join greek. i wish them the best of luck

    1. Anonymous says:


    2. gomab says:

      Tell me why their sexuality even has to be an issue? Both of my line brothers are gay. Their sexuality was never an issue. They are being shunned because they are making it an issue and throwing it in folks faces and trying to force acceptance on teh masses. One day someone will quote the adage about the bees and honey to them and they will understand it. They could be gay, partial tranny, Mormon, Catholic whatever. None of that will be an issue unless they make it an issue. As Ive stated, both of my line brothers are gay and Im not. It wasnt an issue beccause noone ever made it one. Today they want to forcefeed their sexuality on you and try and force you to accept it when it shouldnt even be an issue at all. Thats when the problems come in. Stop making your sexuality my problem. Its not even my business.

  94. E says:

    This story is ridiculous and I would like to challenge the author to provide some FACTS or DOCUMENTS about his/her claim and then I will be more likely to believe this story… This story sound like a lot of “Girllll this is the word on the street” rumors that spread like wildfire. As a financially active Alpha Kappa Alpha woman of over 10+ years, I will reserve all of my comments about MIAKA’s to myself. What I will say is what makes YOU think we can’t sue THEM? Sure, we don’t own the colors pink and green nor are we officially bound to the term “skee-wee” but if they are claiming to be members of AKA and they are obviously not, then why can’t we protect the name of our Org by taking action against them? Now THAT is something to discuss..

    1. Cynthia in Houston says:

      Soror our colors as a representation pertaining to AKA are all protected.

  95. What!?! says:

    I. CANNOT. BELIEVE. MY. EYES! Those of you who support this obiviously have NO idea what Greek like means. As a woman of Alpha Kappa Alpha, I know that my founders are rolling in their graves at the fact that this is even a topic. It has NOTHING to do with gay rights…it’s about history. This sorority was created for women and women only! And get all the way the hell out of here with that transgender “they feel like a woman” BS! Some days “I feel like” smacking people in the face but that doesn’t mean I can. This will NEVER win in court! Good day!

  96. Anonymous says:

    There are men in sororities and women in fraternities…..contrary to popular belief.

    Reading some of these comments……I see why hate and discrimination still runs rampant. The fact that these guys are gay should have no baring on the matter. It should be solely on the fact that they are males because not every gay man wants to be an AKA. It IS NOT that serious.

  97. Ashes says:

    This will never pass in court.. Don’t even understand the basis of legal claim… As stated before AKA..DST…etc.. Were founded by a governing group of sophisticated Black women ..women ..who wanted a group of their own.. That would uphold the morals of scociety and give back to communities. … The times are changing but not enough for men to be considered a part of our organizations… Times have changed .. You have your organization now… Go build that based on your own principles and morals… Make your own mark.. Instead of picking on a prosperous sorority to make a bigger name for yourself.

  98. asjley says:

    I am a member of a NPHC organization and this turns my stomach. If you love AKA so much why attempt the tarnish its reputaytion and degrade its founders, and disredpect its traditions. This is not a matter of discrimination flat out. There are homosexual FEMALE members of AKA so you can all throw that rationale out the window. On my campus homosexual men who felt they had no chance of joining a majority hetrosexual org created their own. I feel for the AKAs right now and pray this mess goes away. If they are able to join i no longer be a member of the greek community

  99. Anonymous says:

    Why not just start their own organization? But most importantly, it sounds stupid. Sorority comes from the derivative soror which means sister. Just because you are gay, that doesn’t make you a girl. Get a sex change and become a woman, then claim discrimination. Also, AKA, I’m sure, has plenty of lesbian members so that destroys the whole homophobia claim. Would love to hear how the lesbian Greek members feel? Btw, I am Greek, heterosexual, and have no problems with anyone of the same sex joining my organization!!!!

  100. GK1 says:

    This article is bullshit.

    it cites no sources, no facts, no documentation.

    its just another website trying to get traffic.

  101. Tina says:

    Sorority stands for Sisterhood.  Fraternity Stands for Brotherhood.  It has nothing to do with sexual orientation. If you are a BOY, you are a brother regardless of who you decide to be in a relationship with.  There are just some things in life that are gender specific and I don’t care what you do or say you can’t change that.  For example, there are plenty of single mothers that play the role of Mother and Father, but they are not going to the supreme court to fight to be a part of Father’s Day.  I’m sorry, whether you like it or not, God made us different with different parts. As much as I want my husband to carry my baby and go through the pain of childbirth for me he will never be able to do it because he is a man.  One of my co-workers just married his long time boyfriend and they were pronounced groom and groom, why because they were men.  Please fight a real fight and leave this one alone.  I’m a proud member of SGRho and I stand in agreement with AKA.

  102. Anonymous says:

    Sex does not equal gender (expression) does not equal sexuality/attractionality behavior and/or identity. Being a gay male does not excuse male privilege, and assuming that a group of women should feel safe with a man, just because he doesn’t want to have sex with her, is problematic. Even within the LGBTQ community, sexism exists between (cisgender) male and non-(cisgender) male relations, and I personally don’t understand why we assume that our gay brothers should seek communities of safety among women, when we really ought to unpack and deconstruct the homophobism in privileged social groups, such as predominately heterosexual male fraternities. Just as the heteronormative fraternities discriminate against gay members, the gay members are assuming that they are entitled to spaces among women. STOP PUTTING THE RESPONSIBILITY OF SOCIAL INJUSTICE ON THE OPPRESSED.

  103. katrina says:

    fraternity>> men

    there is a seperation and somewhere you have to drawn the line and this is the area.. even thou i am no an AKA and i AM an SGRHO i would be very offened this is wrong.

  104. Anonymous says:

    wait is that outside of a Wendys?

  105. DST12 says:

    You all with your opinions are on here sounding so ignorant! As a member of Delta Sigma Theta, I know that the ladies of AKA must be extremely enraged & insulted. MEN who want to be a part of organized greekdom should seek information on fraternities! BGLO’s (Black Greek Lettered Organizations) pride themselves on upholding the traditions and values that their founders put into place. There is nothing homophobic about denying membership to males when your organization was founded BY women & FOR women! No man interested in ANY sorority will alter its history!! Get TF over it!

  106. ------- says:

    Look let’s be clear. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I am an attorney and a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha. If these men came into my office, I would simply sit them down and tell them they have not a single leg to stand on. More importantly by even attempting to file the law suit you will be sued for liable and slander. I assure you Alpha Kappa Alpha has more money than you and more Soror Attorneys who will work for free to keep you out, including our lesbian soror attorneys. We are not homophobic; we do not want men in our organization be they straight or gay.
    More importantly to all o you who feel this is leveling a playing field by allowing them into our organization…..mmmmm no there are multiple openly gay men in every fraternity in the D9 and they are proud members of their organizations. You were necessarily kept out because you are gay. No one cars. You were kept out because they didn’t want you. WE get to decide who we allow into our organizations and not the court…and the court has already stated that. Heck I have voted against many women who thought that they met the ideals of my organization and I didn’t agree.
    Someone just wants to start trouble with this article. It couldn’t be true because if any of them actually contacted a lawyer they would have been informed of this. And they are not members in any way of AKA I challenge them to show me a financial card.

    1. tyrone williams says:

      Well said my sister…this coming from a man of Phi Beta Sigma

    2. J. Hardy says:

      Lol @ the lawyer who doesn’t know the difference between “LIBEL” and “LIABLE”…that’s no typo lol

      1. Nonya says:

        J.Hardy, before you try to correct her on that point, you should try looking up the word “libel.” It is an actual word. Trying to make someone else seem unintelligent and ending showing how little you know. Must suck. Anywho, I agree with what the attorney above said. They would not have a case. These gentelmen would have no way of proving homophobia or even discrimination for that matter. It is a well known fact that sororities are for women so one cannot say that they are discriminating against you for not choosing you because you are NOT a woman. Are they going to sue an OBGYN for not giving them a pap smear too? No, that would be absurd and foolish as is this. Surely this is nothing more than a publicity stunt.

  107. SneakerDiva says:

    The decline of Greek life continues. I support the LBGT community, but this is just ridiculous. This has nothing to do with their civil rights. They are making a mockery out of the LBGT community’s plight for civil rights. It’s not discriminating or being homophobic by not allowing MEN to join a sorority. This lawsuit won’t be worth the paper it’s written on.

  108. QueenAKA says:

    These Men have made a statement in the name of thier organization (Men Interested in AKA) = which means they know they represent themselves as men in whatever sense they choose.
    The case has been decided on that premise alone. This is just a cry out for attention to get some buzz. It’s a waste of energy.
    This will be thrown out during the first hearing. They really need to stop fooling themselves into thinking that thier fantasy is possible. There are too many important issues that NEED to be worried about.

  109. T. Tyler says:

    Let’s talk about this tonight — FRIDAY, 9PM (EST) call in number 347-989-8305

  110. Anonymous says:

    No one is against anyone being gay. We are simply saying, you are not a girl–boys can’t join girl sororities.

  111. Kappa says:

    cut your balls off then you can join

  112. Jay says:

    I saw it coming it’s the AGENDA. I’m glaad (pun intented) it’s finally opening SOME of your eyes.

  113. Anonymous says:

    Any private organization can exclude anybody they want. Or else the clan would have to induct African Americans. This case is clearly frivolous and has no grounds. Any judge would throw this case out.

  114. EnviedIVY1908 says:

    I wish a “SHE” would come up to me talking about “Hey Soror” I would read him his rights and tell him which bus to get on. Please! ….This is much not a case! NEXT!

  115. Kiitna says:

    DISGUSTING!!!! Lord, have mercy because they do NOT know what they do!!! Our young black men need our help, all that dead seed because of this disgusting SIN. It’s a shame!!!

  116. Gigi says:

    There are all kinds of groups out there for all kinds of interests. I am a mamber of the LGBT community, but I don’t agree that denying membership to a social organization on almost any basis is discrimination. There has to be a common interest… What would be the point of joining a social organization if you aren’t wanted there?

  117. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    WHAT?! Listen, if I catch any man, gay, straight, confused as hell, with his pinkie up…I just don’t know. And its not homophobia nor discrimination b/c men can’t join, we don’t specify “gay men can’t join”. Foolishness and wannabes…

  118. Anonymous says:

    Sororities and fraternities of the Divine 9 were started at a time when black college students faced intense discrimination. Now, read that sentence again. When faced with intense discrimination these college students decided to blaze their own path and develop an organization of like-minded individuals to better their communities and the lives of others around them. If these young men believe that they are worthy of acceptance into these organizations, then maybe they are the types of individuals to create their own. As a new organization, they will be better equipped to deal with the issues that directly affect the LGBT community. I believe that tradition and respect is a good thing. The loss of tradition and respect are some of the reasons for the plight of our communities currently. I’m not here to deny anyone their right as an individual, but if you want respect you must give it! A lawsuit is in no way respectful. It says I’m too lazy to blaze my own path, I would just rather ride your coat-tails. The time is right for a new organization that will meet the needs of this part of our community. By creating their own organization they would have the same rights as the other sororities and fraternities to decide who is appropriate for entry into their organization. Nothing was handed to those young college students over 100 years ago, and nothing will be handed to you!

