NBA Youngboy Accused Of Trying To Fight Mad Muzik Cali

#madmuzikcali says #nbayoungboy tried to jump him ?

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Mad Muzik Cali has made a name for himself by spitting rhymes for some of Hip Hop’s known entertainers. Cali attempted spit some rhymes for NBA Youngboy months ago, but the Baton Rouge rapper made it known he wasn’t feeling him by hitting him with a spin move.

Cali bumped into Youngboy again Friday, where a fight almost broke out.

Cali posted the aftermath of yesterday’s confrontation online.

“These n****s tryna jump a n***a,” Cali said. “Man, f**k all that. Youngboy, with all that p***y a-- s**t. Why don’t you fight one on one. I’ll fight you one on one, n***a.”

Youngboy also took to social media to react to the incident.

“Boy, you is a social media gangster,” Youngboy said. “You arguing with a n***a while making a video. B***h, you broke. What you want fame that bad? You scared. You ran from Baby Joe. I punched your homeboy in his s**t, bust all his mouth open. Stop playing with me. Today my birthday, I’m not gon tend to yo broke a--.”

#NBAYoungBoy reacts to confrontation with #MadMuzikCali

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