Mixtape Review: Smylez- ‘Say Cheeze 2: Still Cheezin’

Smylez is back with a new catalog of music in the sequel project “Say Cheeze 2: Still Cheezin.” He hopes to capitalize off of the success of the project’s predecessor.

Smylez, who secured the hosting assistance of DJ Hustlenomics, DJ Wats and DJ Shon, featured a nice supporting cast of artists and producers in this release.

Chiraq is Smylez’ turf and the Englewood native told his side of the story in this project.

Smylez is the leader as inferred in the opening track “Follow Me.” Smylez introduces the listener into his personal hell.

“Look up b- – – – -s, that’s a real n- – – -a intro, they shooting outside, don’t stand in front of the window/I’ll carry you to the top, I promise I won’t drop you/The young in my city lost, they need somebody to follow,” he raps.

Smylez even name-drops fellow producer Young Chop, saying the two “started this from the beginning.”

Despite the negative circumstances, Smylez dreams for a light at the end of the dark tunnel and promises to take others with him when he reaches the finish line.

“First to believe we can take it this far/No more space, now the sky full of stars/Made it to the top and I drop the ladder/When you climb to the top, you leave ground forever,” he raps.

“I promised myself when I make it out, I’ll do everything I can just to make it better,” he adds.

Smyles turned up the ante in the head banger track “No Woofin” featuring Billionaire Black. It’s kill or be killed in the area of the have-nots where Smylez resides.

Smylez spits, “We always winning, remember days a n---- never had a pot to piss in/ never snitch and never be the one sneak dissin/I be with real n----- who got rich in the kitchen/Me and broke n----- always see the world different/My homies poke n----- who be lackin with their riches.”

The single “No Love” made its debut on P. Rico’s solo debut mixtape project “Welcome To Puerto Rico.”

But the message still remains clear in the LND-produced track- “Money Over Love.”

LND also lent his production talents to “Machine,” the mixtape’s second single.

In “Machine,” Smylez raps, “I’m a machine, someone turn the beat on/I made her scream cause I f**k her with my vito/Blowing racks and bounce right back like Peep Hole/Barbeque a b---- ni**a, turn him into some Leos/I don’t f**k with blerms, I don’ hang around with peons/Big boy in the sky, b***h ni***s getting peed on.”

When the money comes, that’s when people change. This is where jealousy comes into play.

Smylez delivers a strong track in the single “No Snitchin.” He gets assistance from incarcerated rapper Rico Recklezz and D. Bo.

The jealous ones, according to Smylez, are prone to be snitches. This is why the Bricksquad native advocates the slogan “Snitches get stitches.”

Smylez, raps, “Stop telling my business/Officer, I ain’t see s---/I was somewhere trying to get rich/If you wasn’t with it/Then you shouldn’t have did it/N-----, don’t listen/Got foe nem up in prison.”

Rico Recklezz is much more sinister in his approach to dealing with snitches, rapping, “Rico Recklezz and naw I never sell out/He got shot and didn’t die, he tryna tell now/Now this b---- in court tryna testify/Send murder to his crib, his momma gotta die.”

I found the highlight of this tape to be the intense track “All Rappers Must Die 2.” Smylez flexed his lyrical prowess in three minutes of fiery bars.

“Everything I learned, s--- I had to learn the hard way/Smylez in the building, get the f***k up out the hallway/B****h, I think big, who cares what the smalls say/Kill in a mask, we doing drive-bys, all day,” he raps.

Smylez thinks aloud in his single “Video Game.” It is apparent many thoughts run through his mind at any given time. The problems that engulfs Smylez’ world would be a plot in a video game. But for Smylez, it’s his reality.

Smylez talks deceit, infidelity and even politics in this song.

Destructive relationships haunt Smylez in this song. The seed of this began with his immediate family. He unfortunately suffered the curse of carrying this ill-natured mentality into future relationships.

“Life is not a game, money make n****a change/I kill my brothers for fame/My brothers a do the same,” he raps.

Smylez explains how this lack of familial support and love proved detrimental for his sister.

“My sister couldn’t find love, she found was c------/Her blood the same as mine as dope ran through her veins/Her and her son homeless carrying clothes on the train,” he raps.

Smylez had no one to turn to, but the streets, rapping, “No family to love em, he found love in the gang/Obama is about a dollar, I don’t expect any change.”

Smylez goes on explain continuously rejecting what he was neglected his whole life- “love.”

Just tryna understand how it work to be a man who try to give his girl the world, but couldn’t fit it in his hand/You been with me through the dirt, rock my name on your shirt/But when you need me the most, I’m always leaving you hurt/What I do, cause headaches/Getting dumb b****s pregnant/You warned me all the time, I act like you never said it/When everything going wrong, I always f------ regret it/Begging you for forgiveness, hoping that you forget it.”

Smylez gave fans a complete project. He opened his soul up for listeners to dissect. Smylez appears aware of his surroundings and is able to come to grips with his faults. Music served as his therapist. The booth was his couch as he discussed the complexities of his problems.

It is a wonder how the Bricksquad artist keeps a level head amid the turmoil he lives and is surrounded by. But it is this revelation that may also shed light on his name “Smylez.”

Smylez’ goal is to make it, so he can bring his fellow brethren along with him. This project places the artist in the right direction to make certain his dreams become a reality.

There has been much obstacles in Smylez’ journey. But the Bricksquad rapper will continue to face those roadblocks head on and hold his head up high, all with a smile.

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