  119. Tanya says:

    This is so stupid! Gay men need to realize that they are still men! sororities are for women & frats are for men. I know of a few gay men at my school who are MIAKAS but also brothers of Alpha phi Alpha. Why not just do that? & if you feel you didn’t make it because of discrimination, sue the fraternity! It makes more sense than this fuckery.

  120. Tanya says:

    If AKAs allowed men into their sorority they would look like a huge joke!

  121. HonestlySpeaking says:

    How can you protect your Sorority but won’t defend what God declared Marriage as between a Woman and Man!!!! You rather keep men out of your organization than defend God’s word as for as marriage!!! I pray you ladies check your heart and see what is more important!!!

  122. DST 4 me says:


    Sorority Definition- a club of women; specifically : a women’s student organization formed chiefly for social purposes and having a name consisting of Greek letters

    Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated (AKA) is an international service organization that was founded on the campus of Howard University in Washington, D.C. in 1908. It is the oldest Greek-lettered organization established by African-American college-educated women.

  123. Anonymous says:

    Your a man join a fraternity this is destroying the name of the AKA Inc. stop the madness!! I don’t care what century it is! Wrong is wrong this shouldn’t even BE a case!! Throw it out and punish the colleges that allowed it!! I love our president but remember HE is not GOD!! If he jumped off the top of the white house would that make it right JUST because he’s president??? I will be in AKA soon and I think it’s wrong!! Everybody wants to be the BEST though lol!!

  124. Anonymous says:

    This is crazy. What it comes down to is theit upset with AKA. Not only should AKA sue because of their name being used in general but because their name is being used to try to give someone else an advantage. I’m not saying that being LBGT is wrong, it is your choice. But AKA is a sisterhood not a brotherhood regardless of what sexual preference is you are NOT a sister- but male. How about instead of trying to make trouble for a sorority that had been here since 1908 again that is a sisterhood, why not come up with a new organization-heck even call yourself a sorority and try to out number all the other organizations. Humm might be too hard thats why your trying to use someone elses success….

  125. DST 4 me says:


  126. tyrone williams says:

    This is some crazy shit…whatzz next lesbians as que dogs, kappa and sigmas…this gay equality stuff is out of control

  127. aangry girl says:

    I think it is a disgrace that these men would tarnish the reputation of this organization. I don’t see how they have a chance for it clearly states the oldest female sorority. I am a proud Christian and a Alpha Kappa Alpha woman, these are young men confused about their role as a man seeking five minutes of fame.

  128. Spr says:

    Thank you my sisters..i too am an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. And a proud memeber of the LGBT community and although i love and support both, i believe that the MiAKA’s have crossed the line to the extreme. Yes, we as homosexuals have made strides toward acceptance and will continue to fight, However, the foundation and legacy of my orginization does not include that of the male gender nor those who desire to embody the life of women(in all aspects). if these gentlemen respect and cherish the very foundation that the sorority was built on then they should have sense to recognize that their efforts would be more beneficial in solidifying an orginization geared towards the community with similar principles. But to threaten us is not the way to go about it. If anything the sorority should have taught these boys to be original not copy or mock the phenomenal legacy of Alpha Kappa Alpha.

  129. Golden Kitten says:

    Delta Phi Upsilon – Fraternity for gay, bisexual and progressive men. Most members are men of color.

  130. Slim1906 says:

    This is an absolute outrage right here!!! As a member of a BGLO, I am shocked and completely appalled that these men have the audacity to try to sue a historically Black Greek letter sorority for membership…I mean come fam, does anyone else see the knuckleheadedness of this? These are MEN, all be it gay, but still men trying to get into a sorority…And you have people actually asking why won’t they let them in…REALLY???!!! Because it’s a SORORITY!!! Thats why…It’s for women and women only…If they want to be a part of a BGLO, then join a Fraternity…There are many gay men in all organizations, Sigma, Kappa, Qs(yes there are gay Qs, I have met at least 2 in the past) and in my beloved Alpha Phi Alpha…These men are accepted as Brothers and they do their part and wear their letters proudly…Stop trying to bring down this great and historic organization and pledge where you belong…In a FRATERNITY!!!

  131. TK says:

    They need to just go on somewhere. It’s a definition its an organization FOR WOMEN. They need to accept the fact they ain’t woman regardless what their sexual preference is…smh

  132. TaShaya says:

    WILD!!!! Really?!?!? First off it is NOT an organization. It is a family built on values and morals. You can not just decide, I want to be in and your welcomed with open arms, you must be chosen! You must be better than the rest, you must meet their standards, qualifications and expectations! I can’t believe a lawsuit is being filed…….. What is our society comming too?

  133. Kasey says:

    Ok, I don’t believe this is discrimination. When the sorority was first founded it was for WOMEN only and I’m sure that is in their bi-laws along with it being a SORORITY. That is why a FRATERNITY is for MEN/MALES. They would of been better off creating their own group, but taking another organizations call, and hand signs is a NO!NO! So disrespectful.

  134. Anonymous says:


  135. Brandon says:

    This is what I have my issue with. I’m gay but I would never want to be apart of a FEMALE sorority! I’m a boy! Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you’re female! It’s an all girl sorority it’s been that way since the beginning why should they change thier rules now? There are fraternities for men to join. Why not found your own organization? Be pioneers!

  136. peej says:

    First of all AKA is a sororiety..kind of like boy scouts..Boy Scouts will not allow females to join because there is girl scouts, It’s a program for young men gay or straight like they have to know your Orientation…So for Miakas to file a law suit because they feel like they are being discriminated…HELLO start your own group MIAKAS how about you just borrow from whatever lame guidelines they abide by..To me its like joining a gang over colors and shit….Lawsuit will be thrown out judge will tell you start your own chapter…it just won’t be the divine 9… Make it the Divine Rainbow because there are gay male Deltas I see yall get together…Take off that make up those wigs find the smarts in the group come together sit at a Table and there you have it your own founders..and then you can have your founders day…you can skee wee or skii wheat…its all about how you change it…..Bye Bye Now….

    1. Anon says:

      Actually, there is a butch lesbian who is suing the scouts now. But I understand and agree with your point.

  137. Ms. Johnson says:

    Good Morning to my Sorors and my fellow Greeks. Let me be up front and to the point. If you have or had a penis and when you were born a male and the doctor checked male on your birth certficate, you can not and you will never be an ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA LADY! If you still don’t understand, read this..”The purpose of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororityis to cultivate and encourage high scholastic and ethical standards, to promote unity and friendship among COLLEGE WOMEN, to study and help aleviate problems concerning GIRLS AND WOMEN in order to improve the social stature, to maintain progressive interest in college life, and to be of service to all mankind.” Nowhere in our purpose does it say my sorority is open to men for men.

    If you are still confused, Definition of a sorority – a girl’s or women’s society; a women’s student social group. Sisterhood – the solidarity of women based on shared conditions, experiences, or concerns.

  138. sherMe says:

    some1 remind them that they are Gays NOT Girls

  139. MrJB says:

    Instead of negatively paying homage to the first african-american sorority they should of team up and establish their own organization with their own identity!!!!!

  140. Anonymous says:

    WTF is this bullshit! dudes are tryna join a sorority?? and tryna sue wen they they deny them?? it fuckin has nothing to do with discrimination or homophobia. sorority = sisterhood, fraternity = brotherhood. i’m in a organization myself and i’m appauled at these “MIAKA” childish actions. If ya so damn interested in being a greek, make your own organization and start from there…shit….tryna bring down a organization with a deep/rich history is not the way to go….i hope ya know how dumb ya look even trying to go down this road…get ur shit together

  141. Cynthia in Houston says:

    This group of people dont want membrship, they have created a name albeit an illegal one their own chapter naming sysyem. We are a private organization and at this time we have not modified our organizational constitution and bylaws to make us a mixed gender organization.

    Someone mentioned earlier that this is just like a paper bag test, which is fallacious. Skin color has never been an official standard for our membership and just like hazing it is/was a vehicle by which lesser individuals sought to impose an authority and power structure that we neither embrace or condone.

    If you have ever seen a picture of our esteemed Founders, We embrace scholarly, vituous, and service minded women of every Shade in the diaspora.

  142. Cynthia in Houston says:

    This group of people dont want membrship, they have created a name albeit an illegal one their own chapter naming sysyem. We are a private organization and at this time we have not modified our organizational constitution and bylaws to make us a mixed gender organization.

    Someone mentioned earlier that this is just like a paper bag test, which is fallacious. Skin color has never been an official standard for our membership and just like hazing it is/was a vehicle by which lesser individuals sought to impose an authority and power structure that we neither embrace nor condone.

    If you have ever seen a picture of our esteemed Founders, We embrace scholarly, vituous, and service minded women of every Shade in the diaspora.

  143. Fran smith says:

    This is soooo stupid. Stupid ass fags need there own organization. Ughhhhh fuck gays and their rights.

