Michael Blackson Roasts Vonmar

Michael Blackson is not one to back down from a good roast. Vonmar is always up to start one. Michael Black and Von engaged in a hilarious roast session last night.

Michael Blackson was on the road for his comedy tour when a post surfaced with Von’s mug shot, reading, “n***a u make ur whole continent look like the peace of sh*t it is lol stupid lil n***a square up we all know dat real n***a origins r the bloodlines of Haiti not Africa f**k outta here wit yo burnt ass skin n***a u bout to crack like the streets I sling my crack on suit n tie wearing ass lil punk ass n***a ass n***a f**k dis n***a.”

Michael Blackson shot back, writing, “F**k you too dusty Walmart version of future’s past looking b***h. Pacman jones on mollies looking ass, your hair stank, you have a long d**k face, you lips looks like my ass cheeks, you look like a rapper with 39 mix tapes and no albums, you look like u only have $16 in your pocket, you only smoke weed so you can forget how broke you are, your mom and pop is the same neega. I hate u and I hope your girl f***s our best friend on your birthday u PunkBeechD*ckHeadF*c.”

Check out a throwback video of Vonmar and Tweezy roast session’s below.

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