Montana of 300 Reveals Why He’s In Jail

Montana of 300 told fans he was in jail just days before the release of his “Don’t Doubt The God” album.

He didn’t provide specifics on his legal woes, but told fans to go cop his project:

“Aye y’all I’m locked up right now…I’m in this mf working on the future. Album about to drop on the 20th. Everybody that loves me, loves what I do, loves how I do it, loves my team, loves my purpose and appreciates my time and craft, please go purchase my “DON’T DOUBT THE GOD” Album and let’s make that b---- the #1 ALBUM in the country. I appreciate all the love and support and ears. I will be home very very soon. Enjoy and listen for the msgs please. I’m not jus rapping to make money. I rap to lift up my ppl as well. Catch the bars and the msgs.
Love #RapGod #DDTG #FGEshit”

#montanaof300 in that jam ??#freemontana #freemontanaof300 #dontdoubtthegod

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XXL recently got in touch with Montana to get the scoop on his incarceration. The self-proclaimed Rap God told XXL it was due to a weapons charge he caught nearly two years ago.

Montana was arrested in August 2015 for possession of a firearm during a traffic stop in Pontiac, IL, according to

Montana, whose real name is Walter Bradford, Tresean Morey, Montelle Talley and Jacorey Shettleworth were reportedly arrested on various charges after failing to signal while making a right turn onto Interstate 55.

“I had caught a pistol case and I was fighting it, going back and forth to court for almost two years and they weren’t getting anywhere,” Montana told XXL. “It was me and three more of my artists. We all got locked up on a pistol, but nobody pointed no fingers and nobody said it was theirs, so basically, they couldn’t charge all four of us with one pistol and they can’t just pick one of us.”

The officers discovered Montana’s vehicle was a rental from Enterprise after he presented police with a false ID. Police conducted a search after Montana initially refused to turn over his keys.

Pontiac Police Chief Jim Woolford told WJEZ all four men were arrested on various charges after failing to signal while making a right turn onto Interstate 55.

“The officers were finally able to enter the vehicle while preparing it for tow,” Woolford said. While conducting an inventory search, the officers located a loaded 40-caliber handgun on the floorboard. None of the four occupants of the vehicle would claim ownership of that handgun and all four were arrested for possession of it due to its proximity to them all.”

Montana took to IG to issue a statement on the matter, writing, “I wanna apologize to my fans for not being able to make it to my show last night in Dayton, Ohio. Got into a jam w/ thirsty a-- police. I’m good tho. I’ll be there real soon at another date to turn up with yall. #RapGod #FGEshit.”

In his caption, he wrote, “Naw they can’t keep that black man down. #RapGod #FGEshit.”

Montana said he beat the gun charge, and was instead charged with obstruction of justice for giving officers a false name upon his arrest.

“Sh*t happened so long ago, they weren’t getting nowhere so they had to drop the pistol case and when they dropped the pistol case on all of us, I went to jail and I bonded everybody out,” Montana said. “But when they dropped the pistol cases about a month ago, they wanted something, so, they just charged me on driving suspended at the time and obstructing justice ’cause I gave a false name when I got pulled me over. That’s what I got charged with, but with everyone else, they had to drop the pistol case, so we beat that sh*t.”

Montana told XXL he will back on July 4.

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