  144. AKA member says:

    As a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and a member of the black community as a whole, it troubles my heart to see this story made public. As stated by a few sorors and other fellow members of BGLO, a fraternity is for males and sorority is for females. There are openly gay members in each of the divine 9 organizations, as well as the NPC and IPC (historically white greek lettered organizations). Times have changed, and members of different races have joined any of the many greek lettered organizations on various campuses. And even further, different religious backgrounds are also represented in any of the many greek lettered organization (even though I know factually that AKA is a Christian based organization). But even more, there are individuals who may fit the standard to the public but still aren’t granted access to the organizations. AKA membership requires hours of community service, certain grades and participation in school. So we should get sued by the student with a .05 gpa because we didn’t allow her in the organization, when the bi-laws simply state the requirements? We should allow the person who has never been to college entrance when the bi-laws clearly state a granted number of hours are required or a degree to be considered for any ALUMNI chapter? That is bogus simply at the surface level!
    But this story hurts my heart to see our young black men seeking attention in this manner. In my Christian faith, I believe homosexuality is a sin but not unlike whoring, drugging, drinking, abuse, hatred, lieing, stealing, fornication, and cheating. I have friends who have done one or many of the above, and I not being a perfect person have and will continue to sin in my own right. So this is not a homophobic situation. Accepting a person and loving them is different from acknowledging a wrong and especially being honest with yourself. I have sinned and I should do my best to not sin any longer, and by the Grace and Love of God I will succeed. I don’t want anyone hurt or hated for who they are at this moment. But this is even a slap in the face of the gay community who attempts to fight for rights of their own. These guys are not fighting for any rights. They are seeking attention. When I see these type of flamboyant individuals, I definitely see confusion. What women are they even imitating? They get attention by overacting and being picked on, and being called out. That is a learned trait. Even though they were told to stop, or being punished by their parents, friends, or family they were receiving more attention than before-and negative attention is good for someone seeking any attention. From what I understand, being gay is not an outward action, it is internal. And acting like a woman or a man, has nothing to do with the fact that one seeks comfort from someone of the same sex. I would like to have a conversation with any of the so-called miakas and ask what kind of community service they are involved in, what example are they setting to those around them. Don’t get me wrong. I acknowledge that there are official members of each of the BGLO who no longer (or fronted really well upon entering) represent the principles upon which their organization was founded, and that is in every organization you can think of (even family members that may be described as a disgrace). There are always bad examples and outliers. And those examples make it easier for this type of tomfoolery! But at the end of the day, this is not a fight for rights, nor a fight for the gay community. This is a means for attention seekers to gain the attention that they seek….and unfortunately it is working. This has nothing to do with gay marriages or gay rights…those types of people aren’t talking about marriage, they are partying and having fun with their so-called lifestyle. They aren’t attending any rally, they are too busy tricking regular dudes at the club into thinking they are real girls and taking them home. For the gay population that is fighting for fairness on their behalf, this is not helping your fight bc these are the same people who are giving reason to the stereotypical nature that people have now. Why are people scared of black men, bc they see black men shooting and robbing people on movies and the news. Why do people think gay rights is a joke, bc they see this type of thing publicized and little confused boys pretending to be girls.
    Fighting for rights SHOULD not have to happen. Black people shoudn’t have had to ask to sit and eat anywhere. Gay people shouldn’t be hated because of their emotion or who they want. Women shouldn’t have to ask to vote. But it is happening anyway because of people’s ignorance. People should be loved as they are. My Christian belief leads me to speak the truth, not beat the truth. People will accept it or not and I have to be the best example I can be. But they will be loved regardless.

  145. Jan says:

    Honestly this is ridiculous. These men just want to throw their pinkies up, wear pink and green, and be the “pretty girls”. How dare they attempt to sue an organization because they are not able to join? It is a SORORITY and if they look into the history of Alpha Kappa Alpha and what it was founded upon, then they should respect that it is an organization for females. Why do they want to join Alpha Kappa Alpha so badly enough to bring harm to the organization is beyond me. If you are interested in joining an organization there are specifically gay fraternities and other male fraternities that they can get involved with.

  146. Pinklady says:

    All of the men in this BS Wannabe sorority/fraternity need to grow some BALLS and male hormones. You cannot make someone accept this BS. Grow-up SHEEMs, you are gay and that’s that, you are doing the right thing by creating MIAKAs. Your bext step is to make it natiknally known and not combing a male/woman group together!!!!! I will not get with the times because the time is for you all to grow up!!!!!!!

  147. Sean Kirkland says:

    I don’t feel like they have a legitimate case. Although I have nothing against gay men, they are trying to be members of a sorority for women only. All fraternities aren’t against the adding of gay men to their organization and there are fraternities for gay men. This is a case if men trying to be women and getting denied. Its nothing wrong with seeking acceptance or brotherhood, they just went about it the wrong way.

  148. PlumberDawg03 says:

    First and foremost if you are not Greek and have not been made you have no clue how insulting this is. There are gay and lesbian members in all of the Divine 9 organizations, that is not the issue here. The issue is AKA is a private sorority who can discriminate on who they choose period. Frankly any goo chapter of any Greek org discriminates on who they choose period. Women don’t get to be AKA’s just because they want to. Much less a group of men who illegally use the organizations nalia, signs and hand signals. Memberships in these orgs are SACRED, and just because they want it and AKA says no doesn’t give them the right to sue. Especially since AKA can legally discriminate. For those of you who are not Greek or are Greek and have not pledged and agree with this bs. Until you understand how Sacred it is to those of us who love our org., who pledged. You will have no understanding on how disrespectful this crap is

  149. This is a mockery and a disgrace to the founders and women of AKA . First of all this is a women’s sorority for women I’m quite sure it is in their constitution that you have to be a woman to join! I don’t care how much a man feels like he is a woman you are not sir. I respect the gay community but I can not agree with this. You will not be respected in the Greek community or college campuses and the SISTERHOOD will be broken. Save yourselves from this media embarrassment and opt out. I am a Man of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. and as a member of the Greek community I am highly upset. You are already doing there stuff so why add on the financial burden. Be real Miakas, at the end of the day you still a man. So be a man. Be original and start your own but don’t mess up the legacy and history that is Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.

  150. Brytta says:

    Just as GIRL SCOUTS are for GIRLS ONLY. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated is a sisterhood for woman ONLY. You can not be a sister if you are a man. I don’t care which surgery you got. This is ridiculous and will not last a day in court. As much as I love gay men, sometimes they go to far. And it’s plenty of gay men in frats, they should try their hand going that route, because they have a better chance.

  151. MeforMe says:

    They should just start their own for gay men and lesbians. Get your own frats and sororities. Straight people are not trying to take over the gay bars and bumrush the gay pride parades. Damn…get yo own shit! Stay in your lane.

  152. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s disgusting and disrespectful to the NPHC as a whole. If it is that serious they should start their own org.

  153. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think that they should be allowed to join the official AKA because it is a sorority and it was founded on those basis. However, I do believe that they should make another chapter, similar to AKA, that would allow homosexual men to be apart of the family. They would acknowledge them as the same. I mean, if a stud (homosexual female of the male persuasion) were to ask to join a fraternity I would feel the same way about it. I’m a supporter of the LGBTU community but we shouldn’t have to tread this lightly because this is a “new” issue. Plus the entire way they went about this was wrong. AKA can just as well sue them for infringement because they are a incorporation afterall and MIAKA took all of their signs, colors and calls and used it without their permission. If they wanted to be AKAs that bad, they would have went about this the correct and proper way by asking for permission from the incorporation instead of doing what they wanted and now trying to flip the script to get things to go in their favor.

  154. ClassyLady08 says:

    I am so glad that I KNOW the LAW!!!! Therefore, I am not worried in the least about the so-called MIAKAs trying to sue us. Bring it on!!!!! What is SO SAD about all of this is that here are a group of young men who could be using their creativity and productivity in so many other ways. If you really, really want to be part of a Greek organization then join a fraternity, join one of the pre-existing gay or lesbian Greek organizations, or START YOUR OWN!!!! I know that imitation is the highest form of flattery but “No Thank You, MIAKAs, we don’t need that much flattery!”

  155. Anonymous says:

    You do not mess with traditional historic organizations. I am a homosexual male myself however I feel they should understand that that is a Sorority! A sisterhood! It’s very foundation is for the empowerment of females. Yes fraternities can be homophobic however I have friends who are apart of every divine 9 organization and some others who are homosexuals and have made it through the process just fine and are doing just fine! It’s homosexuals like this who push us as a community back always wanting to rant and rave about nonsense you can change something that’s 104 years old!!! If they were pushing for honorary membership or maybe for the sorority to create a branch of the sorority for gay men or some kind of limited membership then they may have a SLIGHTLY legitimate request, however if this goes through the it will only show how much of a joke the legal system really is.

  156. Princess Big Sexii says:

    ok so if they are men, gay men, trying to join a SOROrity that makes no sense! If they are gonna file a lawsuit, which is outrageous, they should be trying to join the FRATernity and if they don’t allow them in then and only then file suit! SOROrities are for the ladies, just cause they feel FEM doesnt mean they are. Fellas you all still have penial regions down below! HELLO!!!

    1. Allen McPherson says:

      Perfectly said!

  157. Pearlfect says:

    I am a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and it is a sisterhood. This is disrespectful. There are fraternities for males, join one! There are plenty of males who are openly gay that are a part of a fraternity. This is too far.

  158. Michelle says:

    Damn the tradition of AKA, black women, etc. etc. Damn what Obama did and Damn how time/the world is changing. Go read your BIBLES. I dont care how the world is changing and I dont even care if these sweet fools GOT a sex change, they will be MEN until the day that they die and sound ridiculously stupid for trying to sue AKAs. Im so sick of people coming up with schemes just to make themselves seen! Not all, but so many homosexual men thrive on attention of any kind and want to be a woman so bad that they just overdo it (hence that freaking makeup and lipgloss). Yet, they feel threatened by women and refer to them as ‘fish’ and other comments that I’ve heard. But you want to be one! Form your own FRATERNITY and sit yall asses down somewhere. Please!!!

  159. Let a Diva Speak says:

    I think it is very unfortunate the disrespect that is being posted. However as a meber of the Divine Nine it was perfectly stated that the fact of us being members of NPHC, IFC and NPC gives us the right to exclude by gender. However brothers and sisters of NPHC we were built on Christian essentials lets try to love our brothers and sister despite the actions we disagree with. We all fall short…

  160. CiCi says:

    Like many have said….. It is a sorority. There are options for everyone; join a sorority(women) fraternity. and
    “co-ed” fraternities . I’m not against gays and lesbian if thats what you wanna do…DO YOU!!! However THE MOVEMENT of proving a point sometimes gets out of hand. (Movements go beyond gay/lesbian… There are racial,gender, cultural battles going on along with NUMEROUS others).

    If you go by the name of MIAKA- start your own thing. Build your own history, beliefs, and missions.
    I’M NOT GREEK, however… MIAKA learn the history why sororities and fraternities were created. Particularly in this case the sisterhood and enpowerment of women.

    ??? Is there a self identity issue as to why you must disrupt a historic organization. (HENCE your mission-empowerment of people (homosexuals with self identity issues.) NO HARM INTENDED… Start your own organization.

    I guess next “BLACK” people are going to sue the KKK.??%^&*( Dhhhhh…)

    COM’ ON MAN!!!!

  161. Msthandiwe says:

    What is there really to sue about?? It’s a women’s sorority regardless of how much these men want to be women they are not, so this is not discrimination against gays. They just want something to sue about. Get a freaking life. You got gay marriages, parades, etc…..Damn let the women have something of their own!!

  162. SMH says:

    First of it is a sorority, which means it is for women. So there is no discrimination whatsoever. They need to either form their own organization or join a fraternity or something.

  163. Anonymous says:

    This is easy !! A SORORITY is for women. A FRATERNITY is for men. There’s no way around it .. Try to sue, cry, pray, sing a hymn do what you have to do but it will be on vain.

