OTF Black Disciple Provides Solution To Ending Violence In Chiraq: ‘Bring Some Jobs Out Here and Centers For These Kids’

Zack TV caught up with members of the OTF Black Disciples to probe the violence afflicting Chicago’s urban community.

OKB, or Only King BJ, was able to provide Zack TV some insight into the underlying issues sparking the ongoing violence plaguing his community.

OKB attributed much of the blame of his community’s deteriorating conditions and violence to the city and state’s politicians. The problem, OKB said, was the lack of jobs and community centers for children.

“Tell these n*ggas that wanna claim these spots…mayors, aldermans, governor to put some motherf*cking jobs out here, man,” he said.

Do something to keep these little a-- kids active, man. Ain’t no jobs, ain’t no motherf*cking centers no more. N*gga can’t go nowehere and do no homework. It’s f*cked up out here, man.”

A 2013 Census Bureau report states African Americans suffer the highest poverty rate of any group at 27.2 percent, compared to 25. 6 percent of Latinos, 11.7 percent for Asians and 9.7 percent for whites.

The statistics for African Americans living in Chicago are much worse.

The poverty rate amongst African Americans in Chicago stands at 34.1 percent, more than triple that of Whites, according to statistics compiled by Chicago Reader. For Whites, the poverty rate is 10.9 percent.

Child poverty has risen for African Americans in Chicago with one of every two black children being impoverished, according to census data compiled for Chicago Reader by the Social IMPACT research center of the Heartland Alliance.

BJ revealed he lost two brothers to the streets, including slain Chicago artist OTF NuNu.

“I done lost a couple homies, but by me being in these streets… life goes on. I can’t do nothing but stay strong for the family,” he said.

NuNu, aka Nuski, was murdered after he was shot multiple times by an unknown gunman as he was sitting in his vehicle in a parking lot outside of Chatham Village Square mall at Cottage Grove and 87th Streets, according to the Chicago Tribune.

NuNu reportedly attempted to flee his assailant, but ultimately crashed into a nearby store. He died at the scene. He was 21.

BJ went on to slam the media for attributing all violence in Chicago to the gangs.

“Everything that happen out here ain’t gang related. That’s how the media is portraying that sh-t. A n-gga go in my car and steal my sh-t and I’m on they a--, that ain’t gang related. A n-gga hurt yo momma and you get on his a--, that ain’t gang related. That’s just their excuse cause they lacking on their jobs.

OKB again pressed the issue of the lack of jobs in his city for African Americans.

“Bring some jobs out here and centers for these kids. Give us some money, man,” he continued. “They slacking on their jobs. They covering each other’s a--. They don’t care about African Americans in the urban communities. If they did, these motherf-cking houses wouldn’t be vacant. Why don’t you buy these motherf-ckers?”

The high poverty rate of African Americans can be attributed to inequalities in employment.

Chicago has one of the nation’s highest African American unemployment rates. In 2011, African American unemployment in Chicago ranked third highest in the country, according to a report by the Economic Policy Institute.

The unemployment rate for African Americans in Chicago is 19.5 percent, more than double that of Whites, which is 8.1 percent.

In 2010, the median income of white households at $58,752 was twice that of black households at $29,371.

Black male teens aren’t receiving equal treatment in the workforce in Chicago. A Chicago Urban League report shockingly states 92 percent of black male teens were unemployed in 2012.

The discriminatory practices by companies are heavily affecting teens aged 16-19.

The eight percent of working Chicago teens is extremely low compared to the nationwide average of 17 percent and state average of 12 percent.

The Chicago Urban League found there are 600,000 fewer jobs in Illinois today than in the year 2000.

The jobs normally given to teens are now being given to adults. This includes fast food, “entry level” retail jobs and paper delivery.

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