NewAge Jerkboy Threatens NBA Youngboy and YFN Lucci For Dissing Him

NewAge Jerkboy doesn’t want any rapper to take him for a punk despite wearing a wedding dress and sucking a gun in his “Married To The Game” music video.

NewAge Jerkboy’s antics drew criticism from NBA Youngboy and YFN Lucci.

YB took to Jerkboy’s comment section to threaten him upon the release of the controversial music video.

Youngboy wrote, “On my mama I’ll kill you. Ion know if you playing or not we don’t play that s**t slime.”

Was #nbayoungboy right to check #newagejerkboy? ? click link in bio for story

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NewAge Jerkboy let NBA Youngboy and YFN Lucci know he wasn’t for none in a new video where he points a chopper at the camera in a threatening manner.

“F**k n***a NBA Youngboy, you talking about yo gon kill me? F**k n***a, you done f****d up now,” Jerkboy said. “You can’t come back down here, n***a. NewAge Jerkboy said it. I’m the governor down here. You banned, f**k n***a. You can’t come back down here. And that p***y a-- n***a YFN Lucci, you a p***y a--, too. You a f**k n***a. You can’t come back down here, too. You hating on me and s**t. You a old a-- b***h. Then n***a, you tried to come at Thug about his b***h? You a h*e a-- n***a. You old a-- f**k. I’ma tell you n****s one thing: you n****s banned. You f**k n***s can’t come down here no more. On my mama, I’ma put this d**k in your mouth and I’ma nut all in you.”

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