  164. TrueAfricanPearl1908 says:

    The problem isnt about whether or not they are homosexuals. Some of my linesisters are gay, so it really isnt the issue. The issue is that this is a SORORITY!!!! Men have had their boys clubs for YEARS and after a long period of time, women decided to have their own. Why cant they do the same? Why is it so necessary for them to join this organization, when they could really help their coommunity by creating their own. Just like the historically black greek-letter orgs are the Divine Nine, and the main music fraternities/sororities are known as the Fab 4, they can create their own.

    Start a movement by creating an organization that caters to homosexual men. You dont have to imitate us and take our pink, green, pearls and skee-wee! Do a new thing!

  165. SMDH says:

    Why are they seeking acceptance from the masses when clearly they can make their own legacy by starting their own organization!

  166. Brandon Richards says:

    thats bs just because u like men doesnt mean you are a female, fraternitys are for brotherhood and sorioritys are for sisterhood just because you put yourself somewhere in the middle doesnt mean you can force somebody to except you

  167. Anonymous says:

    UMMMMMM…..Fraternities and Sororities are protected by law to allow only individuals of the same sex into their organizations. #ENDOFSTORY

  168. Aja says:

    “SORORITY: a club of women; specifically : a women’s student organization formed chiefly for social purposes and having a name consisting of Greek letters”

    The definition is simple; these “MIAKAs” are men!!! If they were transgender maybe they have a case. They are making a fool of themselves.

  169. SquareNupe says:

    this is horse shit. a sorority is defined as a group of WOMEN. also given thefact that it is incorporated, they have the right to refuse membership to whomever. Although you can not trademark or copyright a color, the term alpha kappa alpha is a copyrighted phrase and the ivy symbol used in conjunction is trademarked. Mmy mother, grandmother, and girlfriend are AKA’s and I myself am a Nupe (Kappa), a Mason, and a Shriner. Organizations have the right to deny membership to whomever (whether it be in their bylaws, or given the fact that they are incorporated) if they want to be in an organization, then they should attempt to be in a male organization and not a female one. there are plenty of gay organizations that cater to that lifestyle and gender. this is a lawsuit that shouldnt even make it to court.

  170. It's mE says:

    This is so disrespectful to all the founders of AKA. And for those who actually agree and think these males should be apart of this Sorority really do not have a clue!

  171. bobby says:

    This is sad, why wont they be original and start their own organization. Why want to be in a sorority. They’re men and should be in a fraternity …. it is simple. They should understand alot of work has been put in to start and keeps greek organization going why want to put it all on the line, if they want to be in it so bad… they are selfish, disrespectful, and pitiful

  172. GEM says:

    I have not read all of the responses, so please forgive me for what I am sure is a little bit of redundancy, but… Sororities are for women. A homosexual man is not a woman, and if that is the argument that someone is trying to make, then they are the one that needs to be checked.

    I could go on and on about this, but that is the main point. Women’s rights and LGBT rights are not the same. All civil rights issues are linked in that we are dealing with humanity, but this is taking things too far.

  173. Rick James says:

    The problem they don’t realize is that even if they do win and get in, they will never receive the full sisterhood of that organization. So why? No will accept them as an AKA. They will never get support from the other organizations. So to me, they’re just looking to make news and try to make history. It’s an organization the turn away people every day. They don’t have to accept you. If they did, everyone who has gotten turned down can sue.

    1. MSPH says:

      Sorry, there is no IF they get in. It all sounds good theory, people always say “I’m going to call my lawyer!” yeah, ok!

  174. Anonymous says:

    You have a PENIS! Why are u trying to join my sisterhood? Join a frat or create your own organization. But suing us? Good luck. Alpha Kappa Alpha is a
    Private organization.

  175. suaverico says:

    why don’t they just join the zetas. they accept men….no wait those are husky women lmbao rofl lmao

    1. Danielle says:

      IKR!!!! LMFAO!

  176. Anonymous says:

    As a PROUD member of alpha kappa alpha sorority incorporated and a supporter of the LGBT community I think it is appalling and beyond disrespectful. 104 years ago MY founders/pearls founded this organization for the betterment of the african american WOMAN. Regardless of how much of a woman you think you are you still have the anatomy of a man which will not gain you membership. Some women if they do not attend a 4 year college or university and are not pursuing a Baccalaureate degree or do not already have a degree from a 4 year college or university will not gain membership. A man as prissy as he thinks he is will not either! Its beyond disrespectful enough that you throw a pinky, throw mirrors, stand in my ivy and skee wee. But they only do what is on the exterior, they know NOTHING of what my organization really stands for, they no none of the rich history and secrets shared between SISTERS. As men you have no access to what the foundations of the organization are nor will you. Sorority in greek means SISTERHOOD, just based off that alone a lawsuit will be a waste of a counsels time and cause nothing but more embarrassment to this group of sad individuals. So with that being said, please take a whole seat _/ and stop trying to ruin something that was founded for opportunity and empowerment not controversy

    –An Alpha Kappa Alpha WOMAN

    1. Majyc says:

      BASICALLY… they just need to join a FRAT!

  177. Nola says:

    OMG!!! All they are advertiing of themselves if dancing, stepping and having a good time. AKA embodies so much more than that. They cannot be allowed to undo over a Century of servie and quality. The paper bag has never been true for AKA. The founders were not all light skinned. This is awful. They could be non-homosexual. They are not women! Form your own organization and establish your own thing. Everyone has an agenda. As it is we had to let women of other races in. I’ll be dammed if we let this go down like this!! The leaders of AKA are too strong, classy, and astute to let this fly. The national president of AKA is an attorney… bring it on!!

  178. Anonymous says:


  179. Endo says:

    Why they got to try to become chicks just because they like dicks?

  180. As a member of a Divine 9 National Pan-Hellenic Council organization, I think this is absurd and ludicrous. They are not being discriminated against because of their sexuality. Its an organization founded for college educated women. If they want to join an organization, they should look into a fraternity. No fraternity is allowed to discriminate based on sexual orientation and if that doesn’t work they can charter a chapter of Delta Lambda Phi, the fraternity for gay, bisexual, progressive men or start their own. Obama endorsed same-sex marriage not a free for all.
    *steps down off soap box*

  181. TJ says:

    In short, a sorority is for women and fraternities are for men. Its not about sexual orientation. They aren’t being denied because they are homosexual, they are being denied because they are men. The organizations are NOT co-ed, its pretty simple. So this is not and LGBT issue, its a gender issue, all of the Pan-Hellenic organizations adheres to these statutes, not just AKA.

  182. Leo says:

    If you wanna start your own bull shit group do so. Noway they have any ground to stand on.

  183. MSPH says:

    As a member of the distinguished Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated it disturbs me to see the “men of,” there is no such thing! These “men” need to carry on. Homosexuality maybe their preference, but it has nothing to do with being accepted into OUR organization, which is a sorority founded by women for women! I need people to get a clue. They may wear the colors of Pink and Green, but they as the others that want in, will NEVER BE…have several seats!

  184. Anonymous says:

    This is too over the top… Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority was founded for Women… A Sisterhood… Clearly none of the gentlemen can be my sister… So they should not be in our sisterhood… Be creative and be individuals… They can be like us but will Never be Us… SkeeeeWeeeee Sorors… Proud Alpha Kappa Alpha Woman

  185. M.A.B says:

    this is foolishness the should start their own org but at the same time an AKA had to give them the secrects and info how else whould they know

  186. S.A.H says:

    Sororities are for women, period!! Just because they feel they are women, physically, they are not without a sex change!! What does your birth certificate state you are at birth?? Well, there’s your answer!! If they want to start their own sorority, they need to go thought the process of creating one!

  187. yiotti says:

    men really wanna be women..and we all suppose to except that???

  188. oLIVEiA says:

    omg just let them join the silly organization geesh its not that serious

  189. mscandy says:

    Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc is a sisterhood/sorority for WOMEN!!! Although these men are homosexual, they are still MEN and therefore cannot be part of the sisterhood. Sororities=WOMEN Fraternities=MEN.

  190. Truth says:

    This is a sorority at the end of the day whether gay or straight they are men. A soroity is for women that is not discrimination. They clearly do not know the history as to why many sororities were founded in the first place if they respected and knew the history as to why these African American Groups were created then they would understand. Plus AKA does not discriminate there are many LBGT members of the sorority that are what WOMEN!

  191. Rita says:

    while I am a lesbian and support equal rights. That means EQUAL. the AKA organizations has the right to regulate who they allow into their organization. With that being said, what is stopping these gentlemen from creating their own greek organization? Don’t piggy back off someone else’s hard work, dedication and heritage. CREATE YOUR OWN! in doing this no one can complain and you can run your group the way you see fit. it’ is a WOMAN’s organization. Founded by women and ran by women. If you decide to transition to a woman and they won’t let you in, then, I can see you having a issue. Don’t be group of guys that get mad cause they can’t work at Hooters. ijs

  192. Researcher says:

    Not sure if this was mentioned already but there is a law in regards to this:

    Section 1681. Sex

    (a) Prohibition against discrimination; exceptions. No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance, except that:

    (6) Social fraternities or sororities; voluntary youth service organizations

    this section shall not apply to membership practices —

    (A) of a social fraternity or social sorority which is exempt from taxation under section 501(a) of Title 26, the active membership of which consists primarily of students in attendance at an institution of higher education,

    So Alpha Kappa Alpha has the right to not allow them into their organization.

  193. E.James Hughes says:

    That’s the dumbest shit I ever heard. As a student who attends Morehouse College, the most pretigous institution for developing African American Men, I know that my development into the rennaissance man could never happen with women at the school as refined as it did. For you to sue the sorority ignories its mission to educate and develope Black Women. This is something that is critical and needed in the African American Community and Alpha Kappa Alpha has been doing it for 100 y.To force them to accept men into their incorporated body will dilute what they are doing.Although this is discrimination, their are places where men are not allowed only women and this is for good reason ie: The women’s bathroom. This is an attack on not just developing black women but an attack on the black community as a whole.

  194. 39aka94 says:

    Social organizations have the right to deny or offer membership to whomever they choose. That is why there are still all male golf-clubs and all-Jewish clubs. Alpha Kappa Alpha and all other sororities were created to provide sisterhood for their members. A man can’t sue his way in. No one can. That is the case for any organization that does not have an open membership policy. Several years ago a young man sued Kappa Alpha Psi stating that he was promised membership (even though he was a freshman and the chapter didn’t take freshman per chapter and unversity guidelines) The judge through it out because the organization has the right to determine who its members will be.

