NBA Youngboy Reacts To Girlfriend Jania Sleeping In Hotel Lobby

NBA Youngboy is upset with the backlash he is receiving for allegedly having his girlfriend Jania sleep in a hotel lobby.

A fan posted a photo of Jania sleeping in the lobby of a hotel while NBA Youngboy was allegedly sleeping with a groupie.

Youngboy took to social media to set the record straight.

“B***h, y’all posted all that stupid a-- s**t. B***h, that ain’t even me. I only got Instagram and Twitter,” Youngboy said. “Man, stop speaking on me and my girl. B***h, y’all really worried about the wrong f*****g thing. She slept in the lobby cause she ain’t wanna sleep with me.”

In the viral post, the fan wrote, “So this is ok? Just because he bought you gifts you’re gonna disregard that he was in a room f*****g off and left you sleeping in the lobby?! I saw where Girls were saying ‘it’s ok long as he keep the gifts coming like that’ yeah b***h you gone have a gift alright…..a std is a great gift. We need less girls and more WOMEN.”

Jania took to social media Monday to issue a statement on the viral photo.


“…Picture of me while I was laying down on that couch. B***h, you’re lame. You’re just tryna get fame off my name,” Jania said. “I bet you after you left that hotel, took that picture of me, you went and laid in your mama house. B***h, I don’t stay with my mama. I’m 17.”

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