O’Block Kids Caught Carrying Gun In Chiraq

The young kids, presumably all 8 years old, were recently filmed being in possession of a gun. The young boys told the man filming them that they were O’Block, a housing complex Chief Keef hails from One of the boys showed his gun after being taunted by the person filming.

The boy confirmed to the man filming that his gun wasn’t a cap gun.

The incident is an eerie reminder of a young boy who was filmed carrying a gun in Harvey, IL last year.

A woman filmed herself taking the gun away from the boy. Stacy Davis posted footage of the incident onto Facebook, which had gone viral with over 40,000 shares on Facebook.

Davis opened up on the incident in her post’s caption.

“This is how our babies die everyday. I was riding down 154th in Harvey,Illinois and I saw 2 little boys creeping from the side of a building, one on each side. I said they’re bad as hell. Looked in my rear view mirror to see what they were up to, and he’s stuffing what seems to be a gun in his shorts. I went down 2 blocks (not to seem obvious) and turned around, got out and this is what occurred. A passerby happened to see (My cousin who knows this child’s mother) called me and said his mom wants the gun back because she purchased it but clearly in the video the kid says it’s his friends and he’s taking it back to him. I had the mom call me and she is livid! She wants this gun back. I told her I can’t do that. She said she’d purchase another one. This needs to shared because PARENTS ARE BREEDING MURDERS, THIEVES AND RAPISTS. I hope this goes viral like all the other useless videos I see. #KidsCarryGuns #HeLooksLikeHes10 #UnarmAChildIfYouHaveTo”

Davis later revealed the gun was fake and that the boy’s mother wants her to return it in another post:

“This is how kids die everyday. The mother wants the “BB gun” back. She said she bought it for him. I was gonna take it back but I changed my mind. I have another video of the whole taking of the gun. I’ll be damned if I give it back and he get shot down. Nope not gonna happen.”

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