  195. Tae says:

    What would be interesting is to see Pres. Obam an First Lady’s intake on this. He with is same sex mindset and She being a member of AKA……

  196. Anonymous says:

    This is a private organization for the purpose of growth among the sisterhood. By AKA being a private organization, it is not subject to the requirement of openness as other organizations. Precedent in this case goes back to the court ruling the because Boy Scouts is a private organization, it does not have to allow gay men to serve as Scout Masters. While I understand the views of these men, they have no standing in court. Allowing these men in the organization will have a chilling effect on every private organization to include colleges, fraternities, sororities, non-profits, and some governmental organizations.

  197. DeShawn says:

    I am not a member of AKA and this is making ME angry! As many have already said, a sorority is an organization for women. It’s not an organization for people who are attracted to men! I don’t care how gay you are, you’re still a man and should seek to join an organization for men. They might have a valid argument if there was no corresponding organization for them but there are many! Pick any frat and pledge that! Neither the AKA’s nor any other sorority should have to deal with this mess! That’s exactly what it is! Please believe that the Ques aren’t going to let me join if I wake up tomorrow and decide that I want to date women! It wouldn’t even be up for discussion! Not allowing a man to join a women’s group does not mean these women are unaccepting of the homosexual lifestyle. Next there will be satanists suing Christian churches for not allowing them to preach their beliefs in a Christian church! Please stop!

  198. Old Head Ape says:

    Three words… Dumbest. Shit. Ever.

  199. says:

    Ok, I want to believe that these young men are not that stupid. Some people get off on the element of “shock”. This is what they want talk, buzz on “them”. This is narcisism at its best. Just like they have rights, feelings, etc. so do others. People need to accept diversity, but live in their convictions one way or the other. Stop being afraid of words like homophobic. So what, its just a name. Say no, we are not going to take this crap and sue them. It can be done. They are going to far & courageous people who are just as convicted in their beliefs need to move on this. Period. Lady of DST.

  200. You can't be serious says:

    Is a sorority a sisterhood WOMEN!!! Fraternities are for men.. You are gay men not women sit. They have no damn case

  201. Damon says:

    Tjhis is a shame on two fronts. First, homosexuality is a sinful disgrace regardless of how the worold is “changing”. Second, I am a member of the D9 with traditions and legacies that we cherish, protect, and hold true. This nonsense is a disgrace before God. Frats are for Men and Sororities are for Women! Let them start their own thing and not try to destroy the legacy that the 20 Pearls built. But that goes to show you the mentality of a perverted individual. You let Satan ride and eventually he want to drive.

  202. Anonymous says:


  203. Anonymous says:

    I’m an AKA & I think they should start their own fraternity for gay men. I’m all for the gay movement, marriage, etc. However, this lawsuit is like a man trying to go to a gynecologist. :/

    1. tiny says:

      what if they are transgendered and have man made vagina, could they then become a aka?

  204. Ria Opore says:

    I think they should start their own fraternity for gay men. I’m all for the gay movement, marriage, etc. However, this lawsuit is like a man trying to go to a gynecologist. :/

  205. Lucy Ricardo says:

    Ever heard of the following:
    Alpha Delta Pi Fraternity
    Phi Mu Fraternity
    Sigma Alpha Iota Fraternity?!
    These fraternal organizations were formed waaaaaaaaaaaaaay before 1908. At the time there was no word for a “fraternal” organization for women. So, please don’t use the Fraternity=Men; Sorority=Women as your argument..,
    *slightly irritated*

  206. Denny W. says:

    As a gay male in a fraternity, this has always disappointed me. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. was and continues to be an organization for women, made by women to improve the community (especially women). This is also true of Delta Sigma Theta, Sigma Gamma Rho and my sorors of Zeta Phi Beta.

    Homosexuality is not a gender confusion, it is a sexual preference. Why is it that a man wants to integrate a sorority, I have no idea. One MIAKA turned TAS told me that they admire the principles of AKA, the strolls, and all that. That is, in my opinion, a need to imitate. We aren’t women. We will never have to worry about having babies at 16, visiting an OB/GYN or none of that. If you want an organization that is about your community specifically, find one or make one. Don’t try and be something your are not. Its pathetic.

  207. Kia says:

    Firstly, I am not a member of any D9 organization. However, I DO believe in tradition, holding things sacred, and that there are 2 different sexes! If there are other options, these men should look to those instead of attempting to force, by threat/legal action their way into an organization that was not forged for them. Everything ain’t for everybody!! What scares me is that America will roll over and allow this! Secondly, people throw a word like discrimination around like it’s a bad thing. We all discriminate, everyday, all the time in choosing a mate, job, church, et cetera! When applying for scholarships to college, I didn’t yell discrimination when I came across an opportunity for Marketing majors!!

    You all are MEN, regardless of whether you see it or not. You were born with a penis and therefore you are ineligible to pledge a sorority! Period, point blank!! There are some women who don’t make the cut and you feel entitled, why?? And calling yourself MIAKAs is an insult to the foundations and traditions of AKA that you say you value so much!

    Please stop, you’re embarrassing us all!

  208. Shon says:

    I just feel like gay people take things too far. They go to extremes to get recognition. We get it, your gay, you dont have to sue a sorority to get that point across. I feel like its an insult for these men to sue a sorority for denying them membership. A to think they have a valid argument is assinine. The point is the same, sororities are for women and i dont care how much a man may want to be a woman or how much he feels like a women, his anatomy and lack of a uterus prevents him from being considered a woman. Join a fraternity. And so what if they discriminate, when you chose to be gay you chose to deal with opposition from other men, so deal with it. Dont bring that mess to sororities, but sue a fraternity because they are the ones that do not have the right to deny you membership. Im not in a NPHC and dont feel you have to be to know that this is nonsense.
    And on another note, how about the fact that most D9 orgs were founded on Christian principles. Principles derived from the Bible. So how dare you even ask to be a part of an organizations whos priniciples you obviously do not agree with because your lifestyle defies the doctrine with which the principles were established. What sense does that make? How about you make your own organization, i’m sue that would be less of a hassle than going through this.

  209. Antia Gillard says:

    Suing for what. Sororities are female organizations. They are not females, they are males that want to be females. Is that the AKA’s fault. This is really ridiculously sad. In the words of one on my homosexual acquaintances, you give gay a bad name!

  210. Chris says:

    Just form your own org, you are NOT women and sororities are for WOMEN,as a matter of fact the D9 fraternities were founded on principles of manliness – so these feminine men or men who desire other men should ban together and form their own org where they can prance around and be themselves. I will ALWAYS vote not to membership of any gay male that attempts entry into MY org – some have slipped through the cracks and are disillusioned that they are not accepted. Again- FORM YOUR OWN ORG and leave AKA alone – trust that some stud is gearing up to call herself a Que, Alpha, Kappa or Sigma- damn shame!!!

  211. G.F.D. , Esquire says:

    The idea these gay men have is not only ridiculous but it won’t be allowed in the courts. AKA and the hundreds of other sororities and fraternities are not public organizations and they select members based on their criteria. Their right to select whomever they want to be associated with is supported by the US Constitution in the first amendment. Freedom of association does not include forced association within PRIVATE organizations. AKA has capable lawyers within their membership to defend the integrity of their group.

  212. London Maclin says:

    to tell u the truth, i think that they should let them join. i go to texas southern university and think that it is time for a line up change. they may deserve to be in the organization just as much as the next woman. just like if a lesbian wanted to join a frat, i think that it is time for the lines to be blurred.

  213. Shan says:

    Start a gay fraternity! Problem solved…

    1. Lanette says:

      exactly–they shouldn’t be trying to shove their garbage down the AKA’s throats…makes me sick.

  214. Workout Lady says:

    This is ridiculous. It is a sorority because it is a sisterhood. There are organizations that are for males and females= coed fraternities. What is their purpose for being MIAKAs? Why not be an organization to represent themselves as THEY ARE and not as men trying to become AKAs because that is impossible. It goes against what the organization was founded on. To be a SISTERHOOD. That is the reason there are fraternities for males. No organization “legally” discriminates against your orientation, but when you bring bad attention and negative attention to the organization, then you face scrutiny, no matter your orientation. People are always trying to get attention. If you want acceptance, do it like an adult. The D9 was created as male and female only organizations. Research what values you posses and values of the organization you FEEL you NEED to be apart of, then talk and do something. Until then have a seat. There is no basis for discrimination because they DON’T meet the requirements because they are not females and defining your sexual orientation isn’t a requirement. None have had sex changes or are females legally, so it’s INVALID. they aren’t the only people that want to join organizations for the outward view, but fail to posses the organizations values and standards set by the founders.
    I’m a college graduate that did just fine without joining an organization. I found myself and it did not involve having to join a sorority to fit in my campus. People are doing it for all the wrong reasons: popularity, fame, spotlight, just something to do, or ridiculous lawsuits as such. Sit down.
    NPHC is for male only and female only organizations. There is PHC that offers male only, female only, and coed. Go where you feel comfortable and welcome. Again I say HAVE A SEAT, YOU’RE DOING WAY TOO MUCH FOR NO REASON.

  215. Romans 1:18-32 says:

    18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;

    19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.

    20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

    21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

    22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

    23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

    24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:

    25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

    26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

    27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

    28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

    29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,

    30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,

    31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:

    32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

  216. Charisma Atkins says:

    Get da F out of here. sororities by definition are for women. Get the dictionary if you don’t believe me. Also read Leviticus 18 and you will find that homosexuality is a sin for it states do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a Woman for it is detestable!

    I ban with all my Greek letter sisters and state we cannot nor will not let you defame our great sisterhood.

  217. lana says:

    people that are for them joining are clearly not greek and have no idea what the history entails. read the history before you speak. this will never pass and that school that is allowing them to continue doing this will be reprimanded by nationals.

  218. Lisa says:

    Please. This won’t make it to a court of law. We’re a private org. w/ultimate authority over membership. Just like I, being a woman, could not join a fraternity these “men” will never be AKA’s. If so inclined why not start their own organization? AKA was imitated 3x over what’s 4. Toss, turn, cry, & weep “MIAKA” will continue to be imitators, perpetrators, wanna be’s, wanna be like my Sorors (sisters) & I from the OUTSIDE. This is absolutely pathetic holding up your pinky or wearing pink and green doesn’t make you an AKA or a woman. :-/

  219. Anonymous says:

    Although I attended Howard I am not in a Greek organization, I did not have the privilege of being accepted but I did not sue the organization I wanted to join… It seems As though there are those who don’t understand that sororities and fraternities are not a right but a privilege. They don’t accept anyone and everyone. Although it may hurt your feelings there is no need to sue…it’s isby far too easy to file a suit these days. If they like AKA so much join alpha phi alpha their “brother organization. Now if theses men are rejected and flat out told because they are gay THEN you have a leg to stand on

  220. Anonymous says:

    These FAGS are looking for attention!!!!!

