P Plus Is In Too Deep In ‘Make It Back’ Music Video featuring Chyna Fox

P Plus is in too deep. The money is rolling in, so it’s hard for him to stay away from the streets. Though Plus is stacking his bands, his life is far from safe. He has to keep it on him because the streets don’t play fair. Chyna Fox, who showcases her vocals in Plus’ new single, only hopes her guy makes it back safe and sound from a day and night of hustling.

Plus speaks on perils of his hustle in this record, rapping, “You keep telling me slow down, but all I know is turn up/Getting high off living fast, all this dro I burn up/And the youngins off the chain, sipping syrup, poppin pills/No firecrackers, my little n****s popping for real/Now the clucks be the police and n****s can’t even tell/And the judge handing out numbers n****s can’t even spell.”

A Fly Visual put together a nice visual storyline in this project. This single appears on P Plus’ upcoming “This Is Not Drill” project. Watch above.

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