Prince Dre Drops ‘Get That Bag’ Featuring Tay 600

Prince Dre is on the money chase in his latest music video “Get That Bag” featuring Tay 600.

Prince Dre is with the squad in his Slow Production visual.

Prince Dre raps, “I gotta get that bag, so much bands on my jeans, they sag/Young nigga got chase that sack/Hit the mall, then we popping tags/Them Trues all on my ass, retail just so they match/Brok n****s see me, they mad/Got haters all on my ass/Got Presidents in my pockets/Designer all in my closet.”

Tay 600 lends Dre a hand, rapping, “I gotta get that bag, so high that I get jet lag/Warp fast up in tha Jag/Hit a bag with yo broke ass/F****d his b***h, now he mad/Smoking dope, no I don’t pass/To his mans, now he sad/Do the dance, no I can’t cash.”

Prince Dre is currently prepping his sophomore mixtape project “The Life I Live.” Prince Dre is one of the emerging artists coming out of Chicago, hitting listeners with harsh, gritty tales of street life.

Dre hinted at the project via an IG post. He posted the project’s unofficial cover, stating it would be dropping soon.

“UnOfficial Cover ‘The Life I Live’ Mixtape Coming Soon!” the caption on the post read.

The O’Block native is looking to build upon the success of previous tape, which featured solid tracks, including “Munna Gang,” “Youngest In Charge,” “On A Guyz” and “Killed or Be Killed.”

Download/stream Prince Dre’s “Fresh Prince Of O’Block”

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