At-Home STD Testing Kits Great Alternative for Anonymous Results

Pregnancy kits have become a useful tool in determining pregnancy with a high percentage of accuracy. But there is another kit available that will be useful to sexually active individuals – Sexually Transmitted Disease kits.

The kits will help anonymously determine if an individual has an STD. The kit is beneficial to people who are ashamed to visit a doctor.

Gay Calhoun spoke with the San Francisco Chronicle and called the test a quicker way to achieve results. He also said anonymity will cause much more people to get tested

“You can send for your test and get your results back in the same amount of time it takes to make an appointment and go to a clinic,” Calhoun said. “And you can do it any time during the day, without having to use stirrups.”

STD kits help promote a healthier sexual lifestyle amongst those who are sexually active.

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