New Report Says Facebook and Twitter Make Women Appear ‘Aggressive’

The explosion of social media has changed the daily aspects of everyone’s lives. The way individuals are sending and retrieving information has revolutionized the way communication is done in this day and age.

But researchers are asserting this may not be a good attribute for women. Women’s use of Facebook and Twitter, they claim, is changing the way they speak, according to Daily Mail.

Women reportedly communicate with Facebook and Twitter more frequently than their male counterparts.

Individuals take to Twitter to express their thoughts without giving it much thought. Experts say language messages written by women are becoming short, sharper and more “to the point,” with less time to deliberate carefully over their words, The Telegraph reports.

This could be mainly attributed to Twitter’s 140-character limit and the fact users tweet at rapid levels. Twitter reported users on their site generate over 400 million tweets per day.

Marie Clair, of the Plain English Campaign, alleges the use of these social media platforms have caused women to appear ruder and aggressive.

“Young people’s language in general is becoming more direct in comparison to, perhaps, their parents and the business community because of the communication channels they’re more familiar with,” she said. Curtness tends to be short, sharp and to the point. But it’s a fine line between being curt or aggressive and being straightforward.

Do you guys agree? Does Facebook and Twitter Make Women more aggressive? Sound off below.

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