Modeling Agency Dismissed Model Ananda Marchildon for Having Curves

Ananda Marchildon, winner of television show “Holland’s Next Tip Model” won a lawsuit against Elite Model Management after she was dropped for having hips the agency considered too large, according to the Associated Press

Marchildon emerged the winner of the 2008 production that earned her a three-year contract worth $98,500 contract with the agency.

She was dismissed from the agency after earning only $13,000. The agency refused to pay her the remainder of her contract.

The Amsterdam District Court ruled in favor of the 25-year-old model Wednesday.

“I’m proud to be able to show that just because a modeling agency wants that, it doesn’t mean that if you have a bigger size you’re done for,” she told the Associated Press in an interview. “You’re still a person and you can be as beautiful as you want and it doesn’t come down to centimeters, it’s how you are and how you portray yourself.”

The agency wanted Marchildon to have a hip measure of 90 centimeters (about 35.4 inches), though she had a hip measurement of 92 centimeters (about 36.2 inches) when she won. The agency ended her contracts after she was unable to meet their measurement demands.

“I’m proud to be a good role model, that’s how I see it, for young girls. If you can’t be a model for high fashion, you’re still beautiful,” Marchildon told AP.


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