  221. Jlemuel says:

    That’s just crazy just like many words change definition as time moves forward like ass meaning a donkey to ass meaning a person’s bottom so should someone redefine sorority & fraternity to match today’s modern society.

  222. Anonymous says:

    This discusses me to the pits of my stomach. AKA is such a prestigious organization and to mocked. I agree with the last statement made join Alpha Phi Alpha and if your turned down then sue. This by far is absolutely ludicrous. And it is most definitely insulting to the women who started and are current members of the organization

  223. Harold L says:

    Ignorance is ignorance wherever it is demonstrated! Black fraternities and sororities were born out of an “apartheid” – strict segregation – era of American history and enabled the instiillation of self-pride, self-determination, pride in one’s racially-identified group, and in one specifically, and others generally, “love for all mankind” or regard for others,and life-changing inner-city mentoring programs – producing many outstanding individuals in American history. … Can you imagine a group of high school/college level black girls suing Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, or Omega Psi Phi for admission charging sex discrimination! … I highly recommend they read Lawrene C Ross, Jr, “The Divine Nine: The History of African American Fraternities and Sororities” (2000).

  224. Studious says:

    I dont think they should be allowed to join a sorority. There are several fraternities out there for gay men. Delta Phi Upsilon is a fraternity for gay men of color why cant they join that? They are looking to be treated as equals and they are being treated as such. If a straight man cant join a sorority then why should a gay man be able to? It doesnt take away any of their rights especially since they have other options. People, in general, should stop thinking they are so entitled to things cause in actuality we arent entitled to anything.

  225. Lanette says:

    I hope these assholes loose. This is getting crazy…

  226. Anonymous says:

    Ridiculous. If women had done this, “unofficial chapter” mess, AKA would be trying to sue them… or members would have been trying to beat them down for perpetrating a fraud. Gay or straight, it is, again, RIDICULOUS for men to want to join a sorority. So, you have a few other options: 1)join a fraternity (Frats = brothers = men, which you are); 2)Go Transgender (while an extreme measure just to be an AKA, you would then qualify).

  227. jokesgalore says:

    Why don’t they just become Kappas. That fraternity is full of gays

  228. Anonymous says:

    All you people are stupid! You know nothing about my organization,,read the guidelines on our national website! Sorority=SISTERHOOD,, not MIAKA’s. They don’t even have a real CHARTER

  229. I couldn’t be more appalled at the gall of these guys! Just because they are gay does not make them female, if they cared to join Greek life they can pledge to a male fraternity or create their own ORIGINAL organization. I’ve said it for years what they’re doing is theft and not flattering to the legacy they seem to care about so much.

    It’s these young men that should be sued, not the other way around. Had they identified as transgenders that would be another story avd argument but they are male identified men that want to be in a female group…BS!!!

  230. LadyS says:

    A person chooses one sorority over another for the values that it displays. If you believe that an organization is discriminating against you why would you want to join that organization. I do not see any woman trying to join MIAKA because they could not get into AKA. There is a line between common sense and discrimination.

  231. Anonymous says:

    Words mean things. Sorority = sisterhood. Marriage = a man and women in union. Chickens are roosting.

  232. sportsjocku2 says:

    Ok this is way OVER the top..when I first heard of the MIAKA group I was like who? So a friend of mind being trying to explain to me what these guys were doing. I instantly got pissed off and thought how disrespectful. Actually I should say my friend always spoke of AKA..which I say ok, I have a lot of lady friends that are Beta Alpha AKA’s So I’m thinking he knows some AKA’s..Then he goes on to say he pledged MIAKA or whatever the hell they call themselves. My thoughts were you got to be kidding me. So from my understanding it was a BA AKA that thought these people the history and process of AKA. I mean I’ve seen them in action strolling, and I do tell you they go VERY hard, and they know the history,all of the founders, the and all. I mean I am taking back with all of this. I’ve gotten into heated arguments with my friend over this and it is wrong no matter how you look at it. Why can’t they establish their own org? Why try and become an AKA they aren’t women, that’s ridiculous. I heard their is a group out their trying to be Delta’s as well.

  233. K.Stanton says:

    Bottom line: Sororities are for women and Fraternities are for men. If you are a gay male you are still a man. Why not start their own openly gay fraternity? Make the colors pink and green. No one hold the rights to Greek life colors. What’s the big deal??! It sounds more like they want their 15 minutes of fame and here they are getting it. Stop making a big deal out of something to trivial. This is not a gay right issue, this is an “I want to be famous” issue.

  234. truth hurts says:

    I don’t understand all of the hoopla surrounding this topic. I guarantee we will all see a homosexual man in one of the divine nine’s sorority during our lifetime. This is America, the land of the opportunity. Miakas please continue your fight. I am rooting for you all.

  235. COol kid says:

    Why the fuck these dudes want to be in a sorority, thats for females! gay or not your still a man if your taking all this time out to do this why in the fuck, dnt you just make a new founded freat thats just for gay males. i dnt understand faggs no a days are doing to fucking much an this is the very reason why people dnt want to deal with them cause they think there something there completly not. iTS for females!!!!!!!! you got a dick my nigg!! flames do to fucking much man!! an shit wtf if you would of been cool ya ass could of got in a frat like the rest of the gay dudes that crossed. to busy trying to battle chicks wen you got a dick. Have respect! them are ladies are a man! i dnt like this shit at all!!!

  236. Barbra says:

    Good Morning. I must say when I read this I was taken aback. Let me preface my diatribe with I pledged Alpha Kappa Alpha in 1989 at Prairie View A&M University. I am an OUT Lesbian. I am NOT interested in being a part of a fraternity. I am a woman. At that time there was a chapter of MiAKA’s on the campus. The “MEN” posed no threat to MY sorority because they were and “are” Men. I won’t insult anyone’s intelligence by providing the definition of “SORORITY” and FRATERNITY”. By definition we are not a coed organization. My concern is that you all are destroying the DEVOTION of an organization that stands for so much more than “WEARING” Salmon pink and Apple green. There are gay men in every Fraternity. They may not as flamboyant as this group appears to be but they pledged a “Fraternity”. By filing this lawsuit you all have proved you have only Malicious intent. You have said to the world I want to destroy this Institution of “SISTERHOOD”. We have BYLaws none of which incorporate males. Just as Fraternities have ByLaws that don’t incorporate females. If you all are so inclined to “BE” then start a petition and present it to the Pan-Hellinic Council and Incorporate your OWN organization. Don’t destroy MINE. As I said before I AM A LESBIAN. I AM A MEMBER OF AKA. I respect,adore and want to preserve the bylaws by which “MY” organization was founded. As much as I want equal rights for all LGBT THIS is NOT the way to go. Be Upstanding “MEN” and go about this in a different manner. Yes, You identify with the female gender but you are NOT female. Just as I am NOT male. Just because YOU feel you have a right doesn’t make it Correct. Respect yourselves and please rethink this decision it will be destructive to you and all involved. If you succeed, what have you really achieved?

  237. My 2 cents says:

    My understanding of the black Greek organizations is that they were all founded on the basis of a common bond of friendship and like values. If you have to sue to force someone to join with you, doesn’t that tell you that there is no real friendship there? Start your your own fraternal organization with people that share your principles. Don’t try to lift up your cause by attacking the legacy of the AKA’s when you know you don’t share a common interest.

  238. Oscar Wilde says:

    You want to know why so many people think so many gays are a bunch of total ass-holes, look at this bunch of entitled losers.

    They’ve got a giant frackin’ screw lose. All THEY want to do is stick their dicks were they don’t belong. Turns them on, or something.

    Does being queer make it mandatory you have to display the maturity of a 13 year old boy?

  239. Mr. J not here to play says:

    I’m SO sick of these punks! Start your own thing and do what you want with it; stop trying to force people to accept you idiots! YOU ARE MALES; IT’S A SORORITY!!! This is exactly why intolerance is so high in this country; stupid isht like this! I should file a lawsuit against every car dealership because they won’t give me the vehicle I want for the price I want; that’s economic discrimination. Next I’ll sue restaurants for not selling food how I want it sold; that’s portion discrimination, then maybe I’ll sue gun makers because the guns they make could kill someone if I decide to shoot them with it; that’s non-lethal discrimination…..O_o stupid mess; have some today…

  240. Mystery says:

    This is too funny, I’m not writing a book, however I feel that this wrong, on so many levels. The Gay agenda is alive and well. Sad to see this, I don’t think that this has merit, AKA’s are a private organization, being Gay is not like racism, that I hear it compared to. YOU chose to be gay, I didn’t chose to be black.

  241. Mr. J not here to play says:

    ….I GOT IT!!! I’ll sue EVERY establishment in America with public restrooms for facility discrimination! I prefer women’s restrooms because they’re usually nicer, but you say I can’t be a man and go in there; GENDER DISCRIMINATION! If SORORITIES and FRATERNITIES don’t have to respect gender alignment; NOTHING CAN!

  242. ICE10-1906 says:

    I fail to even understand why this is an issue. What would their basis on discrimination be? The bylaws state that the group is, and has always been for women. A sorority means sisterhood or group of women bound by a cause. There is no discrimination here in my eye. I guess they’ll be wanting to use the women’s bathroom one day and then complain and want to file a lawsuit because there’s no urinals. This is completely dumb and I hope they waste all their money, time, and resources pursuing this foolish cause. START YOUR OWN FREAKING FRAT FOR MEN WITH THAT VIEWPOINT!!! Why are you trying to ruin someone else’s experience cuz you mad you dont have a vagina. Stop being a problem and come up with a solution that makes sense. Start something else and leave the AKA’s alone!!!

  243. I’ve read a lot of these posts and I swear some of you are just arguing for argument’s sake. This is NOT a homosexual issue, because I’m pretty sure there are homosexual women that are AKAs. They should just form their own organization that promotes the values and beliefs that they have.

    1. D.I.T says:

      It is a homosexual issue because these men obviously wouldn’t think they had the “right” to join this org. if they weren’t gay. If they were straight i doubt this would even be a relevent

  244. Voice of reason says:

    Here they go…there are several organizations for people in the LGBT community! If those particular MEN do not want to put in the work to start an organization, there are several to choose from that already did the leg work.

  245. jonfin16 says:

    There is absolutely no legal case here. If boyscouts can exist with gender qualifications so can our fraternities and sororities. Theses dudes need to get a fuckin life and pledge Alpha Phi Alpha! Or Kappa Alpha Psi! Lol

  246. Anonymous says:


  247. Carmen says:

    I have nothing against gay men or women. When they have ovaries and can bleed from a vagina, then they will have every right to join a sorority, until then, two options…join a fraternity or begin their own.

