Mixtape Review: Prince Dre- ‘Fresh Prince Of O’Block’

Prince Dre is a young spitter hailing from Parkway Gardens, an Englewood, South Side Chicago apartment complex also known as O’Block. O’Block is also home to Intercope artist Chief Keef.

Prince Dre proves Sosa isn’t the only talent coming out of O’Block. Dre gives listeners a very vivid horrifying account of life on O’Block in solo debut mixtape “Fresh Prince Of O’Block.”

Prince Dre went full throttle in the Plu20 Nash-produced intro with straight bars, no hook. Prince Dre touches on his street ambitions of riches, rapping, “I can’t sleep, I’m chasing bills, remember nights I dream for bills/For the squad, I got to get it.”

Dre couldn’t rip the track without mentioning fallen rapper L’A Capone.

Capone, born Leonard Anderson, succumbed to injuries sustained in a shooting upon leaving a recording studio. He was 17.

Dre raps, “Long live my bro L’A, he lost his life at 17/Bro was tryna chase a dream/I’m just tryna chase a dream/I can’t trust a soul because in my eyes the streets a f*****g scheme/N****s, they a run up on you.”

In the latter rhyme, Dre touches on the crookedness of the streets that prevents one from pursuing their dreams. It is this revelation that claimed the life of Capone who, too, was chasing a dream.

Dre’s next track “Munna Gang” featuring OG mentor BossTop is an ode to J Munna, another fallen friend.

J Munna, born Jerome Wood, died after suffering a gunshot wound to the head on Labor Day in the West Woodlawn neighborhood. He was 21.

“6-4, where I be posted, I’m from the block on O-N/That be the route I’m going/And all my n****s blowing,” he raps.

As the youngest MC repping the O strong, Dre has a track appropriately titled “Youngest In Charge.”

Dre gets a bit personal and touches on the absence of his father being the reason for his involvement in the streets, rapping, “This street s**t, thought a little n***a wouldn’t be s---/Daddy f***ed up, he ain’t do s**t, now a little n***a in the street, s---.”

O’Block is full of cutthroats. Prince Dre can vouch that.

“Got shooters up on my block/Lot of Rugers up on my block/Ain’t nan block like my block/0-6-4-6-5, Chuckin O’s and I stay chuckin Ys/Rip O and rip T-Y,” he raps.

Dre’s track “On A Guyz” featuring BossTop gives listeners the same feel and intensity as the undeniably hot track “Brothers.”

Dre keeps this level of intensity going in song “Kill Or Be Killed” featuring JB Binladen

Prince Dre likens his life to a battlefield, rapping, “I know is kill, kill, kill or be killed/Cause if you don’t, you might die/That’s the way my life is lived/These streets been real, real, kill or be killed/These n- – – – s talk, they ain’t with it/Make a move, I’m dumping steel.”

Dre tapped 600 rapper Edai for song “Hommie.” He hits the track, rapping, “Them shorties bout it, they out wilding/They a put a goofy up on the the T/I’d run up on him where he stunting at/And leave em dead where them stunters be and leave em dead up in the streets/We all lurking, no hide or seek/I’m a little n***a, no body guard.”

Prince Dre’s rhymes will soon earn him a place amongst the best in Chi Town Hip Hop. His tales of street life are gripping and places the listeners in his shoes. He spits what he sees on a day-to-day basis and hopes his music will provide him an escape from the trap that has been set in place for many people like him.

Dre currently refers to himself as a prince. If Dre sticks to his craft and continues to provides listeners the real on what’s going on in the streets of Chicago, he will undoubtedly earn the title of “King” of not only O’Block, but Chicago Hip Hop. The young spitter may go even further than that. Perhaps one day, he will take the Hip Hop throne.

Download/stream Prince Dre’s “Fresh Prince Of O’Block”

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