OTWG Beats Goes Behind The Making Of Chief Keef’s ‘Granny’s’

Dustin Pugh of OTWG Beats got his big break in the music industry after producing an instrumental that is expected to land on Interscope Recording artist Chief Keef’s sophomore album “Bang 3.” The Steelton, PA native is behind the production of Sosa’s upcoming single “Granny’s.” Despite his young age of 19, Pugh already has a slew of production credits under his belt for up and coming talent that includes Lil Turn Up, King Peno and Young Swerve, to name a few. linked with the brains behind OTWG Beats to give us an inside look behind the production that would come to be branded “Granny’s.” – – Alphalpha

Describe the process in making the production on “Granny’s?”

It was about 6 months ago… I was at the bottom… my computer had just crashed, my mom gave me her old laptop and I downloaded the Fruity Loops Demo because the full version was on the crashed computer. I didn’t have any VSTs or anything, but I was in my bag and wanted to make beats. It was about 4 a.m. … that’s when I make my best beats, and I made like 5 beats that night. But the one that stood out to me was “Granny’s.” I felt like it had an older Gucci Mane sound to it. Instead of making the beat with a regular intro, I started it out with everything in it so it could catch an ear. You will know what I know when you hear it, but I was really feeling it. Even making it on the demo I was surprised at how good it actually sounded. I swear it was a blessing.

How did the beat get into the hands of Sosa?

I was on Twitter on the late night and seen Keef put up a tweet that he wanted some beats with an email, so I instantly sent the “Granny’s” beat to him. That was the only beat I sent, and I didn’t check my email for a few days because I didn’t think there was a chance he would even hear it. But then when I checked it, there was an email from them 20 minutes after I sent the beat. That’s when I met Chris Cheney. He engineered, mixed, performed the vocals and even helped Sosa with creating the chorus. He texted me about the beat. I asked him if Sosa used it and he said, “Yeah there’s actually Instagram preview video of it he put out two days ago!” Then he told me Keef heard the beat and instantly started flowing a verse, then downloaded it to work on and wanted to use it for his album “Bang 3.”

Have u heard the final version of the track? If so, what are your thoughts?

All I can say is its going to be a lot of people’s new favorite Chief Keef song! It’s fire. I think the fans are going to love it! They already tweeting Keef everyday telling him to drop it. It’s that raw Sosa everyone wants to hear. The fans will even have a better feel for it because it’s dropping as a video, so they can see exactly what’s going on. It’s always better that way.

Are you a fan of Chief Keef’s music? What are you favorite songs?

I was a huge fan before Granny’s and still am. Like it or not, Chief Keef has changed the rap game! Some of my favorite songs are “War,” “Where He Get It,” “No Reason,” “Darker,” “Hobby,” “That’s It,” “Ight Doe,” there’s so many.

Do you plan to work with Chief Keef in the future?

We talked a little. I’m sending him a lot of beats now and I signed as a producer under Twin City CEO’s management, too, so you will definitely hear more Sosa on OTWG Beats!

How is the production of this track different from Chief Keef’s other works?

The beat makes you get hype right when you hear it. It’s very energetic, catchy and it’s a flat out hard trap beat. It sounds different from a Young Chop or 12 Hunna Beat. Not taking anything from those guys because they’re great producers, but this is the type of beat that Sosa can go crazy on and turn up. Just like he said in the song “Sosa on that crazy shit, Lady Gaga.”

How would you describe your producing style?

I can make every genre of music, but my style is energetic! Most people would say my beats always have a banging bass line. I like making beats people can get hype to! My favorite beats to make are Gucci Mane, Zaytoven and Lex Luger-type beats because that’s who I listened to all them time growing up. They’re the ones who pretty much motivated me to start making beats.

What do you use to make your beats?

Fruity Loops Studio, it’s the best program to make beats on in my opinion. There’s a lot you can do with your sounds on FL Studio, so if you are considering making beats or are a upcoming producer, definitely go with FL. It may take a little to learn it, but when you get it down, it’s really easy.

Where are you from?

My hometown is Steelton, PA. Born In Pennsylvania’s Capital City Harrisburg, one of the top 10 most dangerous cities in the U.S. But I can’t say I don’t love it! Shout out to the whole 717!

Why do you go by OTWG Beats?

It all started as OTWG in 2008 with CJames. We are both OTWG and pretty much he is the Rapper, I am the producer. I just decided to go by OTWG Beats and it stuck. OTWG (Off The Wall Gang) movement is growing everyday, we have couple of Artists & Producers now.

How can people get in contact with you? or IG & Twitter both ‪@OTWGBEATS. Check out our Youtube @ offthewallworld

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