NBA Youngboy Gets Into Fight With Chicago Dude At Lenox Mall In Atlanta

NBA Youngboy almost got caught lackin earlier today at Lenox Mall in Atlanta. But the Baton Rouge rapper stood his ground after he was approached by a Chicago native while shopping at the popular mall.

“I’d slap the f**k out yo scary a-- boy,” Youngboy said. “Get yo b***h a-- on.”

The Chicago native said, “I bet you don’t come to Chicago. Don’t come to the city, bro.”

Another person nearby told the Chicago dude to fight Youngboy.

“You might as well go and beat him,” he said.

The altercation soon spread into a department store.

“You a b***h,” Youngboy told the Chicago man. “You wanna do something? You wanna do something?”

Youngboy is not afraid to throw his hands. Youngboy crew’s got into a massive brawl during a Houston concert in November.

NBA Youngboy almost got into a fight himself following the concert’s conclusion, but his guys led him away from the conflict.

Youngboy got into physical confrontation during his 18th birthday celebration on Friday, Oct. 20 at a nightclub in Atlanta.

Earlier in that same day, Youngboy was involved in a conflict with Mad Muzik Cali.

Cali posted the aftermath of the confrontation online.

“These n****s tryna jump a n***a,” Cali said. “Man, f**k all that. Youngboy, with all that p***y a-- s**t. Why don’t you fight one on one. I’ll fight you one on one, n***a.”

#madmuzikcali says #nbayoungboy tried to jump him ?

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Youngboy also took to social media to react to the incident.

“Boy, you is a social media gangster,” Youngboy said. “You arguing with a n***a while making a video. B***h, you broke. What you want fame that bad? You scared. You ran from Baby Joe. I punched your homeboy in his s**t, bust all his mouth open. Stop playing with me. Today my birthday, I’m not gon tend to yo broke a--.”

#NBAYoungBoy reacts to confrontation with #MadMuzikCali

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