New Music: Prince Eazy- ‘Ben Franklin’

Prince Eazy’s latest mixtape “Off Probation” is still in heavy rotation. One of the strongest tracks recorded on this tape is highly insane “Ben Franklin.”

Easy and guest feature KD Young Cocky count bands on bands on bands in this track.

KD Young Cocky anchors the track spitting impressive bars.

“I done turned nothing into something/Can’t turn a h-- into a housewife/Can’t make a snake be loyal, it just might bite like a Tyson fight,” he raps.

KD is not done there. He continues his onslaught, rapping, “I’ma young n***a that came from the bottom, you ain’t seen all the s**t that I seen/Just a young n***a chasing them commas and I ain’t worried about a thing.

“Bands on bands on bands, n***a I’m trying to get rich/No talking, no talking, no talking, cause yall ain’t talking about s**t/I’ma young n***a that came from the gutter/If it happened then it must’ve been meant,” he raps.

Eazy’s wordplay is crazy in his verse.

“Bands on bands on bands, I don’t f**k with n****s like the Klan/Catch a opp on the bus stop, spray em/Now his brains sitting on his pants,” he raps.

Eazy shockingly takes aim at his Chicago rap counterparts, rapping, “Me and KD go the hardest, these Chiraq n****s be garbage.”

Eazy wasn’t going to body his verse without name-dropping Meek Mill.

“And everybody hating on me! Cause I went crazy on Meek! Till I give em more shells than beach and have em catching bullets with their teeth…we done broke more bricks than a Sensei and my whip change colors like MJ,” he raps.

Check out Prince Eazy’s “Ben Franklin” below.

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