Mixtape Review: Mikey Dollaz- ‘Street Life 2’

Mikey Dollaz came hard in his solo debut mixtape “Street Life.” Mikey is providing listeners more tales from the streets in the second installment of the series. Mikey’s latest mixtape effort, comprised of 17 total tracks, is hosted by DJ Honorz and DJ Amaris.

Mikey is living the street life and trying hard not to “Catch A Case” in his Zoemaneko production. But the streets continue to call his name as he raps, “I need bread, I’m a sell a hooker/All I know is that street life, but a lot of b-tches wanna live with me/My b-tches doing what we like, so I’m finna make her do a drill with me.”

Mikey and producer Law Beats collaborated for “No Talkin At All.” Mikey is in bad boy mode, rapping, “I don’t rock with law, I don’t follow rules/And I don’t really like doing interviews/Every n-gga on my block got their own code/N-gga try one of mine and that’s gun smoke.”

Mikey is the author in “Main N-gga Story Pt. 1.” Mikey rhymes a tale about his character “main n-gga,” a young drug kingpin with street smarts. Not to mention, main n-gga ain’t for none.

Mikey raps, “The story started with some money and some dope dro/The main n-gga in the story moving boat loads/See he the type to send some shots at the po-po/But he the type that’s being watched cause how his (?)/He was the flashy type, but been that way for years/And can’t nobody take sh-t cause he gon die for his.”

Mikey would later reveal main n-gga got himself involved in a sticky situation. The song is worth the listen to find out what happens in its conclusion.

As everyone may know, Nicki Minaj’s “Chiraq” track took over the rap scene in and out of Chicago. Mikey Dollaz didn’t hop on the bandwagon and drop a “Chiraq” remix, but he did rep hard for his hometown in “Chiraq Shyt.”

Mikey incorporated some of the City’s hottest rappers in his rhymes.

Mikey raps, “I pop out like Katie do/From Chiraq like Lil Herb/No talking like Copo/I don’t mind f*****g opp h*es/Man up like Lou Lou/B-U like Boss Woo/Seach Mikey Dollaz on Google, Instagram or YouTube.”

All eyes are on Mikey Dollaz in “Guess I’m Dat N-gga,” a Dave The King production. Mikey has enough clout to walk in the club and get shown love as he raps, “I be in the club with the ballers and the thugs/The owners of the club show me love and some plug.”

Mikey again sought the production talents of Law Beats for single “Do Better.” Allegra lent Mikey some lyrical assistance on this track.

Mikey and Allegra call for chumps to step their game up.

Mikey raps, “If you knew better, you would do better/Make him hot like two sweaters/I be chasing that (?) cheddar/Yall be chasing after whoever/But me, I need me a bad b-tch/Smoking dope is a habit.”

Mikey didn’t leave his listeners hanging on “Main N-gga Story Pt. 1.” He blessed listeners with part two of the track, which is just as attention grabbing as the first. Main N-gga is involved in a sinister ransom plot in this joint. Again, I refuse to give away the details of the song. It is definitely worth the listen

Mikey can’t talk about street life without paying homage to the West Side hood that raised him. Mikey is on his “Komak Shyt” in his XJ Beats production, rapping, “30 shots, no safe, Komak sh-t/They like a b-tch with no ass, they ain’t got sh-t/I got my own work, I ain’t gotta sell packs/I ain’t finna see a sell, how I sell tracks/I’ma beast with the robbing, I just fell back/And if a n-gga ever try, bet he fell flat.”

Like Komack brother I.L Will, Mikey Dollaz also touts himself as the “Dope God.” Mikey hit fans with a dope freestyle on his tape, rapping, “I be smoking dope, told my b***h to roll the swisher/I be getting buzzed on every Instagram pictures/These b*****s wanna f**k me cause they know that I’m that n***a.”

Mikey’s tape is not entirely street as it does have its softer moments. Mikey’s single “I Remember Momma” is an ode to his OG. Mikey pays homage to his momma, rapping, “I remember all them cold days and them nights you used to hold me/And I remember when you told me, don’t let no one control me/I spit my soul in this music, I just let these beats console me/And you the reason why I do this, I know you proud I ain’t the old me.”

This project is without a doubt Mikey’s best work yet. He tackled the theme of the tape to perfection. The tape was dark and Mikey delivered in giving listeners street rhymes from a hustler’s perspective. Not only is this project Mikey’s best work, I will even argue it is one of the best projects to be released on the underground rap scene so far this year. I’m already waiting for “Street Life 3.” But I’ll happily savor the moment with this current tape.

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