Ohio High School Shooting Victim Paralyzed From the Chest Down.

Nickolas Walczak, one of the five students shot Monday morning at Chardon High School, is currently paralyzed from the chest down. He remains hospitalized at Hillcrest Hospital.

Walczak’s brother Josh, told ABC News his family hopes Nick’s paralysis is a temporary condition.

“My brother, he’s still in serious condition, still no feeling from the mid chest down although he said he felt a twitch in his left calf the other night which is clearly a good sign,” Josh Walczak to ABC News.

He said his brother is “suffering from spinal shock, which isn’t complete damage, but you know he’s recovering.”

Nick Walczak will be released from the hospital soon, but Josh said his brother will have to “relearn how to walk.”

“Nick is a wonderful kid, a happy kid who has a heart of gold,” Nick’s uncle David Walczak told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “By the grace of God, he’s going to be OK.”

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