  248. Ray says:

    1. AKA never did the “brown paper bag” test. That is a stereotype. 2. Like everyone has said a sorority is for females! There is no lawsuit to be made. You can not call it discrimination if the organization is clearly just for a specific sex. It is what it is. They are clearly males, no matter what there sexual orientation is. Fraternities are for males and sororities are for females, thats just how it is. Sorry guys but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

  249. Michael Jackson says:

    I am Gamma Man (GMI). MIAKA stands for Men Interested in AKA’s, not Men Interested in being AKA’s. I no longer judge homosexual men but wrong is wrong. If you should so choose to be gay, then everyone in the world does not have to know. This is just another attempt at men going too damn hard at seeking attention. Clearly the Alpha Kappa Alpha “Sorrority” Inc. is for WOMEN!!!!! You are not women!!! You are gay men. Sure have your pride, but if you want to be a woman then get surgery!!! Then maybe no one would question your intentions. You don’t see Gamma Men or Rhomeos trying to be Sigma Gamma Rho’s, no Delta Gents trying to be Delta Sigma Thetas, no Zeta Knights trying to be Zeta Phi Betas. So what the hell is your problem? And regardless, they have the right to reject who they want!!! Why can’t you just have pride for the organization that you are in???

    1. Anon says:

      If you don’t mind my asking, what is GMI?

  250. Roy B Que says:

    All of these folks clamoring for these guys to have equality are missing several points.

    1. As many have pointed out, AKA is a sisterhood and the word “Soror” is Latin for sister. A gay guy can’t be a sister!

    2. Membership in any D9 organization is NOT an inherent right but a privilege.

  251. Tiffany says:

    Where are all the men interested in DST? LOL! Ok, seriously….if there are homosexual men interested in AKA, they should just join APhiA….that’s where they all are anyway.

  252. Amelia says:

    this is ridiculous. This is a female organization. Why don’t they start their own “fraternity”because at the end of the daythey have penis’. They are men and they need to stay out of a women organizations. I’m a Delta ad I support the AKAs. Good luck & blessings on this one ladies.

  253. This Is A Serious Matter says:

    As a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, I apprechiate the admiration; however, this is taking it too far. And not to beat a dead horse, but a sorority is for women only… Secondly, if they want to create a organization be unique and come up with your own colors, mottos, signs, symbols, and causes to support; this is absolutely insulting to see videos and pix of men let alone Anyone who didn’t pay their national/chapter dues, legitimately learn the history, & complete the respective chapter’s MIP process; (SMH…perpetrators in my day would have been delt with accordingly especially for wearing paraphanellia & making our call… Skee-Wee My Soror) The law suit should be against the perpetrators for taking the ideas of an Incorporated Business using them for their own and for trying to defame such a prestigious organization. The legacy of AKA is that of intelligent, beautiful, sophisticated, women working in the community. We of course have functions/causes in conjunction with men, but we’re not interested in any trouble causing, “wanna-bees” especially gay men who mainly just want to adorn the glitz and glam of the sorority (t-shirts, pearls, pinkies, & Ivys). If they truly adore what we stand for and have spent over 104 years creating, create your OWN group, one that you will take pride in and protect just like me & other sorors. Please find other ways of expressing your femininity without using traditions from Alpha Kappa Alpha. Also, thanks to fellow Greeks who are supporting AKA although this isn’t affecting your org…

  254. Conshus says:

    Can straight people join LGBT? Can straight men join MIAKA? This is a bit extreme and attention seeking. Start your own. As you desire, need and are free to have without consequence, gay organizations, so do those of us who are straight desire the same. You want fairness, then be fair.

    1. sexy boy says:

      we wouldn’t mind 🙂 i love a trade straight man..

  255. emimah says:

    Hardly worth rebutting. Proves liberalism is madness.

  256. Anonymous says:

    When gay men were trying to destroy the fabric of fraternities, the sororities were quiet. 3 historically black fraternities suffered lawsuits, and took a major loss over this. In conclusion we were told you can’t discriminate based upon gender preference in America, and gay men slowly made their way into our fraternities and we haven’t been the same since over this BS . Now the shoe is on the other foot, and it’s time to experience what it feels like to suffer the gay tag on sororities. It’s painful, it’s wrong, it hurts. When someonee suffers an experience in this nature, we should all combine as the divine 9 and help out, but because we were on our high horses for years letting things slide and making jokes on the matter, the Aka’s must suffer this one on their own.
    I’m an Alpha Man, but the truth is the truth!
    Sad thing is it Dosent stop here, it will only get worse.

    1. tank says:

      Speak the truth my brother!! Everyone sat idly by and watched as the true brotherhood of our FRATERNITIES became tainted all for the sake of remaining pc on gay right issues. We should have seen this coming years ago. The AKAS allowed this mess to happen. At my school, the AKAS entertained the MIAKAS’ bs. They were an auxillary group to the Ks’ on campus. I guess the MIAKAS got a little bit too comfortable smdh!

  257. Young King says:

    uggh. i can imagine what the miaka line process is like. i’m pretty sure they are passing more than the egg

  258. Mary Kate says:

    Everyone wants to be a an AKA. its just simple as that. Everyone knows Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. is the most popular black greek sorority on any campus nationwide. Even a Delta and ESPECIALLY the Zetas AND SGRhos have wanted to pledge AKA.

    1. leslie says:

      go swallow cum bitch

    2. D9member says:

      Mary Kate, go sit down somewhere. Actually, popularity ranges from the region you are in. And btw, spit your founders for me. #SoIKnowItsReal NAW, don’t look! SMH

  259. BrUh frUm QUe Psi Phi!! says:

    i thought them cats in the photo above were kappas real tak lmao!

  260. ace says:

    This story is so funny

  261. Anon says:

    I am not a supporter nor a proponent of Gays nor their “rights”. With that said, one of my biggest issues with Black “gays” is that they tend to promote their sexual preference before their race. (As we can see with this foolishness here). In addition to that, I find most of you sisters to be some damn hypocrites. When fags were bombarding the frats you cheered. If a butch group attempted this with a frat you would be cheering them on as they destroy another bastion of the hated “patriarchy”. Not understanding that the move towards accepting anything and being pc would come back to haunt you. since some of you are so invested in feminism you do realize that feminist driven “scholars” have been promoting gender neutrality. That same neutrality that may bite you in the ass, now.
    But I digress. Oh, and for those who state that their is no case. Yes there is. As long as chapters are using facilities and receiving government funds from public schools these “individuals” can use that as a back door. If these lackwits can prove that AKA’s have treated with them (as if they are sorors) or pledged them, they can storm through the front door. And best believe this is just the beginning.

  262. G says:

    black people are homophobic. I knew it.

  263. LovingAKA says:

    “Title IX, Education Amendments of 1972
    (Title 20 U.S.C. Sections 1681-1688) (6) Social fraternities or sororities; voluntary youth service organizations
    this section shall not apply to membership practices —
    (A) of a social fraternity or social sorority which is exempt from taxation under section 501(a) of Title 26, the active membership of which consists primarily of students in attendance at an institution of higher education.”—-

    ^^Ahem. These MIAKAs are pathetic. AKA & ALL D9 fraternities/sororities are private organizations w/ultimate authority over membership. Go sit down somewhere w/this foolishness. Uggh!

  264. W says:

    When there was no place for African American women in Greek life, our founders started a sorority that was our own. I can’t for the life of me understand why these men can’t do the same. Alpha Kappa Alpha is a SISTERHOOD. Period. These men are not even allowed to use a female public restroom, but they want to join a female sorority?

    1. Allen McPherson says:

      I agree with you totally. Well said!

  265. The Covenant says:

    African American Sororities and Fraternities were founded to have a voice and prescence because we were not accepted into others based on the views of society at the time, yet we created our own and are strong 100+ years after the fact. Considering times have changed and LGBT community have become a hot topic of diversity, then it should not be difficult for them to start an organization as we (D9) have blazed the trails for several diverse groups. This is not to say that we are discriminating, its just the fact on what we were founded on (before the known LGBT community). By starting a new greek order there will be more diversity, yet this gives us more of an opportunity to learn from each other to be INCLUSIVE!!!

  266. Allen McPherson says:

    I have a deep respect for the LGBT community. I always have. I have a sister that is a proud Lesbian and a cousin who is Gay. With that being said both of them have told me that they support Alpha Kappa Alpha and feel as if whether a person is gay or not he is still a MALE and therefore should not be allowed membership into a SORORITY! The concensus here is that the world is changing, yes it is but traditions do not change. They are called traditions because they have been handed down from generation to generation, unsullied and un-dimmed before the world. It is what makes us who we are. MIAKA’s want recognition? Then go and create your own organization, with your own membership process, start your own traditions and garner your respect within those who support you. Do not disrespect Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. because you cannot have your way regarding membership. Build your own. Be builders and lay the foundation of your organization as the members of the Divine 9 have. Know this, as a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. since 1985 I am one of those deep rooted MEN who will never, and have never EVER, abandoned my sisters and I won’t abandon them now. If I ever see a MIAKA in NJ then I can assure you that the conversation will not be pretty and may end up being one for the Archives. If you want your respect MIAKA’s, then go earn and create your own. Don’t do it on the backs of the finest organization the world has ever seen for African American women! 06′

  267. Allen McPherson says:

    And another thing, I personally could care less who slept with who in the frats. I saw a poster brag about having slept with a member of each frat. Does that even merit discussion ultimately? As an Alpha I know Gay brothers, have fellowshipped with them and have not treated them differently because they are gay. They are my Frat brothers with a key on frat BROTHER. No one said that your brother has to be heterosexual. As members of the frat I give them equal respect regardless of if I approve of their orientation or not. You would never know that because brotherhood is not what you are looking for. It is inclusion within a female organization. Every major fraternity has gay members, open or closed. Just like every church or every sorority. You lose that argument if you play the gays within fraternity card, especially when we do not ask a aspirants sexual orientation prior to accepting their applications. None of our business actually

  268. NachoKingP says:

    They simply do not belong there. A sorority isn’t defined as “a group of people who like to have sex with men”, it’s defined as “a group of women”. Gay women can join, gay men cannot, because they are men. I applaud LGBT pride and there are many fights that they should take up because there is a TON of discrimination in this world, but this is a cause they should move on from because they’re wrong.

  269. Z. says:

    Does EVERYTHING have to be androgynous? EVERYBODY doesn’t HAVE to accept your homosexuality, and to scream discrimination over something that is gender specific has nothing to with progress, nor is it comparable to racial discrimination. You want to be a part of a female organization because you aren’t comfortable in a male one. I bet if some chick wanted to join the NFL, it would be a big ass joke. This is laughable. Find a more worthwhile battle, LGBT folks, there are bigger fish to fry.

