P. Rico Reacts To Lil Uzi Vert Remixing ‘Hang With Me’

Lil Uzi Vert was rocking with Chicago rapper P. Rico before he became one of the culture’s top rock star acts. Uzi used to rap before taking on his rock star persona.

Footage surfaced of Uzi rhyming to P. Rico’s viral hit 2013 song “Hang With Me.”

P. Rico took to his IG account to react to the footage.

The caption on the post read, “ S/o 2 @liluzivert Everybody Remix My Sh*t Ya Dig. #LegendaryP.Rico. Man Its Sad How Da Industry Treats Us. I inspired A Whole World And Nobody Gives You Credit. F**k The Other Side! Lil S*t Uno 4eva Ahh Trendsetter B*****!!!!!!!”

Watch P. Rico’s “Hang With Me” below:

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