Montana of 300 Reacts To 110 People Being Shot In Chiraq In First 10 Days Of 2016

Montana of 300 is upset with news of 110 people falling victim to gun violence in the first 10 days of 2016. This is reportedly 2 ½ times the number of people shot during the same period last year. This time last year, nine people were killed and another 31 wounded by gunfire, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Montana posted a message onto his IG account he hoped would resonate with gang bangers in Chicago:

“I know I’m not perfect and I also know that I can’t stop it. No matter how many “put the guns down” songs I make and release. But what I can tell the ppl (with hopes to slow this down) is to mind YOUR own business (Your responsibilities). Imagine social media if comment boxes wasn’t an option. Ppl always have to voice their option about some one else’s situations. Ppl in other ppl’s business, rather it be good or bad, is the cause of over 50% of the deaths in Chicago. That’s the roots of the problem. And to the all the gang bangers….it’s a big cycle. A big everlasting chain. Imagine playing a basketball game n both teams are scoring points (taking lives) but the game clock doesn’t end (generations after generations). At some point you have to realize that scoring 2 points or 30 points may feel good for the moment but ask yourself, “What are you trying to shoot shots for if the game can’t come to an end and there will never be a final winner???” It’s a big waste of time, energy, freedom and life. Generations after generations after generations after generations of blood being spilled and countless mothers crying, yet still no team (gang) has won the game. Go invest your energy into something positive and something that’s honorable as a man, or better yet as a father or a son. Make your blood proud. Give your ppl hope with proof of your achievements #TheTimeIsNow #GodOverEverything #TagWhoYouFeelNeedsToReadThis”

Priest Michael Pfleger of Auburn Gresham’s St. Sabina Church was also among many community residents that expressed outrage at violence in a Facebook post.

He wrote, “In the First 10 days of January 19 People have been KILLED and 101 WOUNDED…That’s nearly 2 per day killed and 10 a day Wounded……And the City thought a Movie called CHI-RAQ would give Chicago a BAD name….How about Corruption, cover-up, and the fact that we are the Deadliest City in America……..?”

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