  270. Lainy says:

    From the videos posted, it seems these young men only want to revel in the “fun” aspects of sorority life: the strolling and skee-weeing. But true members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated know that it is a sisterhood built on service to all mankind. Are these young men willing to create hundreds of programs that impact their communities, and to raise funds for scholarships and those in need? I believe they would be best served starting their own “social” organization that allows them to have all of the fun without any of the work.

  271. CiCi says:

    In all honesty, these men do not have a legitimate case. This would be different if they identified as women (yes, the complexities of gender and sexuality are relevant and necessary in a discussion such as this). The key phrase in this is that they are homosexual MEN. Sororities are safe-spaces for women, especially the Divine 9 sororities which are historically for women of color.

    These men are not women, they do not identify as such, and they will not stand in court against AKA Sorority Inc.

  272. manupplease says:

    A lot of people are not going to like what I’m about to say but real talk, this whole story is sad and it’s a complete disgrace. White males have done nothing but try to emasculate black men since the beginning of the age of exploration and these clowns are doing nothing but help that process along. And I’m saying this as a black gay male. It brings shame on us all (as a people) when we have black men basically making a mockery of a very dignified organization such as AKA and for what? So they can wear pink and green in the most glamerous way possible, yelp SKEE WHEE! and stroll at the club, black pride events and fraternity and sorority sponsored events? Or perhaps like many other idiotic and stereotypical ideals in the black gay community, one feels that somewhow they sould be considered a more desierable black gay man because they belong to a real female organization?
    Black Fraternities and Sororities were founded on principals that were meant to strengthen identity, respect, community, history and culture within an academic environment. It goes far beyond the superficial ideals of wanting to belong and being “cute.” It sends a terrible message to the world and the academic community and it does nothing but perpetuate negative stereotypes about what being black and gay in America means. This type of stupidity, ignorance and utter disrespect would do nothing but discredit not just AKA but all historically black fraternities and sororities universally. The bonds that are forged between black women and men respectively in these types of organizations on a basic level are sacred. I’d like to pose a question, why were these institutions started? Here’s a hint, it wasn’t because their founding members were fierce and fabulous and lets not forget cute! My POINT? IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT YOU! DAM!
    Gender roles aside, let our sisters have one of the few things that promote dignity, respect, brotherhood / sisterhood and above all, service within our community and society. AND REAL TALK, Be a man! If the fraternities won’t let you in (and I can see why if they display this type of behavior) Then start your own. It’s funny how these kats want to mix in with the females essentially deying their God given sex to join a women’s organization but aren’t willing to entertain the idea of being a member of a black gay male fraternity. An opportunity is being missed here, an opportunity to disprove all the negative stereotypes about being Black and gay in this society and that’s why I sincerely hope AKA lawyers up with the most powerful black female attorneys they can muster to put the kibosh on this nonsense. This is one less social issue we need in our community… put on your thinking caps, dig deeper and get it together!

  273. Gone2far says:

    Who are they to impose their morality on others? That is the issue with the gay community. It’s sad what the world is coming to and its a disgrace what is happening to our African American children. Wake up folks!

  274. El Jefe says:

    I’ll tell you what’s wrong with this situation and how things have gotten to this point.

    First, I have nothing personally against queer folks (hahahah..just sounds like i do using that word..) But the problem is that first you cry for you wanna marry each to say you’re discriminated against b/c they won’t let you in AKA b/c you’re gay is just a little too far gone..people are so desensitized to this whole lesbian/gay thing like we’re supposed to let everything fly regardless if it means rewriting the foundation to legitimate history to make a group of people happy. it’s like me and my dad said…gays are the new black. (yes i’m black so i can say this sh*t with conviction)’s like it’s catchup time for gay ‘we want this, this, this….and this…just because we’re gay.’ GTFOH… there are certain liberties that don’t apply to you regardless of sexual orientation. like being a man and joining a sorority. i have nothing against gays or lesbians but i knew this day would come when ‘people’ started giving gays all of this preferential treatment like they’ve been through a personal holocaust or slave trade…(laughing but not laughing..)

  275. Anonymous says:

    I guess they’re going to sue OBGYNs for not giving them appointments too. These guys have to be spoofing AKAs, in a big joke.

  276. C'mon Son says:

    I guess they’re going to sue OBGYNs for not giving them appointments too. These guys have to be spoofing AKAs, in a big joke.

  277. Cornelius says:

    At this point in human history, there are still clear differences between men and women. And I’m not talking about the pure physical (although that’s there too). In a male dominated society it’s important for women to have their own space. To have men, regardless of sexuality, infringe on that is rude, at best. When it comes to MIAKA…

    What’s good for the goose…I know several heterosexual men who are VERY interested in the AKAs, though for very different reasons. How about they all join MIAKA and vote to change the focus of ‘interest’ from joining AKA to supporting their sibling organization.

  278. SophistAKAted says:

    Whether you agree or not, a sorority means a SISTERHOOD. I completely agree with all of my sorors and share in their anger. This isn’t about being gay, it’s about MEN trying to join an organization for WOMEN. If you aren’t a member of the D9, or any other Greek lettered organization for that matter, I don’t believe you could ever fully understand why this issue is so disrespectful. If these men really do covet what we stand for then they should focus all of their energy on starting their own organization.

  279. Frankky2Dope252 says:

    I told my mother about this; she is an AKA, and here’s her take on the situation. If they want to call their organization MIAKA, that’s fine. If they want to wear the colors, do the hand signs, etc., that’s fine.But they should NOT call themselves a sorority, which I agree means SISTERhood.

  280. Anonymous1908 says:

    This is so 2008. There are FRATERNITIES that will welcome them. Why do they want to join a FEMALE organization? You all that think times have changed need to get a grip and educate yourself on the HISTORY of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Should they be allows to join? HECKS NO!!

  281. Anonymous says:

    If you apply for a job an Burger King and they don’t hire you, what do you do? You either go apply at McDonald’s or, better yet, you start your OWN restaurant. To think you can simply put on a Burger King uniform, walk in the restaurant and take orders is obsurd. And the thought of suing…nothing short of comical, much like this mockery of a “probate.” As a financial card carrying, ACTIVE member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorparated, I am disgusted by this and I look forward to the day a judge sets thes MEN straight. After that day, I will be the 1st to wish them the best as they seek to establish their own organization as that outcome is inevitable…I guess everybody really does want to be an AKA.

  282. BJackers says:

    I have read everything that everyone has been saying about this topic. My personal views about everything is that the AKA’s have the right for counter-sueing MIAKA for creating and founding an unofficial chapter (Tri Alpha) of a ‘form’ of AKA org. at Texas Southern University and Prairie view A&M. They know that they are not legit so they had to add the “MI” to AKA to be of something. No offense to the LGBTQ community but I notice that some of your group members have a tendency of throwing around the different versions of the word “homophobia.” And people “ALWAYS” discriminating against ya’ll… Like there aint other people REALLY being discriminating against by just living. I feel that majority of the members of the LGBTQ wants the whole world to adjust to what they want because of the decisions they made… The world doesn’t owe you shit… (anyway)
    Majority of everyone’s point of view is right. A sorority is meant/established/founded/created for women and visa versa for a fraternity for men. EVEN THEY know that they are men!! (MEN Interested AKA) What’s the point of fixing something that is not broken? (in that aspect)… The Divine 9 and any other fraternity/sorority should not adjust their foundations for every & anyone. They are a private organization and does not have any government support. I agree that MIAKA should find or create their own greek organization. To educate everyone: these African-American greek org were founded “by the race, for the race” to better our race as black ppl. The African-American sororities did not only are created for that purpose but to uplift African American women of their opressions from that time til now. It promotes not only black but black women to be educated! I’m not in the D9 nor a sorority but have been influenced by them. I am an educated black women with a degree that believe in such foundations.
    If the MIAKA’s wins this case against the AKA’s, do not be suprised how every other sorority n fraternity WILL change. Personally, I fear God! But I do respect the LGBTQ community but some of ya’ll doing WAY to much!

  283. D9member says:

    The National Pan Hellenic Council shall not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, or handicap. This has nothing to do with them being homosexual. However, these men (whether gay or not) want to join this particular sorority who has a foundation in sisterhood. IS that fair to the sorority? There are a lot of chapters of local fraternities that would support them if they decided to join. I want to know what are their reasons for wanting to join. Is it their principles or what they are known for? Do these men value community service/involvement or want the “pretty girl” badge?

  284. Jasmine Norris says:

    this is the same reason why we have an NBA and a WNBA . one is for men and one is for women . whether they are gay bi or straight , their anatomy is what matters .

  285. Ami says:

    honestly i think its wrong for them to join the AKA’s because its a sorority which means its for women. It doesnt have anything to do with the fact that they are gay. they should just make the miAKA’s official but im sure that the AKA wouldnt like it. there is no right or wrong to it everyone has their opinion but the miAKA’s should sew the AKA for rejecting them because its a sorority not a frat.

  286. Ami says:

    sorry i meant to say the miAKA’s SHOULDNT sew the AKA’s for rejecting them

  287. OMAK says:

    OK…This situation is not about sexual orientation,but it is about sex. Who cares who you are attracted to. There are still only 2 genders, male and female. To say that these men are being discriminated against because they are gay is ridiculous. This is a private organization which at the very core of its definition is for women. There are 5 other Black organizations that are for black men. There are also many women who will never be members of the organization because they will not get chosen. For those of us who are Greek, we know that there are only those who will uphold what we stand for and who can carry out those beliefs once they cross the burning sands. The issue I have is with those AKA’s who shared the priviledge but not the letters… they should be the ones getting sued not the sorority!

  288. DLopez says:

    This is crazy! I’m all for equal right but where do we cross the line! If is was a fraternity then we could discrimination but it is a soronrity designed for WOMEN! Sexual preference aside!

  289. Latoya says:

    In the name of JESUS!!!! Please Black Men!!! Get it together!!!! You’re a man regardless of how you feel on the inside.

  290. Jay says:

    They are men at the end of the day I have nothing against homosexuals but I do believe that if this is what they want to do they need to be original there is nothing original about coat tailing off another organizations name colors calls and signs come up with your own name sign call and color if your a homosexual group and just want to be yourself be you your NOT AKA’s because you are NOT women!

  291. Ayumi says:

    So what about transgender women who are post op and want to join one of the sororities. There is nothing in the bible or the holy Quaran that speaks against transgender women so it is right in the eyes of God.

  292. Scott says:

    They’re not even transsexuals. They’re men. Dumb men who want attention.

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